David Graeber: Is anarchism crazy?

I come from a very political background but for most of my life I wasn't really all that political my father fought in the Spanish Civil War for example man and he lived in Barcelona that time using the ambulance for sir base to the fossil I lived there at a time when it was you know forgive my sciatica's principles and basically run by American unions and I guess I always thought of myself as an anarchist as a result even though I guess I never really you know he's sympathetic whatever because they thought it was a political philosophy I don't think he ever really came down on one side or another the issue himself personally but in a way it's almost inevitable if you grow up in a household where everything is considered a reasonable cost that you will become a member because because we think of it as most people don't think enter because it was a bad idea they think it's insane Jeff's worried though I mean if we couldn't have cops to the prisons and everybody was nice to each other that would be great Fremont that's generally the attitude so so if you know that it's not crazy that it's actually been done so I always I was like the story about Spain we made a great impression on me I think the one thing I really remember the most had really brought home to me was the fact that white collar workers that don't actually do anything I think it was what I really learned through my father to his experiences in Spain because basically that was what they did in the Spanish revolution that in the cities at least they simply got rid of all the white collar workers and nothing much changed training still ran I mean that we still produce things you know muscles to work turns out those guys don't actually do much of anything can't be done by you know people on the job you know other meanly they were just there to make you feel bad about yourself in various ways all right so okay so so I came from a background where well might not be an anarchistic seems plausible enough and so I thought of myself as one but it's only me much occasionally I try to get involved this is the 80s and I just had bad luck and what if I did because it was my experience that a lot of the people I met were kind of curious there was it seemed like I was black because I'm insecure you were like everybody seemed to be the second category of one person yelling at each other and I will kind of go and be disturbed enough for a few days leave again on swing ever got involved um but it's time to become an apologist and they're not going to Madagascar for one reason or another and I serve incidence kind of I stumbled into a place where the state have in fact disappeared but the fascinating is it took me a while to figure it out people didn't warn me at first law you know about here the state authorities in superior what the country so I can Oh God um so I went off I was a small town which was also in the surrounding countryside but you know there's town was like an hour's drive out of the capital it's partly like out in the boonies anywhere and you know there was government offices there were people even government offices typing things there was but there was a police station there's on fire station various other state facilities so I was he obvious there was a government here and as time went on I realized well actually I think what gave it away as I heard the story about this guy named on the read was this enormous scary guy who was either insane or pretending to be insane people seem to have mixed opinions on this one but all agreed that he was terrible whether he would you know he's violent he people love you sexual still things and take things and do something about it um so eventually people thought something needed to be done about this guy and this is the town of 10,000 people right it is and as I learned there seems to be this or basic principle in Madagascar that if you want to lynch someone you have to get their parents permission first so basically it's a way of ensuring that like you know your dad can go to your mom talk to you and say look at you really clean up your act you know hug alright so after about three tries his father he was injured and immediately ran into the local Catholic Church and demanded sanctuary and the priest after after him there so the priest eventually loaded in the tobacco man took them off to a insane asylum where they kicked him out three days later for the police basically were there to keep the highway and they wouldn't go off the paved road so what this meant is like it unless you're actually in the town itself you know first of all nobody was paying in taxes police would not come even in the town we wouldn't do much so beep but the positive thing was they ended up in such a way that you wouldn't know until you've lived there for a while that there was no safe operative in this area you know because people who seem to work for the government leader I learned that they weren't really being paid and they even had to buy their own paper because basically providing not that but they're keeping up appearances part of the yeah I guess but there's a sort of traditional mode of resistance I mean Malagasy are masters of attacks for vessels so these guys take you down to that folder in under the French colonial here for example there was a time surfing the basic approaches like if somebody shows up and wants you to do something you can go on through the first line of defense is be nice to them give them coffee everything they say when they go away pretend the incident never happened later on later and didn't work that well under the French suddenly when the French government went away it was working better and better the IMF was basically cutting the budget they just simply cut police to the rural area this is a picture people are on our nerves anyway there were getting any taxes out of to speak of it before that what eventually happens you know the government effectively dissolved but they were still playing this game cassadee like you will never embarrass you and make you feel like you're an important person less Authority as long as you don't actually try to exercise it in any way so it was an interesting test case in a lot of ways to use this consider self-evident no evidence needs to be produced well you know actually no this can be empirically tested and that doesn't happen and there was a case you know at least when a women nobody killed each other any more than they did before which isn't very much be nonviolent society and I think there's many places in the world like this but I mean where states have disappeared we don't know because you know people are just sometimes if you are a rebel you know you realize that the stupidest thing you could possibly do so so makes you think like okay that's not true in other cases like Somali Somali as a case for the government broke down what people already invisible so you know for every case like Somalia which you hear about the closet violence there's Buffy a dozen like Madagascar where nobody even knows all right so what is it about living under a state under someone else's authority that actually causes behavior that makes it seem self-evident that and I believe there wasn't one sentence starters because in fact it's not there okay so so there I was in Madagascar I come back I get a job you know one day I walk out of class and there's a newspaper box that says says martial law declared in Scapa and soon enough I discovered that out of the social movement that I know he's kind of wish would exist but didn't actually had formed during the time that I wasn't paying attention I immediately thank you my new batch was like great where do I join it does but he's like involved in direct action network in New York and there are two things that that you know people were developed this model of consensus-based direct democracy which identify the anarchist tradition income becomes after papers of a feminism justice month or more when the amicus really adopted it because it's the type of process that I think could work that couldn't work in society without course of enforcement decisions and no it was a wonderful thing for me at a gas Garber you know thousand years probably and one reason I hadn't been completely aiming to understand what I was seeing when people did that at a time was it was so doubtful the people that you know nobody really talked about it was just what I mean tiny things whereas awesome Americans even though we thought we live in a democratic society we experience stuff sitting down with a whole bunch of people making a decision to collective decision on a voluntary basis

