Dating News :: Sep 3rd, 2019 : Facebook Dating, (Ask) Match, and Blued’s IPO

I’m Mark Brooks and this is the 2 minute
Tuesday top news summary. Facebook has secured a new patent related
to its new dating feature. Facebook dating hasn’t launched in the US
yet, of course. The patent is called “Systems And Methods
For Providing a Community-Based Dating Service For a Social Networking System”, and it lays
out ways the dating service would work. It’s worth a read. Apparently users will be able to unlock dating
features associated with groups that they belong to and they’ll be able to communicate
with other members of the groups. Could Facebook be planning to charge for Facebook
Dating? You probably didn’t notice but Facebook
has recently changed its homepage tagline from “It’s free and always will be”
to “It’s quick and easy”. Hmmm, interesting. Could this indicate that Facebook is planning
on putting the dating feature or any other feature behind a paywall? Or have they re-positioned to casual and ‘quick
and easy.’ Tinder’s latest revenue figures demonstrate
that people are indeed willing to pay for online dating. Could Facebook feel inspired? Meanwhile is warming up to coaching. They’re launching a dating coach service
called AskMatch. Brilliant! The coaching service will typically be by
phone and will be included in Match’s standard subscription. How, wah? Users can talk to highly trained coaches about
anything concerning their dating life. Watch this space. We’ll look for more info on this… Blued is China’s largest gay-dating app and
they’re planning a U.S. IPO that could raise up to $200 Million. The share sale will likely take place next
year and could value Blued at $1B. Blued was founded in 2012 by a former policeman and
has become an icon for the Chinese LGBT community and it’s attracted 40M users and $130M in
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