David Horowitz - Communism & Socialism

well up next author David Horowitz speaks about the history of the Communist Party and his views on socialism conservatism and liberalism this was part of a conference hosted by the Grove City College Centre for vision and values he's interviewed by the center's director and he'll take questions from the audience this is about an hour ten minutes everybody welcome and ladies and gentlemen David Horowitz we've been we've been trying to get you here for years I mean we have we've been them we've been trying to get it we've been trying to get in here for the longest time so it is it's so good to have you here and we have with a little over an hour and so we're going to have a conversation and then we're going to take questions from the audience as well and when I say that I've read all your books I mean I literally have although this isn't all of them but this is probably a quarter fifth maybe and destructive generation was the first one I read this was with Peter Collier and this was second thoughts about the 60s I think this was the big one the one where you first really came out right from the from the from the left left the left and then this book is he didn't ask me to do this I promise you radical son is great this is so good this is I think like the Whittaker Chambers witness of this generation in fact I believe National Review or one of the publication's Weekly Standard even said something like that at the time Weekly Standard and he's done of late a number of different books the black book of the American left and I've got volume 1 volume 2 and there's been at least three maybe four six six okay there you go so I got a quarter my third of them right right I can't keep up with them I seriously can't keep up one but so there's there's so much here and I went up in my office and tried to sort out questions and I eventually just said forget it I'm just going to sit here and try to have a conversation and try to ask them some things about the left the old left and do laughs the current left today's left and but but I think we'll start first a little bit with with your background if that's okay I don't know how much of that you're willing to go into well obviously a lot you've been talked about but tell us all right so tell us about this is this is a conference on communism socialism since 1917 and your family lived a lot of this right hearings were card-carrying members of the American Communist Party which means that they were part of a vast international conspiracy that was organized from Moscow my parents I don't think ever broke a law I don't think my mother ever got a speeding ticket they were school teachers but they hid an East German Communist in the basement that the United States wanted deported I think he eventually was deported and they have secret party names for the day when the party would go underground and the armed revolution would begin although unlike my comrades in the left in the 60s at mine don't think my parents ever went to a firing range although some of our family friends did disappear in 1949 and not turned up in the sea and they Sierras in California and they were they were supposed to be the leadership there was fascism was coming to America and when a hold on another is a firing range in the 60s so are you talkin as well how Maidan and people lived they had you know military you know training I mean they had they were literally training for an armed revolution yeah right yes Tommy and the founder of SDS recently as Tom Hayden called for liberated zones in American cities modeled on the liberated zone so-called of the communist Vietnam it was a whole chapter of a book he wrote called the trial which he then suppressed when he was joined the Democratic Party and what are you doing the Democratic fighter yet didn't ever give up the idea I'm sorry I maybe you guys could turn this up a little yeah Amy had written a chapter of a book called the trial calling for armed revolution in America and I when Clinton with it you know Haven became a state legislature in California and Clinton gave him the medal of freedom richly undeserved and so he's not joking he has addressed that chapter of his book not because he ever gave up the idea the one thing about the left is that they lie and is that it's very important to understand that they lie because they know that if they told the truth about what they actually believed in what they wanted they would either be rejected or worse well on that point so and you have to convey have to conceal what they really believe the letter is always concealing its agendas so to bring that back to the early days of Communist Party u.s. anyway you know that I mean the Obama who comes from the same background I did he was raised by communists the difference between us is that he never left the left of the Communists left his all book called you lie about Obama it's like 300 pages I think jack has eroded footnoted of all bombers obvious lies I mean everybody knows some of them you know you yeah you keep your doctor if you like them period you keep your plan if you like it period but there's so many others and the the manual of the left their guide is Saul Alinsky's rules for radicals which is still a best-seller and it's the recommended reading of the National Education Association which is the largest I think the largest union in America teachers union that's the whole agenda the alinsky book he was the one thing I could say about the sixties left which was a communist left one redeeming virtue was that we said what we wanted we held we want a revolution and we want it now up against the wall this is a stick-up I don't know the slogans we use but they telegraphed what we believed in and Alinsky in his books as the the led the new left was right that the system needs to be burned down that's that's that's the way he looked at America he was never an active member of the party but he will say communists did you know him did you mean no I despised him well because I was a new leftist well I believe he should be open I mean maybe that's why I no longer left this day and III didn't believe in lying although I I had very uncomfortable moments when I told the truth I remember being on it television show for my first book came out in 1962 not Berkeley demonstration and I was going on and on and I believe on