Crisis of the Century – Capitalism's Social Cleansing of the UK’s Working Classes?

since early 1980s people living in the UK social housing has dropped from 42 percent to less than 8 percent with an estimated 1.4 million currently on the council's waiting lists and yet despite rising property prices and the growing demand for affordable homes successor governments a slash investment in social housing just as Council sell of whole estates to private developers as he and Dennis lives on South East London's ellsbury estates the site of a controversial regeneration scheme in which residents have been forcefully rehoused people are being standing two arcs off to London and especially elderly people which they grow up their children all their networks around here they've been awkward you know the some other towns outside of London and council is so brutal most of us because this is a class division thereafter middle-class people they don't care about the class you know the working-class people we know that we establish that so we do not expect anything and I know them they are the hidden Tories well from New Labour to the current opposition I ask grassroots activists and defend council housing member Fred Milton has jeremy corbyn's manifesto fares ahead of the upcoming Grenville tower inquiry of course in jeremy jeremy corbyn's initial promise to buck debate to build 500,000 council housing in five years was very welcome but it had to say that in the course of the election that will water down water down water down what this proof is the recent events and insult our policies that we need council housing we need council housing run by by responsible managers not intended not outsource by the councils but actually as a core function of the council to run their housing properly and that means keeping the place but how is this allowed to happen in the first place I spoke to green London assembly member and Camden councillor for Highgate Sean Barie about the causes of the housing crisis the ultimate cause is capitalism you know the market in housing has been unregulated and deregulated for far too long we are seeing rising costs we're seeing lots of problems with people buying homes simply to run them out they're distorting the market and the big developers business model really is failing London we're seeing lots of homes that are built lono Londoner could ever afford to buy those of us looking just about scrape enough to rent then further damage our chances of buying it's it's genuinely broken and even where you've got powers like you've got the mayor Sadiq Khan he's rowing back on some of his promises to people on estates to renters when it comes to things like rent controls and having a vote on whether or not your home is demolished however the crisis goes beyond the capital to communities across the UK Kevin Doody grew up in Scotland score balls on a housing estate that he says has been ignored by power they're given the voice by films like dispossession the great social housing swindle working the people with a god whoosh in Glasgow and the people that you're going to see in this phone book in the off of the Tory Party nothing and I told Party know what up they don't care Boris Johnson doesn't care treason me doesn't care what do you make or call the ones that she's brought on board as if they care as if they're going to make a difference not there's no going to make a difference it's going to be the same perpetual selfishness self-centeredness not care for anyone else if you if you actually think that the Tory Party in this country believe in social hosting nidalee believe in society – Thatcher said there is no society there's only people this is not just a movie this is Ken Loach this is Dennis Potter this is a boy from the black stuff this is a saying of the teens this is a show for creativity documentaries Phelim camera and get on people go there tell the truth without in this country put on his screen expressing the human cost of the housing crisis on the big screen this documentary explores the catastrophic failures that have led to a chronic shortage of social housing in Britain essentially we've had successive governments that simply haven't seen the role for social housing and they've been cutting it

  1. So sorry that the UK is emulating America's sadistic pattern of "social cleansing". Fight to keep what you need and don't let the bastards grind you down!

  2. One might be forgiven for wondering if the flammable cladding installed on Grenfell Tower and other lower cost high-rise is part of the social cleansing of London's lucrative real estate.

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