Havana the capital of Cuba on the north coast facing the Gulf of Mexico is today one of the most progressive cities of the Western Hemisphere a bird's-eye view of the city reveals the many landmarks of his progress and growth here we see the imposing chimneys of the entire PRA electric plant which catch the eye from out the new electric planteth of Regla is seen across the harbour we have here the monument to Jose Marti at the Plaza de La Repubblica he wrecked it to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Republic and surrounded by other national buildings the heavy traffic of the city is reflected on Rancho boleros Avenue this constellation at the Rancho boleros Airport is a symbol of the country's progress in air travel old Carlos Tercero Street is now a spacious modern Avenue the Palace of Fine Arts where a sculpture at the entrance proclaims the high standard of the plastic arts in Cuba one of Havana's maternity hospitals the baby population in Cuba is growing rapidly a new waterworks system with a 78 inch pipeline is being constructed in the southern basin of Havana province to beat increasing water consumption of the Greater Havana area the University of Havana one of the most advanced Americas proud of its cultural traditions the large Masonic Temple recently directed by Cuban Masonic bodies the new electro-mechanics building at Belen College the functional style of the Miramar yacht club distinguishes its architecture from that of other aristocratic clubs on the seafront an up-to-date movie housing the Vedado suburb industrial home for the blind founded by the Lions Club of Havana the new American embassy building on the famous malecon of Havana skyscrapers as high as 35 stories have been built throughout the city during the last few years most of them are residential but some also furnished space for offices and stores in 1948 the value of new construction throughout the island amounted to 43 million pesos in 1954 it exceeded 70 million pesos you buy is a sport loving country at the beautiful Mariana racetrack racing fans follow enthusiastically the sport of kings boxing is most popular Cuban boxers have beaten some of the best boxes in the world baseball however is the favorite national sport in Cuba as the new cero stadium crowds up to 36,000 fans gather to cheer the sugar kings Havana and almond are esteems as well as many amateur players now let us have a look at the industrial life of the country Cuban tobacco is recognized everywhere as the best in the world in this Factory the selected leaf of well tobacco is converted into cigarettes present consumption totals around 600 million packages annually coffee growing is one of Cuba's main industries output today meets to the mystic requirements and after many years Cuba again has coffee available for export in 1954 Cuba imported 120 million feet of lumber pre-mixed concrete production started in 1947 reinforced concrete is almost completely used in construction replacing the steel girder type of former years concrete plays an important part in the construction of highways and streets the shoe industry has developed on a big scale in 1948 that turned out eight million pairs of shoes in 1954 the output was 14 million pairs the fabrication of dura aluminum for industrial purposes is a new venture in Cuba Carlos Finlay laid the foundation stone of modern Cuban medical science there are over 180 pharmaceutical laboratories in the country the manufacture of soft drinks has grown tremendously in Cuba there are 58 factories engaged in the manufacture of jerk beef sausages and canned meats paper and newsprint consumption is very high in Cuba this is a large mill a rubber tire factory tire consumption has doubled in the past six years one third of the demand is produced in the island two-thirds of the wheat flour consumed in Cuba is milled at this plant in Regla pottery and ceramics industries flourish in the interior of the island with principal centers in calabasa tuna dad come away in Santiago de Cuba a textile factory the young and vigorous textile industry can compare with the best in Latin America the brewery industry has increased considerably especially in the last 10 years cycle of industrial and economic development and national breweries have constructed new plants to meet the growing demand for beer in 1954 production exceeded 120 million liters commercial activities in Havana have kept pace with the Industrial Development and up-to-date and comfortable stores many of them air-conditioned pretty girls serve the customers who may buy all kinds of goods ranging from aluminum container to an exclusive dress designed by Christian Dior the beautiful swimming pool and the famous Havana Hotel holidaymakers most of them tourists charmed by the attractions of Cuba take a dip in the pool and bask in the Sun contemporary world imprints is reflected in Cuban architecture new Vedado a residential section built on what was once the Havana Forest shows the trend of tropical architecture

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