Daily Vocabulary - Learn 5 Important English Words in Hindi every day - Set 151 Anarchist

welcome to study I kill our cheese video Kamath helps a hamachi vocabulary toast : gates we're gonna be starting on with two fun activities before we dive into the words for today but one go to activities get through become indirectly word school learn or device kurohagi so starting on video vocabulary dues for today our guest Kyla haire our Kiana Valley ponch sentences me but Who am I you need to guess Who am I this is basically an example of one word substitution practice what who takes dictation or copies manuscripts it s of lochte jokey dictation late I might absorb Udrih hota heavily Teresa hey we offer manuscripts copycat ahead won't alayhim amanuensis shop copy Yoker t hey we use the word amanuensis for a person who takes dictation or is copying manuscripts so amanuensis is the word it s of akathisia self-employed Kirti hey looky up dictation dinner shot Ian Juby a booth to him to talk elixir key he offer creatine choking manuscripts Co coffee cart in here she could post her autobiography with the help of an amanuensis moving on to another sentence one who can use both hands with equal ease it s a vyakthi Joe doe Luhan toe Capri ochre SATA he licked a way s avyakta KO hum and be dexterous cafe head so we've got very famous and eminent leaders dokey ambidextrous oh there that means for right or left do know how to say lick bath hey hey so ambidextrous is the word dropper come look it sa Jack Nicholson booth cut the hair Joe to know how to say licks after him one who believes in no government and therefore incites disorder in a state now your helper aqua blue Lena hey the government may wish parsley reptile or disorder create cutterhead disorder car eek important soon your name hey anarchy an Archie pandemonium it comes days approach total total Hosanna so this order yukia Parag ahí sí go home anarchist Katie hey we call the person anarchist rookie government we believe Nakata here or disorder create khadija anarchic create cut a tire utter total content ahead who's getting home anarchist shop Capri Oh cut the hair one who fishes with a rod but it can only hobby ki tarah who's skinny hum angular shaft kappa leokk curtain Hey so angular is the name of a person yogi fishing page are they here particularly as a hobby so angular becomes the correct answer rookie fishing can each other here particularly as a hobby and the last Guess Who am I for today one who studies connects ourselves things of the past yeah but past Archaea Pascack important soon on him hair antiquity do keep ethnic food suka hey so an equilibrium antiquarian show vyakthi hey boo part ahead collect cut ahead or beached ahead chase a rocky past say hey boo Ronnie he'll ask William antiquarian shop Caprio got a head up antiquity see is shocked Kuya toxic be here now before we dive into the words for today the second activity that we have up Cory hopper which words the kangy scream – bird Abney comment section me or word ski meanings Kuya grabs anon and Shante her own email exactly hey Jody Seay so sad maker indeed so starting on with the first word looky at screen baby something here that is pass it down – sit down shut Jessica captured through muhammad' accepting economic yuck take me now Cody creo of me Nico bun the curly hair the taciturn shop cahier throat I guess electives very shy to talk with your Pedro Keith reticent hair so reticent is an important so no name of the word taciturn habitually silent airport combos they have untalkative hair uncommunicative hey yeah aloof Reina pissant cut em both could who the hell that is when we are using the word taciturn someone who talks very neatly your fate habitually silent rest a hair shy hope they have reticent hair that is when we are using the word taciturn ductile dr. Shaka our throat aJE's something pertaining to either your organs or the sensations opieop choke a refugee score other a potala Gallatin the pump tactile shot carioca a sense of touch they related here haptic a bhavat important synonym hey hopper homeotic my haptic sensation palpable palpable also is an important synonymous tile though se T's you set up truce of the hair or sense of touch involved with I senses in gold Hotei head or scaly hum tactile shaft Capri of kartha hain toddy shop car thought ahead SFF in chocolate who's out there unpunctual hope they hear you're not at all on time you're very late always as we can see you're late so late Hoonah punctual negative on now and someone's not very punctual someone is not on time uptime pain any ponch they may be liquor today they hate that is when we are using the word tardy so late who China punctuality una Espina hump tarnish of Capri oka drinking daddy daddy you do shop k is karuta hey little catty raha dealmaker Toreno procrastinate catarina jo Bob delayed costeja KC cheese Kuya kissy yoga pace Reggiana stay on karna so dilly whoo John a Lloyd Turkana do Idol is also an important synonym of the word daddy so drag lil Colonel Roy Turk are not delay car now yeah ba-bling good cut the rest they have a heater here I shot the health of him daddy shops up low-cut ahead Joe up Derrick array hey you're tardy hooray you're not on time you're not punctual in acting or doing job shop in facade covering up little curly hair we also do start to rot AHIMA he Peter Jonna yeah remain Khurana I carried a New York on his way to California I carried that means bedrock a VP here a hickey so tally car through the head dairy Locati now total logical total logical cars Jota has something that is redundant a/c cheese chopper apke needless repetition rij up dover are a host a scourge of clothes Kiku is a rotten he-hey so hum frolics shopped