DAY 35 // Let's Play Socialism Challenge

hello everybody this is Cortney and welcome back to day 35 of the socialism challenge so in the last episode I did stop it right before midnight because josh is supposed to be getting home at midnight and since if he does get promoted it's gonna be Tommy clear day 35 so I figured we would wait for day 35 to see if he's going to get promoted I really hope he does I mean it really looks like he is going to but because we didn't finish that I don't know if he's going to but we really want him to so let's uh we're gonna hope we're gonna hope we're just gonna hope cross my fingers and hope he gets promoted yeah I'm trying to find him on my list where is he there he is um so I mean he did get promoted only three days ago but I think we wanted him to get promoted today otherwise he doesn't get promoted for a really long time so anyway I'm gonna start our timer hopefully we get promoted please please please dammit dammit I mean I kind of knew we weren't going to because of this but now we're not getting promoted until at least Monday dammit dammit dammit dammit okay well that was a lot of lead-up for nothing anyway so we'll have him clean out the spoiled food and get some leftovers I guess okay so let's see you Jocelyn's over here playing her music she's done with her daily tasks but we still need to get some piano skill she is about to hit level seven I don't think I don't think we'll be able to get her up she's not gonna get brought it today so whatever we'll have her hit level seven and then she can get some food and go to the bathroom and stuff I guess oh that just makes me so sad okay what about Max he works in twenty hours he should get promoted today well tomorrow technically cuz he works until 3:00 a.m. but yeah we're gonna have her stop you go to the bathroom get some food and then you can go to bed let's see max what do you need to do you work in 20 hours why don't you put that away for me and then you can come and talk to Josh cuz here social is getting a little low and so is Josh's so alright let's see ken is having issues ken and Max are the only two that are still in level seven but like I said I think max is gonna get promoted time to play tomorrow but he works today tonight so yeah I think I'm pretty sure he will um ken is that level seven let's see what he has to do he doesn't work until Monday either damn it so many of these like this is what's slowing me down right now because if he could go to work today he would probably get promoted because he's got everything done I'm obviously except we're working out but he could get that finished and then he would get promoted but he doesn't work until Monday so this sucks yeah yeah so uh Aubrey is one of our two MVPs she still needs to cook some more before she goes to work which we can have her do right now see that's me just do this I guess all right you guys go Tucker on to bed apparently he's having fun while he's sleeping too instead of doing that come and talk to Josh because you guys are friends you guys can you know work on your social both of you need to work on your social so I guess they're not are they I thought they were friends they're not friends oh I was try to have max come talk to him cuz max I have our friends why don't you ask about it stay don't know what you're doing on the computer see what's Ken doing Ken need some fun can you also need to go to the bathroom and grab something to eat so do that first all right let's see where everybody else is bad okay let's see who works today ken does not robbery does and she's going to bed instead of cooking food like I told her to awesome joseline works in 11 hours there's no way we're getting her promoted today um Tucker works in seven hours I guess you do need to go to bed though then sorry I woke you up but let's see Josh works in three days Chloe works in two days Elly works today okay so we need to work on Elly she is at level 8 but she just got that so Elliot and Aubry and Jocelyn of the ones that work that we need to work on we need to work on Jocelyn le though so she's almost full it's everybody going to pen don't you Nathan have to work but I don't know I don't know what I'm saying what are you doing Josh you're going to bed that's right okay what is Ken doing he's eating that's right he works in three days he pretty much do whatever he wants she did start it and then she stopped oh whatever alright so can you need to work out hmm you probably need some more logic though and logic will make you happy I think I would not probably not make him happy but I don't know we'll see anyway alright I'm just got triple speed here because everyone else is sleeping and Max is doing whatever he wants because he's done so pretty sure you're not supposed to be inspired right there so let's see focused damn it hello okay it is giving him fun so that's good because I know he needs to work out but he's in the astronaut career so he's probably gonna need some more logic skill anyway all right