DATA GEMS: How to Access an American Community Survey Data Profile about Your Community

[MUSIC] I’m Alexandra Barker, for our tips and tricks
on how to access census data; I will show you today how to get to my favorite tables
from the American Community Survey. The data profiles; also known as DP’s. The reason why I love these tables is that
they can give you a variety of socio-economic, demographic, and housing data, in just a few
clicks, for any area. For these tutorials, we’re going to use the
American Community Survey tool. So, let’s start. So, let’s go to So, in, you’ll click on the data
menu and then click on data tools and apps to get to the American FactFinder. Select American FactFinder, and from American
FactFinder we’ll find the data profiles from advanced search. If you’re only looking for data for one area,
you can always type a state, a county, or a place name, right here, and find that one
location. But if you wanted to compare areas, my recommendation is
that you click on geographies, and here from the list tab, just select what geographic
type you’re looking for. For this example, let’s work in county level. Let’s say we want to see the data profiles
for all counties in California. So, I’m clicking the county, and now you just
follow the steps, select the state, in this case, I’m choosing California. And then I have the option to select all counties
or individual counties. I’m going to pick all counties, and now, add
them to my shopping basket. Once the geography is located in my shopping
basket, all I have to do to get to the data profiles is type here, in the search box,
data profile and click go. You see a list of different DPs’, every DP
is available for multiple years, and multiple datasets. There are four DP’s: DP02 for social characteristics,
DP03 for economic characteristics, DP04 for your housing characteristics, and DP05 for
your demographic characteristics. You would select all the DP’s for the year
in data-set you to choose; I’m choosing the year 2015, from the 1-year estimate. So, let me choose, the 1-year estimate now
for DP03, for DP04, and then for DP05. Once I select my four ACS profiles, I
click on view. And now you have the results of four data
profiles, right here, you can look through each one of them. You see that all your geographies are listed
here, and you can keep looking at each county by using the arrow. You also have available multiple years. And one thing that I will do with you today
is just review one of these profiles, and then try on your own and check the other ones. I’m going to show you actual DP03 which is
the economic profile and my favorite profile. So, from this profile, you can see things
like employment status, to industries, how people commute to work, down to income and
benefits. You can also get that on health insurance,
as well as about percent of families, and people in poverty. So, it’s a really great data table for you
to learn about one area or a variety of areas. I recommend you follow the instructions and
check the profiles for your area. I bet you’re gonna love these tables as much
as I do. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for more
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