the KPIX news and at the end of the little segment he said are you a socialist and I oh I believe in decentralized dis and that and I'm I was just caught and dead because I would have been smarter to lie as I say that's probably why I didn't like that uncomfortable feeling but those are the good old days when America was not when American culture wasn't dominated by these people which it is today that what what what makes what makes a communist a communist is a couple of things one is this first of all communism socialism and the social justice movement and progressivism they're all modeled on Christianity the they look on the world as a fallen place over they would never use that those words that way it's a place of injustice and oppression and like Christians they believe there's going to be a Redemption unlike Christians they don't believe the redemption is coming through a divinity they believe in themselves as the divinity they are the social Redeemer and this is what makes even well-meaning people like my parents dangerous if you believe that you can achieve the work of God and you can bring about a heaven on earth which is what they believe that's what social justice is what crime would you not commit what law would you not tell on what crime would you not if you incapable of committing the crime support and so very well-meaning people called my parents never refer to themselves as Communists I never heard them use that word in connection with themselves or their friends are gone cells progressives progressives every progressive believes this and look at the crimes that they they're comfortable with even that you know as we sit here today I mean all the Hollywood progressives and support these monsters in Venezuela I would destroy destroying the country there um everybody on the Left if Steven Spielberg probably a very we were discussing it before said that the five hours he spent with Fidel Castro who was a sadistic monster that the greatest five hours of his life so and that's because when I when I came out of the left people would ask me how how can you hate America how could you how could you why would you want a revolution in America if you and that's because these are people without the ideology people who are looking at other countries if you look at the world I mean this is the best place to be this is the greatest society on earth how do we know that oh it's good all the people who want to come here legally illegally risk their lives to get into America you don't see that there's nobody you know swimming of course shark-infested waters to get to Cuba very obvious so how could you well it's easy to hate it's not easy to hate America or even to think badly of America if you look at the way human societies have been through the 5,000 years of recorded history that we have however if you have this vision of a heaven on earth that can be achieved if you just get rid of the oppressors if you just want to you know take over the means of production institute social justice outlawed the pronouns he and she whatever it is if you if you compare it to this vision of the future well of course it's more thing and the reason that America is wanting is it's because it's like every society it's a reflection of who we are and instance where that Christian college I mean this is what the first 18 chapters of Genesis are about that the root cause of social problems is us I mean we were given a paradise we treated as a you know if you're not religious treated as a parable we were given paradise much better than socialism or social justice by the way because there was no death no pain no suffering you have to work if that food fell from the trees but in order to enjoy this you had to forego the knowledge of good and evil and really the knowledge of evil and human beings are prone to evil where the corruption is within us once you understand that you are conservative I think yeah it's pretty basic what comes it comes down in your understanding of you have a nature yes the other thing that people always ask me you know is were you being financed but this is the new left now because because actually Moscow gold this was a big thing enough fifties when we all scoffed at it Moscow was financing American Communist Party it's me me now no but they were nasty getting you know who was financing in radical sort wanted to burn down America and the answer was you are how many they were getting government money and what have you and then they would ask me well what about the Communist Party and actually by then the Communist Party was destroyed by the revelations of the Khrushchev report that is I remember the the right-wingers who be hated like William F Buckley would say that Stalin had murdered seven million people the actual number is something like forty million um and then in 1956 Nikita Khrushchev who was then the head of the Soviet Union gave a secret speech which was smuggled out by the Israeli Mossad on the crimes of Stalin and for Khrushchev the crimes of Stalin were that he killed so many communists which is true he killed more communists and all the capitalist governments put together but this destroyed my parents world it demoralized them never really politically active after that so they would say well what about the Communist Party well the Communist Party with I mean they're still in the Communist Party but it's not very important it's not about a party it's about an idea it's about this mission to change the world the omission to to make everybody equal to redistribute income now to redistribute genders so Allah says with just the gums of the conclusion in my view today I don't see any difference between difference between the current agendas and attitudes of the Democratic Party and the Communist world I grew up in the communist movement that I grew up it Bernie Sanders is the Democratic Party today Bernie Sanders would have been the nominee if the crooked Clintons hadn't fixed the primaries with the help of debbie Wasserman Schultz and Donna Brazile Bernie Sanders is lifelong a lifelong supporter of communist law clauses and his mentality is what I call brain-dead Marxist I mean all the evil in the world comes from the 1% who oppressed the 99% how stupid is that then particularly since there were always 1% is like Soros and spire the Democratic Party I mean I agree I'm an old book about