Culture Satellite Account 2019

Culture is a big part of our world: it’s
the movies we watch, the music we listen to, the books we read, the concerts we attend,
and so much more. It’s easy to see the value of culture in
our own lives, but did you know that culture is also economically important?
Culture creates significant value in the Canadian economy, contributing about 3% to Canada’s
GDP. That was more than 53 billion dollars in 2017,
an increase of 16% since 2010. This amount is larger than Canada’s accommodation and
food services industry and even bigger than the agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting
industries combined. Investments in the culture sector have ripple
effects throughout the economy. That means, for example, this typical festival
in the heart of New Brunswick attracted visitors, created jobs, and generated new spending in
the economy. Culture accounts for about 3.6% of total Canadian
jobs. That’s close to 666,500 Canadians working in the culture sector.
The video game industry, for example, is bursting with talent from a variety of cultural occupations
including design, animation, and sound recording. But there’s more to the story of culture.
It creates shared experiences that in turn create healthy and vibrant communities. Where
Culture and the Arts are a driving force of creativity and innovation.
And when we see the impacts of culture tallied up, it’s clear: culture creates value in
our economy. From coast to coast to coast.

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