Crony Capitalism In America Preventing Innovation

if Democrats really cared about America they would stop using their monopolistic crony capitalist to shutting down innovations such as gab we've been watching and as Lynn the rothschild pointed out crony capitalism is the enemy of the United States and of this Republic it's now known that they clearly will use their monopolistic powers to shut out any innovations anything not coming from Silicon Valley rise or allow anything to rise which could be construed as something that might infringe upon their religious dogma of an organization now these crimes are already being investigated however the the perils of crony capitalism are now on full display for the world they were on full display they have successfully imposed factions upon all media outlets they're able to smear any organization at will at will that is scary for America that is very scary because that is communism and it's already fully implemented it seems so yes until the crony capitalists are shut down until this whole show and this whole charade has ended there will be no sleep in America not for innovators not for investors not for anyone in the digital realm no matter how much you smeared gab it is a proof positive that this system is fake is corrupt and is impenetrable by innovators and the like

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