this the Democratic Party is the party of wealth money if if the old left of the old communists left if the Redeemer class was the proletariat then for the new left who's the Redeemer class are they always looking for wanted a look well they've done good other things just to carry this analysis a little further the the only Marxist text that communists and certainly my generation yet I mean uh deviants like me read a lot more but with the Communist Manifesto and the Communist Manifesto community got two ideas one is the opening sentence the history of all hitherto existing societies in the history of class struggles war social war which is a ridiculous comment I mean the history is not the history of class struggle and then the second idea of the manifesto is don't forget that Marx was writing after the great capitalist revolutions of the industrial revolutions of the 18th century the creation of flowering I should say of market societies and political democracies so in the manifesto the next lines I said describe the history of these class struggles it was you know patrician and plebeian slave master or slave aristocrat of feudal lord and peasant and then he came to capitalist societies democracies and he said and it's identically only had simplified as the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and my today it's called the 1% and the 99% well if you believe that society that it is an oppressive system everything can be understood in terms of a dominant class or a dominant race or a dominant sex and anybody that they oppress that's the way you see the world that you're a communist and that's the way the Democratic Party sees the world is called identity politics in the in Marxism and Marx says this in the opening of capital because I'm not interested in particular capitalists I'm interested in the capitalist as a class they are they and that's because of course Marx was always supported by a capitalist and Frederick angles release the money of English garden but that's the mentality and then when it came to the Bolsheviks I have a passage in one of one of my writings I think it's not a destructive generation but um by an official of the Cheka which was the secret police in the time of Lenin saying that we when we eliminate people we're not looking to see their it whether they're guilty or not we're looking to see what their class position is and so if you were a Kulak you could get eight years in the gulag just by the fact that you own half an acre of land because that's what being a Kulak so condemning people for their identity that's the mentality that eventually leads to gulags America is built on the opposite idea that you don't judge people by their origins or by things they can't change that we're going to learn if we are a nation of immigrants who are fleeing religious persecution so the idea this country can only have been tough I don't even know if I'm going to Protestant college but only by Protestants because the Protestant idea was that no human agency should mediate between an individual and his or her God and that it for the Protestants of course it was the Catholic Church but of course the government is another human institution so the founders of this country wrote in to our birth certificate the idea that we're all equal in the eyes of our Creator and our Creator has endowed us with certain rights that government cannot take away because government doesn't give us life liberty and the pursuit of happiness that's the American idea that means our fundamental value is individual freedom and individual accountability people are to be judged on their merits and this is obviously but huffington post just ran an article by a white white white men should be denied the vote that's pure racism but i the National Book Award was won last year by a racist named Donaghy Coates who's the son of a black panther and who I had called him the most pampered racist in America Z it means a very young man he got a $600,000 genius award from the MacArthur Foundation he never he didn't graduate college but MIT gave him a of lectureship he's an editor at the Atlantic Monthly anyone a National Book Award and in this book the central incident of the book is the killing of his friend by a policeman in Montgomery County Maryland which is a sanctuary County I believe and very liberal in them so his friend was killed the police officer said that the friend this tiny easy Coates friend tried to run him over with his vehicle the problem is that the police officer is black as his friend so how does Coates deal with that he says well he was thinking white this is racism people who say that Americans white supremacist nation need to see a psychiatrist this is certifiable but you get you can see you know very respected so I am using the word liberal liberals using that phrase white supremacy if you don't like the word liberal you always dry eggs and well because they're not liberal about anything about except hard drugs sex spending other people's money coddling criminals and sympathizing with our enemies could be you say there's a big difference between liberals and leftists right you'd like to like to use the term blast I'm a liberal your öland conservatives are liberals we believe in two sides to a conversation we don't obstruct speeches we don't try to shut down campuses you know when our opponents talk we enjoyed it dialogue because you know we think even if you think you're right why wouldn't you want to engage at the other side yeah but then it's not they're not thinking of us as people they see themselves as the army of the saints bringing about a new world so they see us as the party of the devil this just happened next week I'm scheduled to speak in South Dakota and as it happens keith Ellison and the Democrats are going to be and I keith Ellison is probably now spent 11 years as a spokesperson for that raving anti-semitic anti-american racist Luis barragán which is who keith Ellison obviously is is now the deputy chairman of the Democratic National Committee and was almost chairman very very crown or 13 votes by we or an endorsed by Bernie Sanders another racist so we having to be my event for the South Dakota Republicans there's a big convention centers in the same building and they objected because I was going to speak now what is it they don't want to be in the same building with