1. The RMB is completely worthless. They’ve been printing trillions every few months for years. Once people realize how worthless their money is, China will implode.

  2. Trump needs to get rid of his barking dogs trade war advisors and bring in real experts, not back door economists like Kudlow and Navarro. They are stupid and have problems with their perception of things.

  3. One of these jokers makes the statement that China has the world's best digital infrastructure. This imbecile thinks just because Chinese people are using wechat and qr codes it's somehow ultra modern. Give me a break, this system is just designed to control a population and keep them in bondage. The CCP and their social credit score system are modern chains for an enslaved and brainwashed population. Then this idiot makes the claim that China is optimizing its economic capital. You have to be joking. How in the hell is that happening? By building shoddy built ghost cities and infrastructure that is falling apart and rusting. Maybe by building high speed trains that crash and burn. WTF.

  4. These imbeciles miss the point. The trade war is over supply chains and intellectual property theft, not the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

  5. First bullshit spouted was about China's growth. GDP figures are phony. Bullshit number comes from ghost cities, those shoddy built skyscrapers that will fall apart in 10 years. China is in the midst of collapse for hundreds of millions of the Chinese people. Soon it will be the rest of China.

  6. The big flood of data is coming. Everybody is now immersed in data already. Facts are more and more significant that boys and girls prefer to spend 10+ hours a day online rather than substantial activities offline. They are lack of interestings in goods, clothings, houses, even marriage and birth. The economy based on goods production is going to be in crisis. It is better to have US and China to explore more the future moves, giving up the outdated ideas.

  7. Very encouraging to see such an international forum begun to launch in China actively . Very much hope can see more and more in the nearest future.

  8. I'm kinda torn with China's growth tbh. On one hand I'm genuinely happy for Chinese citizens that the majority is coming out of poverty rather quickly. On the other hand they suffer a lot due to lack of human rights and polluted/overpopulated cities (although they really try to solve the pollution issue).
    In addition, China's neighbors will greatly profit from big companies trying to shift their production away from China itself. Basically the majority of SEA is transforming from developing to industrializing countries. So if you want to invest in the far East you should focus on Vietnam/Myanmar/Bangladesh/Thailand/etc. At least that's what I heard from many economists lately.

  9. Professor JIN's forecast of economic growth in China is correct in recent data. Good on you. Her talk is always compelling.

  10. It is appreciated to share my viewpoint in Today’s Economy Form… The Reasons are 5 points:

    (1) China’d better Develop Inside Consuming Numbers of Low Income Class – by Improving Jobs and Better Income for this Class, to raise their Ability of Consuming the Country’s Produced Goods and Services. At present, this Field in under the expect level.

    (2) China’s Politic as well as Diplomatic Policy should be improved its Quality to create the Belief of Worldwide Friends and Community.

    3) China Politic Policy must respect the International Laws and the Sovereign Right of Other Country, not Abusing Weak & Small Countries, but Respecting Other Rights as much as possible.
    I mean It should be A Fair Play.
    4) China Must Improve Education for People, particularly It Morality & Social Practice or Behavior towards others.

    5) The more Chinese Improve its Cultural Good Quality, will increase the Truth Of Other People & Nation in the World Community, I think, with the Necessary Adjustments, China Will Become Good Superpower in this Earth.


    Vanson Tran

  11. I have to say, they are all really successful and clever people in the world, but they are just so clever that they just touch the water of Chinese economy. For example, actually, except fools and liars, no one in China even believes that the GDP is 6.6% growth last year, because Chinese governors are used to saying lies every year. Some professors just believe that it's negative growth last year, such as Mr. Xiang, to list just one. Also, I have to say, in the past 40 years, China did make great progress in economy, so you guys can see double digits growth in some of the years, and Chinese governors just would like to say, "Oh, it's something that only China can do!" However, this is not the case. It's not something like a maricle but just normal things. Because before something you guys call "Open and reform in 1980" played by Chairman Deng, there were a lot of people were starving in China! So we could learn technology from US and a lot of other developed countries and also because there were a lot of young people in the population at that time, therefore we made really great progress. That's really normal, right? If you are the last one in your class, you can make great progress even if you just pay a little effort! Nevertheless, time is different. At present, it is just the reason that we can learn technology from other countries so easily that makes us unable to learn the rules and construction of society and good laws. So the progress we made is just becoming the profits of a small group of people, who are usually the ones having power! Every decision they make is just out of their own profits, but not the people, what's even worse is that no one can put a line before them. This is the basic and root reason that is and will make Chinese economy go down and down day by day! To tell you the truth, maybe you guys are still paying great hope to Chinese development or are afraid that if China is keeping growing, something not good will happen to your country, but in my opinion, there is even no hope left. In the next 20 years, Chinese economy will surely go to a bad ending, so do a lot of people….. I feel certain and really really sad about the predict. Well. im not BBC, so i did not keep saying China will collasp for 30 years, so my point is that 2018 is the line ok? Please do not argue with me, we can just keep looking and time will tell.

