Critiquer la religion est un droit de l’homme ! CC

So suppose you’re born in Iran Your parents will most likely be Shia And because religion is inherited
you will also be Shia You’ll be raised to follow their rituals, traditions,
festivals and will take their sheikhs as your model And you’ll think that your religion is the only
true religion .. it’s normal .. it’s normal Let’s imagine that you’re
like that for about 20 years .. But after that you started to open
your mind, read and learn And discovered that all of this .. was a lie And because naturally you’ll look around and
see millions of people believe in it Some of them Engineers, Doctors and
maybe even Scientists You’ll unintentionally try to tell them they’re
wrong .. you’ll try to speak to them, right ?! Does this make you a bad person ?! When you criticize their beliefs or laugh
at their traditions because u find it funny .. Does this make you a criminal ?! Does this give them the right to put you in jail
and charge you for contempt of religion ?! Of course not ! Okay, let’s forget about Iran
Suppose you’re a Christian And you spent 20 years of your life under
the Christian beliefs, rituals and learning Then after 20 years you started to open your
mind, read, learn and basically getting smarter Then you said to yourself ” this is nonsense ! ” ” There can’t be a god who eats and drinks ! ”
” There can’t be a god who uses the toilet ! ” ” There can’t be a god who lets
himself be crucified ” ” There’re some really funny
things in this book, fellas ” ” How is it possible that the Bible says
that Salt is planted ?! ” .. It is funny, right ?! Okay, now when you criticize these things,
does it make you a bad person ?! Does it make you a criminal ?! .. no !
Okay, what if they captured you like this .. And then put you in jail .. will this be justice ?!
will they’ve the right to murder u ? .. of course not ! Even if what you see as nonsense
and unrealistic, happened to be true .. Still, this doesn’t make you a bad person This is your opinion, this is your mind, this is
your logic, and this’s ur freedom of expression Hundreds of years ago, there was
something called ” Dark Ages ” In it, anyone who insulted the church,
would be murdered Anyone who criticize Christianity,
would be killed in the streets Anyone who tries to say that god is evil, or
he doesn’t exist, would be immediately killed ! Their excuse was that he’s a heretic atheist,
and is trying to harm people’s feelings And killing is the punishment god mentioned But now the Dark Ages
of Christianity are over Unfortunately the Dark Ages of Islam
still exist till this very moment Don’t get sad or angry please,
I know how u feel, but this’s reality The same actions that were performed
in the dark ages of Christianity Are exactly the same actions we
see now. in any Muslim country .. Anyone who criticize Islam .. is killed Anyone who leaves Islam
because he’s not convinced that it’s a religion of peace, is killed Anyone who mocks religion
or makes fun of it .. is killed Or if they say we’re a country
of freedom .. they put him in jail They jail him because his mind thought
about something and found it irrational ! What the hell ?!! But Sherif, he should respect
the feelings of Muslims Wrong! He doesn’t mean to disrespect
anybody’s feelings He just doesn’t respect some
ideas that he finds it funny And it appeared that Muslims believe in it .. But if those Muslims were Buddhists ..
he’d have done the same Because he’s criticizing ideas,
and ideas are separated from people Ideas and religions don’t feel compliments
or criticism. they don’t feel you insulting them So why in the world there’s such a thing
as ( insulting religion ) ?!! If you’re a Muslim, and you laugh
at some Jewish tradition .. Like, when they kill a chicken
to transfer their sins to it .. It is funny, right ? .. it is funny ..
but not for them, for them it’s sacred Does this give them the right to silence you ?!
No ! .. you’ve the right to make fun of it And they’ve the right to practice it
as long as they don’t cause harm And if you’re a Muslim, and met an atheist
or a person who doesn’t believe in religions And he came and made fun of some
idea in your religion .. Like the story of Noah’s arc .. ” like do
u really think he traveled all around earth .. and gathered two of every species ?!
Cuz it really doesn’t make sense ” .. Like Did he take the bacteria ?! .. the viruses ?!
cuz they’re living beings too .. what about birds ?! There’re some funny things
for you, it’s not .. But for him .. it is Now when he finds it funny, and try
to express his thoughts and opinions .. Does this make him a bad person ?! Do you think he should be jailed ..
or killed ?! .. of course he shouldn’t ! Because without criticism it’s hard to tell
whether this idea is right or wrong Without criticism, the wrong idea would last
a thousand years cuz nobody will dare to criticize it Without sarcasm it’d be hard to know
whether this idea is rational or not Look at what the Sheikhs
are saying all the time ( You Crusaders, Cross worshipers, Dogs of hell,
You’re worshiping a defecating god you animals .. no, not animals .. at least the animals can think ! ) ( Yeah, yea, we know .. a Christian girl
is always defiled and unclean .. ) ( Fuck your priests. they sure – do – you,
that’s why you – love – them ! ) Okay, now if they’ve the right to mock
every religion and everyone .. everyone also should have the right
to mock them and their beliefs Freedom isn’t a one-sided coin Let’s take an example,
let’s take an example In the US, if you’re a Muslim who loves to
invite people to his religion .. You’ve the right to stand in the streets
get a table, Qurans .. and ask everyone .. To discuss their religion, you’ve the
right to mock and criticize their religion and invite them to yours,
It’s your right Okay, now let’s imagine the same people
you’re trying to invite them to your religion Came to your country .. Egypt,
Saudi Arabia, Iran or whatever Then he got a table, bibles and sit
on the street .. Can you imagine what’ll happen to him ?!
him inviting people to Christianity .. or makes fun of Islam ?!!
Muslims would eat him alive ! And the government would never leave
him ! .. Okay, so why’s the hypocrisy ?! You don’t think it’s hypocrisy ?!
Let’s see an example of the hate and protests .. Just because someone drew a comic
drawing of the prophet Muhammad Good .. now let’s see the amount of protests
against the slaughtering, murder, .. Stoning, whipping and the terrorist attacks Those who get angry over a drawing, and don’t
care about slaughtering .. are sick people Those who’re willing to die cuz of a comic
drawing, and don’t move an inch when .. they see blood or explosions ..
are psychopaths ! I just want you to tell me who’s wrong ..
the Western countries or the Arab ones ?! Who’s the one who should change ?!
the western countries to make a law .. against criticizing religion, and put YOU in
jail if you made fun of any other religion .. Or even tried to invite people to yours ?! Or the Arab countries who should get
red of what’s called insulting religion .. and let anyone criticize any religion
or idea as long as he doesn’t harm anyone ?! Who’s the one who should change ?! I know that you get angry when someone
criticize your religion or make fun of it But you have to understand that this
is his right as a human being He has the right to criticize or laugh
at any idea that you may believe in .. He doesn’t mean to make fun of you
he’s making fun of the idea itself .. You could leave that idea and even
be like him, and you’d find that he .. will keep criticizing and make fun of it If you think that the ideas you hold
or the religion you believe in, are great .. and no one should
criticize or make fun of it .. You should understand that the idea
is called ( great ) because it has been criticized a million times, and
it’s still steady on it’s place .. You should understand that the idea
is called ( great ) when millions keep making fun of it, but it’s still
convincing with evidences You should understand that ideas
are not great when millions are sentenced to prison because they criticized it You should understand that ideas aren’t
great when millions keep dying because of it These very ideas .. are the ones everyone
should criticize and make fun of it