David always something what is that about that that's about I should be a nun person that I should not exist that that is how an attack on my humanity is what it really is and it's Santa saying that this is this is what the Democratic Party has become and for me of the most disgraceful episode of recent months was the so-called confirmation hearing of Senator Jeffery sessions jeff sessions has been a friend of mine for 20 years I would say he's one of the half dozen most decent human beings in the United States Senate when he was there she's a champion of civil rights it was the Attorney General in a deep south state Alabama prosecuted the Ku Klux Klan desegregated the schools and yet Democrat after Democrat beginning with Chuck Schumer called him a racist and repeated an Elizabeth Warren's my god shut up for for doing it because it violated Senate rules on them it's a disgrace these people know Jeff Sessions I know he's not a racist now I mean it's very distressing what's happened in this country but I think it's very important for conservatives conservatives are very well-meaning people very decent I say this is somebody who came out of the radical left so I can appreciate this and very well mannered to well-mannered so they're willing to give the benefit of the doubt and not think the worst of people I try to think the best and in the political war you can't do that but I like about Donald Trump there is no other Republican I can think of not one who on national TV in front of 50 million people would look Hillary Clinton in the eye and say you're a liar and a crook we which is both you know you have in your masthead for front page magazine calm if it's still there there's a quote it said inside every liberal is a totalitarian screaming to get out yeah I think that's one of my best contributions to this why is that the case did you say liberal yeah as I change that the progressive did you change that okay I said if people deserve Iran well there you go that's right liberals and progressives the same thing right right and that's not because they're liberal it's because they control the universities the schools the newspapers they dominate the media so they get to define terms right we don't we have to live with them it's not control but I alive absolutely some reason that inside every progressive is a totalitarian screaming to get out is because they think they can change the world fundamentally what is that Obama said well America's there five days away from fundamentally changing the United States and America right by which they need not just changing the policies of America the changing the people in it and that is the whole leftist agenda then what I I mean I think the appropriate word for the Democratic Party and for progressives is neo communist we have neo we understand the old fascist neoconservative there neo communists they have the same mentality and this mentality is that although for 5000 years people continuous warfare for 5000 years we can have a world at peace if we just disarmed the United States you know they wouldn't say that but that's what they mean that you know 5,000 years of well first of all people are unequal and everybody knows that I mean you'd be five years old you understand that did these talents intelligence strength beauty we're not handled handed out equally in the beginning I mean it's very obvious so the idea that you can transform the world and change people is a very dangerous idea when you think about it what's there now okay I wish you well I'm going to use the government since they see themselves as social Redeemers and the instrument of the redemption is the government estate so they will force you well for example the disagree religion they see religion as obscurantist and oppressive the opium of the people is what Marx called it so when they come to power they want to stamp out religion well now I mean they've been pretty effective with Christmas and things like that when the Bolsheviks burned a hundred thousand churches when they came to that's one of the first things they did so they that's why it's so dangerous yeah I mean the religion has been part of the human story as long as there's been a human story so this gets back to the literal fundamental transformation of you guys right so that's why yes inside every progressive totalitarian because it's for your own good why did they lie about Obamacare they should be familiar with some John Gruber's video where he said we you know we've structured it so that we would fool the CDL and it wouldn't be called the tax we have we concealed the fact that it was redistribution of wealth from young healthy people to older sicker people and on and on we had to lie for your own good that's where they lie to you we're gonna tell you you can keep your doctor because if we told you you can't keep your doctor you wouldn't vote for this and yet it's going to be justice for your good so that's where the arrogance comes from same thing where they always interrupting see them on television they can't let the Conservatives finish the sentence I have to interrupt you they can't let you speak at a university when when I know you see what's happened to Ann Coulter and I'm going to be at the biology innopolis this is a big trend in the universities to just shuttle it happen to Charles Maurey what happened to Heather McDonald has never happened to you at Pomona no I do have to be lesson Heather McDonald spoke at the five colleges she spoke at Claremont McKenna and another one is Pomona and the students in Pomona came out with an editorial which said some free speech is but white supremists used to silence marginalized minority people but but up knows there's a war on free speech in America on the First Amendment the First Amendment is the First Amendment for a reason it's the most fundamental right that we have but if you can't are free to speak your mind you can't defend any of your other rights it's all over so there were left's war on free speech now there are a handful of liberals actual liberals and so I should mention one Kirsten powers has written a book called the silencing the left's more I think that's the subtitle lots more on free speech something like that kudos to Kirsten powers Alan darshan which would be another yeah they're few and far between but what Boyd you keep going back to I think recently