Darrell Rankin (Communist) — Health Care

The Liberal Party promised to create a public
health care system nearly a hundred years ago in 1919 because of the Winnipeg General
Strike that year and the big Russian Revolution two years earlier which led to free health
care in that country. It is because of the struggle of millions
of working people that we have a public health care system today and the Communist Party
was the first to organize the campaign for Medicare in the 1930’s. It took nearly fifty
years longer to create a system across Canada and there is room for improvement today.
The Communist Party will end the unequal and crisis conditions of Aboriginal Peoples health
care. We will end poverty which is the biggest contributor to poor health and we will end
systemic racism in the oppression of Aboriginal Peoples which reinforce poor health and poverty.
For everyone, the Communist Party will expand Medicare to cover prescribed dental, eye,
mental health and pharmacy needs. A public health care system is far less expensive and
fairer than for-profit private health care.

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