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well the technology behind facial recognition programs and software's are growing part of our everyday lives but many people still are not aware of what facial recognition is or how it works also what brands and businesses are using it and what for Yahoo Finance's Dan Hally here to break it all down Dan yeah so essentially what facial recognition technology is what you see in your iPhone your smartphone when you go to swipe up on it or what some stores can use within their facilities to make sure that people aren't stealing items it's really controversial right now because Amazon uses it and sells it to police departments as well as the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency known as ice there are fears that facial recognition technology could have built-in bias when used in this way because it focuses on white men and as a result miss identifies people of color and specifically women of color sometimes it'll identify them as men sometimes they'll identify them as white men this is an ongoing debate that's been kind of simmering there now some states and some cities that are considering bans San Francisco recently banned it there are specifically Massachusetts is looking at it as well as Michigan and it's going to continue to be a focus for lawmakers going forward Alexandre Ocasio to Cortez and Jim Jordan recently talked about it during a House Oversight Committee hearing basically discussing how these companies are able to hold on to data such as photos of yourself and who it actually belongs to there is a difference though between something like face ID that Apple uses and what Amazon uses face ideas only use to identify yourself and all of that stays on your phone whereas something like Amazon's recognition spelt with a K instead of a C is owned by the company that's looking at it and kinds of tries to determine who is using it so it's a it's a really interesting technology that's really hitting the big time right now and a lot of companies are looking into it a lot more

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