Evangeline Davis speaking at the women's March she sighs and I as a National Book Award this week Angela Davis is a woman at political hack of the worst lowest right revered throughout the university system right right one get the linen price Lenin comes late but from the German police state right right right insulted she abetted murders of several people in Marin County just a vile person this year the national book of wood was run by to another black leftist author the whole last section of the book is a him to Angela Davis to tell you what kind of bow fetes another racist track but she ran for content might literate she ran for president vice president in the Communist Party USA take it twice but but her speech of the items she I think she supported I can't remembers which faction she supported the coup in Russia by the communists trying to meet a straight but but at her talk at the women's March and I think this is what you keep you keep hitting on she identified a whole bunch of new victim groups I mean she mentioned immigrants Muslims LGBTQ it's like they're always looking for the new proletariat to identify we do a press I Got News for you that de Blasio is just the New York as officially listed 31 genders right that's true that's true you go to the website that you have if you are an employee in the city of New York there are 31 gender options to choose from but I think the settings 7 will be protected why she's right right what's true but but that's part of it and it's more of a cultural Marxist well in the women's box not let's not forget that Linda Sarsour was a Hamas terrorist supporter on advocate of Sharia law which we take away women's rights sanctioned the murder of gays was the co-chair woman of the woman's March and Roz Mia Odell was another organizer who is a convicted murderer she blew up a supermarket in crime in any way Israel or and how many people how many the women's agenda reason no against was well well but the leadership does that's right that's right so so what are the marchers the margin or existed it's always the same so I quote this SDS statement often the issue is never the issue the issue is always the revolution these people are not about practical matters that they're not concerned with actual making a society work a society of people who have unequal talents who are self-centered ball going very self-centered as you would know if you leave to 18 month olds in the same room with a pile of toys and shut the door you know the movie screams coming from there shortly I mean people were very egocentric we see the world just that way you don't see this way it all has to be learnt so they'll seize whatever issue they can to advance the revolution but yeah they're not thinking of the society they're thinking of this see a future which will never exist and with the path to which is strewn with 100 million corpses in the last century the greatest mass murders in human history I've been progressives kita can you tell us what I want and once said the equivalent of that in Berkeley when I was just leaving the left and you can imagine what the whole what he had some rose up yeah but then went over really why was the end they chose my microphone as I say bet that went over really well but that kid tell us related to this then what's the Democratic Socialist think contradiction in terms I mean that is a term that's involved now but I guess burning is socialism is theft that's all it is they're just taking from people mainly who burned it and giving it to people who are your friends that's what socialism is I mean Lenin called himself a democratic socialists like Lenin called himself a Democratic Socialist rude to mark who's I called himself Darwin called himself a social democrat yeah a social never get the tell us something different all right sue so in a nutshell what's the difference between the new left in the old left is you you were the new my there was that yes when we began we were different we were willing to entertain new ideas we believed in you know dialogue with with other people we didn't like the fact that communists concealed their agendas that was a good thing about them left by the end of the 60s the new left was identical to the Communists left who was supporting all of worst regimes in the world that hated America look you just have to not be deceived by left-wing wordplay then there has never been a significant anti-war movement in America it's always an anti-american movement I mean one of them my exit from the left came and a period when the United States was forced to withdraw from Vietnam by the domestic left and basically surrender betray our Vietnamese allies and surrender the country to the Communists and the Communists proceeded to slaughter two and a half million peasants in Indochina there wasn't one protest not one this is really key to your leaving the left wasn't it that lady said this is just an anti-american movement the movement to save saddam hussein called itself and then i or movement too but it was just an anti-american movement and that's where the Democratic Party really veered to the left the Democratic Party sabotage the Iraq war they voted for it they sent young people to die and within three months of the war Wars inception they turned against them were calling it an illegal and immoral and unnecessary war and why did they do that they did that because there was a Democratic presidential primary in the spring of 2000 when tin in 2003 went in in March and at that time and anti-war another manthang anti-american so-called anti-war activist named Howard Dean was winning the Democratic nomination he was running away with an item that's 45 percent of the vote and Kerry and John Edwards switched 180 degrees they had been supporters of the war I had voted to authorize it and to become president they betrayed all those young people that we had sent into Iraq and I as soon as credit that we want to know who I think is a liberal Joe Lieberman get basically sacrifices presidential ambitions rather than betray his country the way they did now a lot of you guys in the 60s talking about the old Democratic Party the new democratic party and I don't want to clue you with this group but SDS Marc Rudd Tom Hayden then there's a split into the Weather Underground Bill Ayers Bernardine Dohrn I mean they hated like the JFK Democrat probably Bobby