  1. bien sympa cette petite vidéo de minuit ^^ …si plus de gens pouvait penser comme ce gars le monde n'en serait que plus beau X) Malheureusement avec 7milliards de croyants pensant tous détenir la vérité..on est pas sorti :s

  2. Le pire, c'est que personne n' est choquée quand on nie la science (et on a le droit de le faire, et je soutiens ce droit…), mais une croyance, qui par définition, est quelque chose dont personne ne sait si c'est vrai ou non (et qui a été écrit à une époque ou on croyait à beaucoup de choses fausse…), alors que personne n'a la réponse, et si on la cherche honnêtement, on constatera que, peu importe le livre religieux, sur beaucoup du sujet dont nous savons aujourd'hui ce qu'il en est et dont la religion apportait jadis une réponse…Ils ont quasi systématiquement faux à chaque fois. Leurs défense sera au choix, de prendre les textes irréfutables seulement, ou de nier la science, ou d'essayer de la faire coller, ou carrément de mentir en expliquant qu'un livre religieux avait décrit des choses scientifiques qu'on ne connaissait pas à l'époque (ce qui est évidemment faux).

  3. Sous-titrage français réalisé vite fait à partir du transcript anglais, vos remarques sont les bienvenues pour aider à corriger les coquilles…

  4. J'aime ton contenu. Tu mérites plus de vues.
    Je vais aller liker pour ton référencement.

    Je suis d'accord avec le coté obscurantiste des pays musulman actuel mais nos pays occidentaux seraient un poil plus crédible si ils jouaient un peut moins avec leurs bombardiers…

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