copy Ryoka suck the hair we can also use the word products or we can also use the word Blio lastik humbly on a stick shop copy Priyanka suck the hey skinny a total logical Killian redundant who jatha hey needless repetition re here alteration who da hey up to barra da Quran hey Korsak we our shift on a ho t hey welcome to two logical shop doctor you're cutting heads so total logical that means redundant hair products a flea on a stick hey something just go up needlessly a repeat customer a head doubt read out reshuffle Johanna happen something that is gaudy something that is very surely ligand cheap hotel with substance may have sophistication Joe hey ESCA Antonia muchacha hey so whenever we use the word sophisticated sophisticated is actually an and or name opposite here is particular word cathode Rica something that is Stuckey something that is show you something that is cheap or scaly hum tawdry shop Capri Oh cut the hair cheap and go do you show you without paste I have a new girlfriend who's impressed by tawdry jewelry very cheap gaudy jewelry so he totally chakra at him now moving on to some quick words for today eerie eerie adjectives are throat I had a some chat room and except they has something that is scary there of liquid cheese same mysterious she said up collector market rocked a creditor did he had grotesque a macabre involved her whose K under to SC cheese Kelly hum he shoved Caprio got a hair as wish burn out walked through the haunted house to bootie earth a haunted house the eerie music made him even more scared than he already was so the eerie mysterious scary the dog natural musica that made him even more scare over death Jota hey unconcealed Joe Kia cool iam Kirti hey opposite Chewbacca Niigata hair it is not a secret or hidden will cool open and observable have something that is not concealed or hidden obscene a hydropathy hair I've witnessed overt hostility overt hostility the created the cow milk will cool a on a frothy in the between Brad and mock the disagreement between the couple crew from quiet angry looks to overt hatred Jew hatred hee Jun a person courtesy of acoustic oh that was very open and unconcealed as they began throwing eggs at each other so overt car Jota has something that is not hidden look really only here moving on to the next word arrive right adjectives are take something that is large in number particularly a problems killing a bullish a Thai Buddha cheese okay tabula rasa hey something that is many in number deified Beaufort's other common hair or scaly um a rice shop Capri or kurti head according to some according to some you should never believe anything you hear in a politician's speech they are rife until your speech routier that is rifle body common with here it is full with inaccuracies and even lies so therefore you should not trust a politician is what the sentences so many number of hoping puri trees the VAM life adjectives Caprio current prevalent have widespread hair prevalent especially to an increasing degree suspicion and cruelty were rife both these other prevalently bites birthday maha-mantra me availability ruthless adjectives Kubota hey guess avec de Rugy milk will he unconsidered hota here they are not worried about hurting you so not caring and yet hurting you not caring about hurting people will cool he in Cucuy jus they luta that's not sensitive or you do so co hurt because they write they have the ruthless leader ordered bombings in his own country where thousands of his people lived in order to win the battle so he was a ruthless leader as he killed his own people for the sake of power moving on to the next word inept in adjectives are hota hai kisi cheese which about Buddha who thing he illiteracy suction nipple in any Hey you are unable to do well or you are bad at that particular thing then we are using the word inept in spite of a strong resume it quickly became clear that the new analyst was inept he was incapable of performing the most basic analysis that means Oh Buddha Tara suction eaten a pollinator when you're unable to do well or you're bad at something from scaly in abstract Caprio Gerty here morph morph work at Jota hedge above change kadai they have formed when you're changing the form change in shape or to become something completely new to Java but la flokati here that is when we are using the word morph I'm amazed by wish peanuts ability to morph or shapeless lump of three into a delicate and perfectly symmetrical vas so I make them a champion / guy I guess they would roughly hey let's go more Katya hey change Katya hey into a beautiful boss so morph Katina but Aldina when you're changing something you have negative context maybe pre okiya dot ahead such and such person most the pictures of the actress that means characteristic a picture for change Garcia for ether ah you have at home no Kuni two important exercises go covered quieres que su m logo new words hrabowski a followed by some important words for today I could have two pointed out how to keep it oh me too obviously comment section may mention construct a hey I would say Instagram pay leave shudder hey choking Rho sub P here Oh

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  2. Mam I have been following your videos for last couple of months . My vocab has improved a lot. Thanks mam🙆🙏

  3. Baaki sab to thik hai pr (0:14) pe "vocabulary doze" likha hai jiska matlab hota hai sleeping lightly.
    Maybe wahan "dose" hona chahiye.
    Please Ise thik kr den.
    Thank you.

  4. I have a question – A man who is
    Rife in ur example Vishwanath, who is he?🤔🤔🤔
    Thankful to u for new vocabs.🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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