hi uh hi I'm John Green this is crash-course course world history and today we're going to talk about socialism capitalism just turns men into wolves you're purportedly free markets only make slaves of us all the thing was rosy under mouse communist leadership central planning has some upsides everyone who wants a job has a job and production aims to meet an idealized version of society's collective goals but you know what Karl Marx when I look back at history I prefer the bearded communists there's tons of examples of corporate greed inequality and disregard for the environment to make people wonder if markets are evil and they are thanks for watching we'll see you next week

  1. Your body is yours. What you do with it, is your too. The private property irose for conflicts about scares goods don't exist.

    The state shouldn't exist because it needs to tax, or be theft, because take you property.

  2. "Markets are evil"…but you can aaaaalways trust the State(right?). Good God, this was pathetic.

  3. When people get educated about economics through memes it's no wonder you got ANTIFA running around thinking they're saviours and the comments on this video just prove people "educate" themselves through memes.

    Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's the other way around. Anarchy is another word for "new system."

  4. Isn't it a bit ironic that this so called "soviet march" which keeps getting used in videos glorifying the USSR and Marxism-Leninism in general was actually made by capitalists as part of a product for the purpose of making a profit?

  5. So how many millions this moronic paradise utopia killed in name of "equality"?

  6. soyuz nerishimy respublik svobodnykh  spotila naveki velikaya rus zasdruvhoyet sozdanny volley narodov yediny moguchy sovetsky soyuz SLAVSYAAA OTECHESVTO!! NASHE SVOBODNOYE!!! DRUVHBY NARODOV KOMMUNIZMA VEDYOT!! skhoz grozy siyalo on podnyal narody e lenin veliky nam put ozaril SLAVSYAAA OTECHESVO!!! NASHE SVOBODNOYE!!! DRUZHBY NARODOV!!! KOMMUNIZZZMMMMMAAAA VEDYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! (that was the soviet anthem performed by… me)

  7. TFW there is no food and resorting to canibalism won't work because corpses don't have any meat on them

  8. Original video basically says "some communists did bad things, but communism isn't inherently evil. Also, Stalin and Mao abandoned the revolution and are fake revolutionaries." Well, the last bit is what I came to from what he said.

  9. ^ public, planned economies are superior to private market capitalism

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