Elliot you work at what time six hours we need to wake you up why don't you go to the bathroom and you're angry cuz you're a wreck okay so you guys don't like each other never mind why don't you join his game just so we can get your social up a little bit and your fun meter hopefully and then we're gonna have you write write some more see what actual time does she work at noon all right so I want to get her fun meter at least halfway so it's kind of green and then we'll have her go right okay so now we need to write Oh see what sure which I misheard this or okay and she's feeling inspired so maybe that'll help all right you can know what need to work out okay close awake she's got a lot to do though in these two days we'll work with her into some minutes hey why are you upset cuz it's dirty okay you're fixing it that's fine all right Chloe go potty and she's going potty with him in the room because they're romantic so that's why she didn't shoot him away just in case you forgot or didn't know anyway um so Jocelyn still needs piano skill I don't think she's going to make it before work but we can still try and Tucker needs charisma skill well take a shower you probably won't have time to work on your speech but we can try all right so now we're focusing on Elliot at the moment okay well we through bein all right I want to get a screen shot here that's why I am pausing it so bear with me for just a second as I get this all set up because he's in the bathroom so it's gonna be kind of weird let's see if I can do this I kind of don't I don't want the toilet in the shot if possible I just really want to get a screen shot of him because I don't think I've done many screenshots with Tucker's darhk's Travoy loofah tells hua Kazooie Traven ciao toki bow chika sure all right you need to go to work now a dude go to work all right Ellie mm-hmm okay so she's good to go now why don't you play some video games get your fun meter back up a little bit see Josh what are you doing you're going to the bathroom that's fine why are you still doing that it can can do anyone sorry Chloe you need a shower and then we need to do logic charisma and romance interactions okay well let's start on our romance since our romantic partner is right there you tetanus tuchus she's three oh don't yeah you guys can go whoo-hoo that's fine I mean she's only halfway done with our interactions but whatever okay you need to resume that Josh what do you need to – video game video gaming skill I'm gonna work on that nice let's go Jocelyn is still practicing she sounds so good now all right so they are woo-hooing yes yes I love her outfit for hot weather it's so cute except she's stinky well she's gained a little bit of weight it's not just cute anymore but it's still cute all right Aubree you need to be making that food all right let's triple speed a little bit all right candy you still need to work out yes why don't you go punch the bag Chloe I know it wasn't a good move apparently take a shower Oh Audrey reach level 10 of the gourmet cooking skill awesome so now she's maxed on her cooking and she's maxed on her gourmet cooking like I don't think she's gonna get promoted today but we have two more days to do it and then I think I mean she did just get promoted to level nine but it I mean I think she's gonna get promoted fairly quickly go to work darling you're late now I'm sorry you're gonna have to work hard oh I forgot to set you to work hard alright as soon as she disappears we'll have her work hard that outfit does not look good with her stomach sticking out all right work hard please offset that because you're late who are they Chloe she's just standing there okay Chloe let's work on your logics killed he works and seven old boy dude obviously you can't take care of yourself so I didn't have a good woohoo that sucks probably because it's a heatwave alright Josh you are still playing video games that's fine I don't care what you do she has to work in ten minutes okay weird I guess I thought it said she had to work okay yeah go alright Aubrey why don't you weed this garlic not that it's doing anything because we're still having vampires come up to our house she works in three hours so we'll take a quick shower then you need to make something else actually I don't know if baking it's gonna count or not but we'll try baking some breadsticks yeah but you need a hurry up dude you got to work in six hours okay your hungers enough go to bed go to bed go to bed go to bed all right work hard Chloe so you done working out yes all right so you can go to bathroom so you can join the game I guess so the booked Oh JA Familia she realizes she is double-booked to play at a starlets private party and a charity event for third world hunger the good cause could give her an out but the starlet is known for her temper and killer parties play for charity it might not be the most glamorous gig but Jocelyn feels that she made the right choice Sims enjoyed the music and a decent amount of money