1. Why all this American rah rah? How about simple quiet contemplation like our Lady which a priest should resonate with his light. The Light of Christ.  Why this football game mentality ? People are not stupid we hope.

  2. Good message for the advent season. Prepare for Christ, Prepare for receiving Him in holy communion. Reflect on the Christ child and this awesome gift, this beautiful savior that The God of hosts gave us! Put God first & when you have Christ you have everything! I like Fr. Zachary's enthusiasm for the word of God, for there is nothing worse than a monotone
    Pastor. Thanks Fr. Zachary.

  3. The swaddling clothes were in fact the blankets to wrap up the sacrificial lambs – so she would not have access to these delicate clothes until Christ was born…

  4. Thank you Fr. Zachary For A Very Wise And Discerning Homily.
    Sit quaeso quod Pater noster ut benedicat vobis abundanter in omni Vias, semper!

  5. Just an amazing Homily….!!! Thank you so much FR Zachary. God bless you.👼😇💝💙 🙏🙏 Thank you so much for the message. Thank you so much for saying the whole truth. Sending you all my love from DC.

  6. Thank you for this mass, the wonderful word of God. It is the Gospel given for the Salvation and souls to be with God and for eternity. God bless

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