we did I did there were they I think I loud as I voted for Jack Kennedy that was my last the last time I voted oh yeah now there was one embarrassing vote in 1980 bill guess who that was for and then I voted for Reagan well my luck I was not paying any attention I was at the time to politics well and what did your friends say when on the old left when you when you and and Peter Collier right k that now see you relieved in the left and this was all word by the way that was on the 700 club right that you did the the interview of all things right no no that I was on the 700 right with Pat Robertson yes well the Pat Robertson which must have really made your full breadth of offers I mean roger McGuinn of the good and the gray right right that was fun what a roger McGuinn sing of it somebody I don't know somebody knows that I find it I did years old I can't remember that the revolutions oh no no no no no no you didn't do that one no better but but but so so what what did your friends make when you know these were all former hippies who were benign hippies were benign who had become Christians okay I was I enjoyed that anyway we got very distracted so so the the SDS Weather Underground mark rod Bill Ayers that true it's to everything that was a seed there's a sense that's the sound of it that's it that's unmarked broad yeah we we ain't the Democrats because we saw them as co-opting people this is why we hated Saul linski because Olinsky said you you can't make you can't burn the system down without you have to get power and if you tell people that you want to burn the system down they're not going to vote for you they're not going to give you the power another rejection and so it's stupid what you're doing what do you need to do is join the Democratic Party I could unite us in the book you can see it you know gets funded by the Democrats pretendin what we call this boring from within and we hated it and as I say it's the only thing I can think of what I did in the 60s that I'm fond of but it's what's on Hayden is with Tom Hayden – Hayden today went right into the dye couldn't believe it they went into the Democratic Party they first he organized a riot at the Democratic convention in 68 and then they took over the party and then I you know we had seen it as a party of the ruling class I mean sure actually did we work whatever oh yeah what what tell us about Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn a despised didn't when he was it when I was left us because he was saying hey rich not knowest arrogant stupid individual and violent when he was elected vice president of SDS and 68 in his acceptance speech he boasted he had made a book in a year the college thing right and you know I I felt it was our responsibility as I took revolution very seriously if we're going to abend the whole system we needed to know you have to you kid and that's probably why I'm no longer a leftist there they're completely responsible when it comes to things like that they don't care why they don't care how many people look just this immigration thing they don't care about that Kate Steinle they don't care about the victims of illegal criminals who come here who are probably mainly Hispanic I don't know why Republican party isn't mentioning this they don't care about the victims of the Michael Brown slugs and the Freddie gray thugs and who are mainly black because they have this agenda and the agenda is the transformation of the Burrell you have to you have to the religious analogy is if you think that you can be the agent of the redemption of the world again think of what crime would you not commit or support and what why would you not tell and there's a natural affinity that lectins have for when these Islamist fanatics they think and they're doing God's work they're doing it in the name of God and we deem in the world and making it a holy place by purging it of infidels so you know singularly left this thinks he's doing you and see this is what the Democratic Party in South Dakota just tried to do to me is to purge me from the building the hell's that about you by the way we could take some questions if anybody is okay a lot of hands and microphones anybody we have the time is flying and we probably have about fifteen or twenty minutes so wherever you want to go first Miss grace go ahead whoever you want to over there okay good Sara Chad got a question you know comfortable and I read you had written about a year ago that I thought was profound and very helpful and that is wise as the left in this country made common cause with the radical Islamists yeah oh I want a whole book about this called an unholy alliance first of all this well first of all because they they both share a beautiful the great Satanist which is us that's that's that's the most basic bond and by us what do you mean by us by the United States they are like women most successful country in the world that's why they what kind of judeo-christian based American Founding America the way it was based on certain yeah that's probably even too intellectual for most of them but it but in a way I'm the main thing they know what they want to tear down but what's the goalpost what's the n0 it's all about abstractions the end goal is to create the new world and the way they excuse the crimes of whether it's Islamists or communists or what not is to say the devil made them do it why why is Castro a sadistic monster giant the number of people is jail the percentage what I think it would be 30 million in the United States comparable population it's because yet because of the United States why the Palestinians blow up little children any Jewish child is a target for them why is that it's because of the evil Israelis that they're desperate people the Palestinians they have no recourse of course they do people even if they were oppressed which they're not people are going to press for thousands of years without strapping bombs on their own children telling them to blow up other children because they're Jewish and if they're lucky enough to be nail they'll go to heaven and get YouTube's virgins I mean how sick is that and so why would a modern leftist be sin because they think the same way and I got in that said they're different they're hiding phantoms I mean I was just attacked at Berkeley by the head of the United Auto Workers has organized the teaching