Cucumbers Are Communist | Stupid Conspiracy Theory

cucumbers what are cucumbers let's ask Google it says here that it is a fruit but it says here that it is vegetable so which is it what if I told you they were communist that's right communists don't believe me I'll prove it when you want to know what type of food something is you use the food pyramid food pyramid – food equals pyramid pyramid pyramid of giza the pyramids of giza are in egypt – Egypt is in Africa take a look at this map of Africa see anything strange take another look Madagascar is a cucumber but what does this have to do with cucumbers being communist simple if you take the food pyramid and put the tip of it at the Pyramid of Giza and extend it so that it touches the Blood River heritage site which is also a pyramid Oman you see that take a closer look whoa cucumbers are actually rice in disguise don't you see it's obvious rice is eaten by Chinese people and Chinese people or communist therefore Rice's communists and since cucumbers are actually Rights then cucumbers are communist


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