Culture of Asante (Ashanti) – Funeral rites.

Akwaaba Ghana (Welcome to Ghana) This is once in a lifetime (event) You won’t see this too often okay. This is the funeral of my grandpa. and he was a chief okay so the Asantehene, the King of Asante, is coming to pay his respects and you’ll hear some gunshots and some cannons firing. It’s just formalities to let the people know who is supreme in this place okay. so I hope you just enjoy this this is a once in a lifetime event Akwaaba Ghana! I don’t know what to say anymore. Just have a look. the intensive firing, drums and horns me mistake the Chief ‘Dadeɛ so aba’ as the Asantehene. This wasn’t the Asantehene but his delegate. You won’t find this anywhere. You won’t find this anywhere. These (are) the Asante people who defeated the British twice! When they came to Ghana during the colonial era. You won’t find this anywhere. This is supreme. Guys, this is supreme! Look close under the black umbrellas to see the Chief dancing in his palanquin. All these people including the women singing behind the Chief comprise the delegation of the Asantehene. Then the women follow. Women singing – “We know how to fight! We do not know how to run! They are afraid!’ The design of these umbrellas has not changed since the beginning of the Asante Empire.


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