  12. All I care about this is if this means I'll soon have high quality inexpensive dim sum again ($3 not 80nok 😒/3-4 piece dish) 🤤 And/Or
    If China's belt & road initiative includes affordable, clean, beautiful train trip rides from here to them then I will wait patiently for that 😄 especially if they feature beloved dishes from respected eateries we stop by 🙌

  13. nice talk,US still remains a great power as China becoming a great power. Two Power should make the world more powerful and peaceful.

  14. If both of Us and China got benefits from the trade, then why did the Trump ministration initiate the trade war? If the US really begins to see China as an opponent and to do right things against China, then how will China develop its economy smoothly in the long term? China has been exaggerating the role it played in the stage of the global economy. Without the support from the West, it ultimately can do nothing. Let's see.

  15. That white behind the moderator is controlling hard not to laugh at the accent of the moderator. 😁😁
    Very bad. English was not a mother tongue for Asians. But still manage to speak.

  16. China is fake as hell. I'm Chinese, the government gives the fake number of the GDP, the real GDP is one fourth of the one they claimed or even less. Most of us living in an extremely poor life, we can't even afford eggs and coca cola. You can't believe I'm this county, if you can afford the eggs, it shows you a rich person. People from the west and central parts of China are even still eating grasses as food. I'm being serious, we are as poor as most African countries. And I believe it is INDIA who will be the next superpower. India is far ahead of China in almost every field. Do not believe any China data.

  17. America full of bullshit and lies , America only do destruction around the world , America want to control the world by war's and bully , China and Russia will keep America obey , we all love Russia and China .

  18. Chinese development is unsustainable…especially the manipulation of the state upon economy and population reproduction and the stagnation of political reform will stifle any further progress

  19. China is not a public company, and thus we neither care how others saw us nor do we give a shit to the change of growth rate. We need stable and sustainable growth. To the fake analysis from those economic-tumour-creating strategists from the street, fuck you & piss off.

  20. You chinese coming from a state controlled stock market would have you believe anything because the communist party controls everything you hear,see, smell, taste, and eat. Unfortunately it is all shit in China. The us market are free to drop and recover all on its own unlike cesspool China where they constantly shut down after a few percent drop daily. The us market which is free is kicking the shit out of the communist China market because we have strong employment and there is a greater sense of stability, cesspool China-not. The us is more trusted in every respect where as cesspool China is just trash making trash, selling trash, and spreading trash. The people are trash. As evidence by their nasty tourists shitting and and pissing everywhere like back in cesspool China. There is a reason why the chinese people are looked down and despise around the world. Your people truly are nasty and disgusting and dirty. Its a fact unfortunately and you seem oblivious to that fact and therefore you will never change or improve.

  21. You "fight", we the ppl still paying more and more taxes. Fuck the socialist US, fuck communist China, fuck the socialist EU, fuck the STATE SYSTEM. Freedom!!! That's what I want. To be let alone PERIOD

  22. Those chinese speakers are untrustworthy, they are agents acting on behalf of the CCP and their speeches are strictly propaganda oriented

  23. The Chinese have a high mean IQ and a Confucian Ethic which is also a work ethic so even though there may be ups and downs they will always do well unless the Communist Party screws things up.

  24. Simplistically, China is moving from the some rich (individuals) will bring wealth to those around model of the past to wealth redistribution from the wealthy (regions) to the poorer (regions) model as it tries to redistribute wealth to the whole population.
    Infrastructure development will need to sustain GDP growth instead of unproductive real estate development going forward. (Never forget that China has a communist government. Uneven personal wealth is just a necessary evil on the road of wealth creation for the people. Without the model transition, widening wealth gap will eventually pose a threat to social stability and the govrrnment. )
    Leakages to other poorer emerging countries can be recovered somewhat with the one belt one road policy, which also makes better use of its hugh foreign reserves than just parking in US treasury bonds. Trade war merely amplifies or accelerates the leakage, making the transition perhaps more difficult for the Chinese government.
    Domestic consumption will make up for export consumption lost.
    GDP growth disruption will result as social policies force the transition. Spending from accelerated transition negates impact of trade war.
    Technology disruptions will act as catalyst of change, while no doubt creating growth disruptions of their own.
    Shadow banking remains a threat to overall social and economic stability. Stricter regulations and penalties may be the key to restrict damages until it can be either fully regulated or outlawed.

  25. Slowing growth , debt expansion and shadow banking China sea . America doesn't need China. America let them into the WTO in 2001. China has yet to fulfilled there promises to open up there tech and investment. They steal over tech than demand tech transfers. If America dosent buy there "goods" who will. Let's be clear the only reason there here is America and Europe. They should to be forever grateful. God blessed America.

  26. "forced technology transfer" is a ridiculouly false accusation unless one believes that US corporations are run by idiots who can be "forced" to transfer technology without force.

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