Cultivating a Campus Community: Soumya Bagade ’19 | Pathway to Graduation

My name is Soumya Bagade and I am
graduating with a degree in computer science. I didn’t initially want to go to NC State because it felt too close to home.
It’s about 20 minutes from home and I thought, ‘Well if I’m at home, it doesn’t
feel like I’ve gone to college.’ And then I came to NC State’s campus and I
saw the people and the environment and it’s just, it’s … I don’t know what it is
about State, but it feels like home. I did undergraduate research for over a year
in my time at NC State. My sophomore year I started doing research. As a female in
computer science, I still see the disparity and if we can start young and
figure out what the differences are, maybe we can help train the girls so
that they can have some of the skills that the guys have and they can feel
more confident in computer science and want to pursue a career in it. So as my
Honors capstone, I was in charge of building my own project and for that, I
designed a one-week summer camp that was taught here at the NC State Engineering
Place. I’ve grown here for the past four-and-a-half years. I think a lot of my formative moments have come from being here at
State, so it’s going to be really strange not having the just the environment that
I have here, not showing up to class every day and seeing some of my closest
friends every day, even if it’s just we’re all studying together in Hunt
Library. I’ve pretty much done the EB II to Hunt back and forth every day. There are
so many chairs. You could sit in a different chair every time and I don’t
think I’ve sat in every one so far. But this path I’ve also often walked with my
friends because it’s the path we all take from EB II to Hunt and so it
represents more than just my path from classes to where I study, it’s the
path I’ve taken with my friends, where I’ve had some of my best jokes, where
I’ve got a lot of memories in this path. I think I wasn’t ready for how emotional
this would feel until I just put it on. Everybody comes together to be one Pack
and I think that’s a solid representation of what being part of the
Pack is. It’s more than just being an individual. I mean, you get to be an
individual, but more than that, you have a community.

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