1. First they came for Milo, and I did not speak out—because I have no brain. Then they came for Trump, and I did not speak out— because I was following the crowd mindlessly. Then they came for the true liberals, and I did not speak out—because I was not a real liberal.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  2. Answer:
    TLDR sadly Facebook went full psychosis and banned just ONE bit of CrossFit, and CrossFit snapped, pulling out ENTIRELY.

  3. I believe that Glassman will single handley ruin crossfit in the near future, I've been keeping up with that man, and I feel he thinks he's some kind of messiah,
    Saving people from themselves sorta speak. He is taking on way too much goin after big companies with his agenda.
    People can think for themselves Greg!! What is he really trying to do?🤔
    As the great Eddy Bravo says "look into it" .

  4. I don't understand the reasoning behind the level of secrecy and mystery from Greg Glassman. Crossfit is not inventing the "next big thing". They're just selling health and fitness… Greg should snap out of it and start communicating little bit more to the community that helped grow his company to what it is now.

  5. How to nuke your company in the 21 century. The title of Glassman's new book. I wonder how all these affiliates who have to pay monthly to CFHQ feel about the parent company that on the outside looks to be abandoning them. I would assume that part of the fee is an expectation that CFHQ uses its massive social media footprint to help drive in customers.

  6. Glassman said it in your interview with him "Social media is the Place for Kim Kardashian, Intsagram is not conducive to serious thought" Yeah well, that being said, he can't get his message out with 2 cans and some string…

  7. I am not even sure that Glassman knows what he is doing anymore. He's starting to resemble Trump more and more in the way he behaves..

  8. Glassman already explained it in your last interview. I don’t think it’s that complicated, it’s 100% Glassman and he doesn’t like social media and it’s one of the things he’s not interested in doing anymore.. They aren’t going to rebrand them, just shut them off. If they keep one on Twitter it’s just to have one source to continue sending messages across the social media platform.

  9. Cross-fit promotes health in all aspects of life.
    Social media is addictive and very probably socially unhealthy.
    Greg is doing what he must, as hard as it may be. For the health of the pack.

  10. It could be some sort of hack or something as Instagram & Facebook are linked. If they were getting rid of social media they would have also deactivated their Twitter & YouTube as well, they are probably managed by the Social Media Management Dashboard

  11. The largest sports organisation FIFA doesn't directly run any social media either. Just get others to do it for you.

  12. I just hope they dont get rid of their Youtube, even if they never upload again. I love the road to the games series. Wish we were getting a 2019 one

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