is raised for a good cause small performance gain that's fine that's what we want we want any any kind of performance keen Aubrey apparently is not having any fun so Tucker is home and not promoted I don't think we expected him all right Tucker go relax watch a movie Sims of the Dead sure nope let's see I want them to move whoo in the hot tub then you can go watch the movie at least home didn't get promoted didn't think she would because she was late my fault think she went down overall dammit anyway um Jocelyn is at work until when Audrey works at six and she gets home at 11 or so she's late sorry mm but she works until 11 yeah hopefully we'll get promoted by Monday even though she did just get promoted I don't think it's good it doesn't seem like it's gonna make too hard to get her promoted but I guess we'll see um my Tucker alright your phone is up I need you to paint Chloe when do you work you work tomorrow we still got a lot to do when is he supposed to work two hours okay you're late come on go to work come on hurry up we go to work why are you just standing there jeez okay work hard please just lost performance when I said you were gonna be easy to get promoted no max starts work in an hour okay sorry Becks you need a shower and well quick meal of chips all right Chloe sorry you can't have personal items all right I'm just doing a quick inventory check since I'm there I can't see there's cuz they're at work she's still got her books and some medicine max has upgrade parts that is fine just don't excuse some romance interruptions I painted another masterpiece huh well that's awesome that gives us some more money yeah don't care all right go the bathroom grab some food we still need to do charisma and make another painting and we'll work on our charisma next yeah that's not gonna happen damn it he's not gonna get promoted until at least Wednesday cuz even if we get this up and that up there's no way we can go from here to promotion no way damn it that sucks all right Ali you need to write some more books but while you're here let's publish let's publish not self publish what so to publisher that one and that one I guess it's not good quality but whatever then I want you to hold butter and then go to bed Chloe you can't have those alright Jocelyn's home not promoted that she probably should get promoted on Monday cuz she doesn't work tomorrow oh this is annoying okay your needs look pretty good so we just need to work on our piano so go practice your piano max is going to work he's Annamma skating he wasn't even on the screen all right work hard max get promoted please God if you don't works kind of screwed and then what I'm gonna sing at home guess I'm a three so we won't know until tomorrow Chloe okay that does not seem it does not seem like it's making her logical very quickly so we're gonna go to the bathroom and grab some food and then I think we're gonna just play that and Tucker what are you doing here so hard to see getting sick of this illness that they keep getting all right Josh don't work for two days of course um but you can come up here and play my sims go again Chloe no no I'm doing okay just laugh at me I say I don't know what I'm doing and she left thanks thanks a lot Chloe well that doesn't sound good sped up does it alright so sweet home okay in hot pursuit with the cops hot Maximiliano nose trail the bridge over the river is closed for repairs he's going to have to pull a 180 and try to swerve between his pursuers or is it possible to floor it and jump the bridge jump the ridge yeah we did it all right come on triple speed so yeah we got we had two episodes with no promotions and then we had a a really big day with four promotions and then the next day we only had one promotion and now we're back down to zero promotions Oh kind of sucks but I mean I think we're doing I'm we're working really hard on getting to those promotions so um yeah so we're gonna have her go to the ER get food and ball and shower and summer leave us alone and it is now midnight so the end of day 35 no promotions today but like I said I think we're doing a good job on working towards those promotions because a lot of a lot of them have a lot of things to do to get ready for that promotion and then a lot of them also are only working like three or four days a week and then like a lot of days off in a row and so that's making it really hard for us too so yeah I'm hoping to get everybody promoted to level 10 before day 50 or at least by day 50 but I don't know if that's gonna happen because we still can Macs are still still at 7 but I really hope that max gets promoted at 3 a.m. tomorrow so anyway thank you guys so much for watching if you did enjoy this video please remember to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe to the channel if you haven't already and I'll see you all in the next one where hopefully max gets promoted so it won't be a total failure anyway bye everybody

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