Culture of Confirmation / 確認の文化

Hello everyone. I’m suzuki. Today we will talk about culture of confirmation. Japanese companies believe that “confirmation” is very important. For example, suppose Mr. A is assigned a job by his supervisor. Is Mr. A able to work through his own thoughts from the beginning to the end? The answer is NO. For example, when making this video I have a plan. Please confirm it. The manuscript is ready. Please confirm the contents. I shot some scenes. Could I start editing? The edit is completed. Could you confirm it? People who are not used to the confirmation culture maybe think it is inefficient. “It is my work, why do I have to ask someone to confirm it every time?” That’s true. However, if you work while confirming There should be no gap between the image of the instructions and the completion of the work. If you work without confirmation, The completion of the work will be quite different from the image. It may become “Redo it!”. What do you think about this Japanese confirmation culture? Ah! ! Could I upload this video on YouTube?

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