Cryptocurrency Explained Trailer

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain technology, Mining, Fiat currency, Public key, Private key, Hardware wallets, Software wallets, ICOs, IEOs, Bitcoin Altcoin, Token, Fud, Hype. Excuse me ladies sorry to bother you. Umm, do you mind being filmed I’m just gonna do a Q&A about cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Yeah, ok. Do you know anything about Bitcoin or Cryptocurrency? Umm, like a virtual coin. It’s not like a ten pound note I can hold in me hand. People made some quick money out of it. but it seems to crash. No. That’s something that I haven’t got a clue about. Bitcoin is, in its very simplest form Digital Money. Now I know this raises more questions like where does Bitcoin come from and why is it worth anything and I promise I’ll get to all that later. By the end of this short video you’ll have a better understanding of cryptocurrency, you’ll be able to make up your own mind about the future of this new technology.

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