assistants at Berkeley so there are 16,000 of them so the administration listen to them and their steward was a music major send an email around saying David Horowitz should be denied a platform at Berkeley because he is a promoter of racial purity and white nationalism I have three black granddaughters and one Filipino I marched in my first civil rights march in 1948 before this woman's mother was born I have a public record of supporting civil rights that stretches over a half a century I don't exist I'm a category right that's all I am senator Blumenthal then liar from Connecticut who lied about his Vietnam record attack Jeff Sessions in the confirmation hearing because I gave them an award and the quote from me that he used to show what a racist I use you against sessions yes and said David on you received a world of David Horace David Horowitz said too many black people are in jail because black people commit too many crimes which is just the truth and how do we know it's the truth how do we know it's not a racist criminal justice system that doesn't me know it because the FBI has a victim's annual victims of crime report so they interview the pictures the ninety five percent of the victims of black criminals are black so you have to imagine that these black victims what they get raped say oh it was a black person when it was really a white person come on but the facts don't mean anything to that other question does because they're not thinking of the facts the particulars individual accountability they're thinking of the vision of the world transform where everybody there's no inequality and there's no poverty and there's you know if that's not a really there's no sexism and so forth right there's not so let me yeah go ahead I'm sorry that's okay I understand the liberalism the modern liberalism to be completely totalitarian in nature and I believe it's not only a cancer here in the country but it is a cancer that's attempting to take over frankly hello if that permits that we could agree on that Ron what in this world all we have to do to stop it and out of curiosity you may receive an inn inside the White House and someone who understand it the way we're talking about speak bad there are several people otherwise I also understand it I've written the whole book called big agenda president Trump's plan to save America and my advice did you fight fire with fire as I said conservatives are too nice they're too differential when it comes to these people they wouldn't look Hillary Clinton II eye and say you're a crook and a liar but she is both a chapter of my book is called the Achilles this is just one example Achilles heel of the Democratic Party which is the stranglehold the Democrats on the inner cities every killing field in America in Chicago Detroit st. Louis Ferguson Baltimore 100% controlled by the Democratic Party and has been for 50 to a hundred years every injustice in the inner city every oppression the schools that year in and year out do not teach these kids with 40% dropout and 40% who graduate a functionally illiterate 100% controlled by the Democratic Party run is a jobs program for adults and a slush fund for the Democratic Party the gun control laws that prevent law-abiding citizens in these high crime areas from defending themselves the catch and release policy which led to Wayne ways cousin a beautiful mother of four children was murdered by two felons who should never have been out on the streets except that the Democrats have a lock on Chicago and Republicans are too polite to mention this ever [Applause] and and and you get called the races of course okay other questions the the quote you were looking for from the editorial that was attacking how to McDonnell is even worse than you said it was is that the idea that the truth is an entity for which we must strive in matters that endanger our ability to exist in open spaces is an attempt to silence silence oppressed people the truth it searching for the truth is it is an attempt to silence oppressed people true the left has been conducting this is not obviously a recent development this has been going on for 30 or 40 years the left has conducted a systematic war against standards truth being one scholarship our university's faculties are filled with morons and I mean that literally the live the business people who had semi-literate was not illiterate the New York City just ended was it literacy tests a test for teaching so they're inflicting on kids and it's look it's not going to be uh you know people with monies kids it's going to be the people who can't afford anything but the public schools and they're inflicting illiterate teachers on these kids and Campbell Brown it's kind of crew saying going she's a this is another liberal she's in the Kirsten powers book against the tenure system in the schools if you are hired after two years you have a lifetime job they can't get rid of you this is this is another form of progressive races ivory actually one of these books is called progressive racism progressive racism it's just racist that's all it is is he and and the collusion of the Maxine Waters she said I Menace this woman to black people she when I was in I actually did in the eighties I did gang stories in Compton South Central I would ask the residents their mothers of murdered children what's your complain about the police where are they that's the complaint there are not III forgotten the statistics but they were astounding how few police there are because the LA area is a huge geographical area I'm actually what is of course is only the world with the police she doesn't represent those people you're talking about there's a quote from radical son you were in Berkeley with max Lerner and he acts like we have Michael Lerner he asked you if you did drugs he told them no and he was don't like that if you ever dropped acid and I said no he said you can't understand socialism until you do well there you go and that's probably the only true thing that could be a bumper sticker do you have an explanation for why there are so many American Jews or at least leaders in the Jewish community who are Democrats and religion a Democratic Party no but this is saying about Reform Judaism which is the most fascinating it's out there is Reform Judaism conservative and Orthodox they say Reform Judaism is a democratic party