Darrell Rankin (Communist) — Taxes

Because they see it on TV or read it in newspapers,
people have this idea that socialists like people in the Communist Party would increase
taxes, especially on corporations, to a level where they would leave Manitoba or go bankrupt.
People would lose their jobs and people or families will be hungry.
Well the fact is, all this is happening without any help at all from socialists or from the
Communist Party, except for one thing – corporations have received billions of dollars in tax cuts
in Manitoba and still sixty thousand more people are using food banks compared to eight
years ago. People are losing their farms and small businesses
and Manitoba corporations like Palliser Furniture are opening factories in other countries.
As you can see, the Communist Party is opposed to the NDP’s record for the last 17 years.
Clearly tax cuts for corporations and increased taxes on working people like the sales tax
are failing to create jobs or prosperity. The Communist Party will reduce taxes on workers
and the poor, taxes like the sales and property taxes and increase taxes on people able to
pay: the owners of the corporations who are failing to create jobs and prosperity.

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