David Pakman Clarifies: Socialism =/= Social Democracy

I want to show you guys my favorite segment from David Pakman of all time he does a lot of great segments and I differ with him in a couple different issues but this is definitely hands-down the greatest video he's ever released ever take a look for years now I've been talking about the difference between Democratic socialists and Social Democrats and I don't want to redo the entire analysis again but to sort of like top line it for you the real difference is that Democratic socialists are socialists where Social Democrats are not right the democratic socialism is socialism in the sense that it includes socializing the means of production social democracy is what's sometimes called a blended economy it's called well regulated capitalism private ownership of businesses remains but there's a very heavy focus on using tax revenue for a strong social safety net using progressive taxation to ensure people don't get left behind that we properly fund health care and education and so on and Bernie Sanders has a long history of calling himself Democratic Socialist and he may well come from sort of democratic socialist lines of thought but Bernie's platform today is not a democratic socialist platform Bernie's platform in 2016 was not a democratic socialist platform he is a social democrat no thank you oh my gosh thank you David Pakman for doing that like you have no idea guys how good the timing was on releasing this video this video was released what was it May 1st right around the time when TYT advocated for socialism and I did a segment on Jake huger talking about how what he was doing what Genki was doing was incredibly dangerous it's incredibly important to understand that Bernie Sanders is not a Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders is a social democrat there is a huge difference David Pakman is totally right Kyle kolinsky did this too he did this about a year ago he was one of the first ones in fact to start advocating for proper vocabulary usage now David Pakman has also been doing that he followed suit behind Kyle kolinsky maybe around the same time period but the thing is this video the timing behind it couldn't be better right now a lot of people are suggesting that we start using socialism and democratic socialism and social democracy capitalism communism however we freaking won that is it what it does is it it muddies the waters and it makes it really difficult to communicate with someone who you disagree with if you go to for example turning-point USA's little meetings that they have the cute little things that they do they and they have all these like little pins that you can have on and they have these stickers every once in a while that they pass out to college students that say socialism sucks and the thing is every single progressive YouTube channel would agree with that technically because socialism sucks but there's no question about that in my view and if you're a real socialist I'm sorry I disagree with you I don't agree with equal outcome I agree with equal opportunity I believe in social democracy and let me get a very let me give you guys a very clear definition because I think David Pakman did a decent job but I want to give you the true definition according to the scientific community and explain why it's important to get this right social democracy means that there are two basic core tenets capitalism and on democracy those are the two most important things involved in social democracy capitalism and democracy but then you also have a third aspect to that it's a regulation on those two things which is that you have social and economic interventions that promote social justice I think we all want social justice regardless of who you are you probably want social justice now you might differ on what that means but that's where the conversation should start is establishing that hey we both want the same thing it's just that we define social justice differently and so in that sense we want different things and so vocabulary usage is so important now let me explain not only does using the correct vocabulary prevent talking past each other but it also per uh it it helps the research community guys this these definitions of socialism social democracy they have been consistent for the most part for the last several decades in both textbooks but in also research community research papers and the thing is if we differ on definitions if we start defining socialism however we freaking won that makes it incredibly difficult for researchers to communicate to the general public so if someone wants to create a political theory or they want to discuss political theory in the research community it becomes incredibly difficult for us to be able to read it because we're gonna read it and say all that socialism or all they don't like socialism you know like we immediately have these presuppositions of what those things mean and it makes it difficult for them to communicate to us but researchers like the whole point of science in general is to communicate to the general public things that are important and so yes we need these researchers to be able to communicate with us if we just start saying that these terms don't matter then we are breaking our line of communication with the research community and so yes we need to define socialism social democracy democratic socialism communism fascism capitalism you know we need to find all of these things very carefully so that we do not talk past each other and that's what's happening right now in the mainstream media they're trying to do that so that they downplay the benefits of a social democracy and they downplay the benefits of Bernie Sanders platform it's it's all a way of muddying the waters and it's incredibly dangerous so I am incredibly proud of David Pakman for doing this my view of him has increased greatly because of it and I do want to request kyle kolinsky I know you do you have done a video on this but it is also time for you to do a video on this one more time because we need progressives to be very clear we need to hammer this like as a home run that everyone can hear that socialism is not the same thing as a social democracy everyone needs to post this every youtuber and TYT shame on Jake you here for defining socialism as social democracy you need to fix that freaking video

  1. The main difference that isn't made in american media and even in online media is the difference between socialism and communism. Socializing the means of production is old school communism. Democratic socialism is a modern american invention to try to rebrand the word "Socialism" that is such a curse word in american politics.

  2. Bernie is NOT advocating for a socialist economy! People keep deliberately leaping to USSR-stereotypes. Expanding public spending on education, healthcare, infrastructure within the framework of a green economy is not a radical change in any of our market and money systems, it is just more spending on public priorities. It is what FDR did (also called a socialist). We should stop obsessing about labels and focus on policies that matter to the masses.

  3. Bernie Sanders for POTUS!
    A change America needs!
    "We" the "people" need to "stand up" America will be lost if "we" don't stand up!

  4. I hope that one day u might use your background in math and understand that capital is inherently undemocratic

  5. Praising David Pakman is not a good look at all. That guy is as fake as it gets. He’s about as progressive as Pete Buttigieg. And this stupid “socdem vs demsoc” narrative is a CIA psyop designed to confuse and divide leftists.

    Literally the only difference between a “demsoc” and a “socdem” is their strategy. “Socdems” are socialists who try to implement socialism from the inside gradually, via incremental reform. “Demsocs” are socialists who (supposedly) believe reforming capitalism from inside is hopeless. Both share the same goals: to work towards a SOCIALIST state. And NO that doesn’t mean they want to eliminate all markets or strictly oppose any notion of a “mixed” economy. It means they want public ownership of major industries, a strong welfare state and a society where everyone is comfortably middle class, and no one is rich or poor.

    Right wingers posing as leftists, such a David Pakman, use this false narrative to divide the movement and destroy it from the inside. They are manufacturing consent for corporate exploitation. When you make videos like this one you are assisting him with that agenda.

  6. It doesn’t matter anymore.bernie and aoc changed the meaning of those words in common usage if they explain this to the people they will be seen as frauds. you need to talk to Michael brooks about socialism.most countries are mixed economies.it is not the question of socialism or not.it is the matter of how much socialism ?

  7. It's actually far more nuanced than this. Socialism is a philosophy. Social democracy falls under that umbrella. So does democratic socialism.

    No socialism does not suck. And the increasing of automation will actually eventually make it a necessity to have "true socialism". Or at least a far more socialistic society than we currently have.

    Theres also things like communes and worker co-ops which are "socialism" and absolutely fantastic.

    Most average voters do not care about these labels by the way.

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