with holidays and it's because it's a religion the less religious you are you actually are the more the democratic party is a substitute for it you listen to them the other Redeemers every everything that comes out of their mouths is a moral indictment they all sound like Hellfire and damnation preaches condemning here's another condemning people like us people who oppose them in the second debate Trump turned to the television audience and he said you have to understand Hillary has tremendous hatred in her heart and then when he was referring to was the basket of deplorable in which he puts all of us and what is what's in that basket racist she named them racist sexist homophobic Slama folks jenna folks it's not a person in this room who has been in an argument about say even policy with a so-called liberal who hasn't been called a racist sexist a homophobe or Islamophobe democratic party is a party of hate didn't she say they were beyond redemption or something like that was that the phrase and the deplorable right irredeemable irredeemable the horrible and they redeem well yeah that's a religious statement right right and Republicans never use moral indictments don't they talk like accountants it's about but they are afraid to do what you're doing to mix it up like you know the worst thing about Obamacare is I mean the bad that it raises cause it's dead you know all the things that we publicans do say but it's an assault on individual freedom you can't choose your doctor you can't choose your plan you can't manage your own healthcare the government is going to tell you what you can do horrifying I'm I think I think Rand Paul once said that the only one that I can that came across my radar other questions by the way what she's walking there you need a common one of these books about the battles you have with truth with liberals and and age debates in the 1980s right and progresses go left killed half million gay people in this country young gay people and they did it by denying by making politically incorrect that is banning government information or information about how aids was caused and it's sexually transmitted it's knitted mainly through anal sex all these things were politically forbidden to talk about yeah yes you couldn't talk about it and you your end attacked Isis you couldn't close with when there was a heterosexual herpes epidemic actually they closed all these whether they call Plato's retreat I don't know there were these sex clubs yeah and the government shut them down but while the AIDS epidemic was raging had all these gay bath houses and government the Democrats it was the Democrat because the epidemics were the cities and the cities are controlled by the Democrats terrible but you try to address this and you're just vilified farmers I left fortunately this guy was gay and he said I gave a talk or I debated I know I I had I had gay allies trying to run actually it was a nurse but she she got cold feet in this didn't want to show up for the debate um and I managed about 200 people and they God as the it started very quietly and then it built and people got more exercised finally one guy said to me said I feel like I have to attack you so I felt somewhat safe and then it was and then there was a actually the first gay police officer in San Francisco Larry Little John was I think was very little John and anyway he he came up to me and he said don't stop saying what you're saying it's absolutely true and then he carried on an initiative in San Francisco to try to shut the bathhouses which was supported more questions the greatest respiration idea Oh can we pin him down on that she was defeated that's pretty good [Applause] a narrative down to one it really the greatest problem is the what I call a relative passivity of conservatives conservatives don't a large number don't understand the back what Paul Ryan does not understand the war I mean I think he's probably he's a very bright guy and you know as a monkey's terrific but he doesn't understand the political war that's taking place when Donald Trump in the second presidential debate brought Bill Clinton's accusers to the debate with him I love it you know you know yeah that's what you're talking about that's fighting in your face you know or when they forget what they were men who were attacking him with it but he brought up these fact that they were spying it turns out that above with spine spying on Dennis Kucinich using it I mean what is were threatening to a democracy then you use the intelligence services to spy on your political opponents that's the end of democracy Obama is a traitor he's a betrayed this country betrayed us to Iran and he's betrayed us domestically he's a menace I think we have one or two questions probably that's it let's go for the first one Josh first thank you for being here today my question regarded the Democrat Party and the metamorphosizing of the Democratic Party now with Bernie Sanders in the socialist agenda that's becoming more and more evident within the Democratic Party but specifically referring to the slaughter fields of Chicago and these inner cities what can be done to reach out to these communities mainly the black communities and the Latino communities that are very religious have a lot of conservative principles that we agree with but at the same time it's just like they don't see the light and they're wrong look let's get any uh-oh I actually persuaded the Trump team to put forward a hundred thirty billion dollar voucher program let's bow ties the whole educational system every black church could be a school well it is a problem but the Democrats will oppose it and make them conservative how about a brad to 2p last question and we'll have to end it with this thank you for Senator Joe McCarthy could have been the end of the American left but obviously it didn't work out that way how do you look back on the McCarthy period why I'm not an expert here I know I don't know it's Riley here yeah Ron radio is Ron here well he's not here he's going to be here tomorrow right yes being on the road really should ask him that question I think I'm look first of all let me say what the Democrats have done to the Trump administration is a hundred times worse than anything McCarthy was ever accused of because all of McCarthy's targets were actually members of the Communist conspiracy the pro