  1. This Anarchist who I have seen on YT for years is a dangerous bourgeois agent. He tells everyone that Madagascar is a good example of a stateless anarchist society and yet he says nothing about the low standard of living of working class there, David what about their healthcare, post offices and hierarchy against woman if there is no tax revenue for the state to enforce equal rights for woman? He tell us all, how great it is to not have a government and that it's just fine to have the IMF restructure your nations wealth to aggressively repay loans. This coming from a man who wrote a book about 5000 years of debt, shame on his soul.

    David you speak about factories going on as usual but David who built those factories and when and to whom does the surplus value go, huh David? For anyone who wants to investigate David utopian society please go and look into a mister Patrick Claes, Managing Director of both Setrag company Trans-Gabon Railway of Gabon and the same position of Madarail company in Madagascar. David what is mister Claes's net worth and how much of that so called wealth belongs to the black Africans of Gabon and Madagascar, huh David?

    I know that first world leftist have been taught by men like David and Chomsky to hate the Bolsheviks and Stalin especially but I urge all anarchists to learn and use self criticism for the sake of self improvement and of the much exploited third world! David's omissions are a old tactic, he is a snake oil salesman much like old John D Rockefeller. The middle class of NATO countries will never and I mean never voluntarily become like third world enclaves of the kind like Rojava and Madagascar, please anarchists improve your realism in problem solving and don't just maintain a left wing echo chamber.

    David how could a country in 2017 have this" Madagascar had an outbreak of the bubonic plague (also known as the black death) that affected urban areas" source Wikipedia, shame on you David!

    P.S. David stop lying to ignorant and malleable young people, Madagascar will never be a real example for their futures, period.

  2. Watch John Pilger's 'Stealing a Nation' for how another peaceful Anarchist society was destroyed. They were moved to dirt slums to die of what they called 'Sadness'. The survivors are still fighting to go back to their homeland. The British army was ordered to terrorize them and then expel them so it could be used as an American military base. If you support this happening, I really don't know what to say to you …

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