Country Profile: North Korea the Worlds Only National Socialist State

hello everybody argent here so I used to do brief political histories but they didn't think they were very good because I just kind of rambled on about what had happened in the country for the last hundred years and then I that was kind of back before I adopted the modern reactionary review in character profile and I kind of blended a lot of that together to make the in real life character profiles which kind of mixed history but also kind of trying to do the theme so maybe I'll blend them both together and do like 20 minutes a half-hour country profiles where I kind of try to talk about the big historical events but more kind of like I do with character profiles drill down into what's the heart and soul of the country what are kind of the main themes about the country so what better place to start with than the country that you can barely believe even exists in the real world North Korea now before we get into North Korea I think there's two things you have to understand the first is nothing with North Korea is like is what it seems a lot of things that might seem stupid to us a lot of things that might seem irrational or counterproductive or crazy have a definitive purpose it's it's not so much stupid as just alien especially if you're a westerner the way North Korea is run is is completely alien to you the other thing you have to disabuse yourself of or you won't make any sense of the country is that North Korea is not a left-wing state it's it's pretty it's in many ways kind of the furthest thing from a left-wing state possible you would be excused for thinking it was a state of the far-left since it has all the trappings of it we have the red star we have the Democratic People's Republic of Korea you have the Koreans Workers Party which is actually kind of ironic as we'll see in a minute but in a very real sense it's just what what remains of communism if the country could ever really have been called real communism has long since faded the book I just finished reading says I think there's only one picture of Karl Marx left in all of North Korea I don't think there are any statues of Stalin or Lenin left if you look at China there's that really famous picture of Marx Lenin Stalin Mao and you see that in a Soviet iconography too they have pictures of almost kind of like hey Geographic pictures so ensuring a professional by the procession of ideas but no North North Korea is not a Marxist State is not a communist state regardless of what they say I think the best way to understand it is North Korea is a state of the extreme right I don't say far right I mean extreme right the closest example I guess we have to work with is probably National Socialism in Germany actually National Socialism is a very good way to describe the government of North Korea it is a national and social government not a communist government and we'll get into that in a minute but it's also ironic that the party in Korea is the Korean workers party you know German Workers National Socialist Party kind of an interesting parallel now I don't say that as a slur on either Korea or the National Socialist Party of Germany I just say it as kind of a political science point it's hard to find examples of extreme right totalitarian regimes a lot of them kind of existed in countries where to tell at Arianism just wasn't very doable I'm sure Mussolini would have liked to have a totalitarian government but the Italian people are just too hard to control he treats right I remember reading whenever they tried to do kind of cult of personality or like Mussolini day or whatever the Italian people just took the day off and just went to the beach or whatever and it was really hard to just get them to go along with it just because they're lower trust and they're kind of a more locally oriented people they aren't like Northern Europeans were a lot more you know form and and are kind of a lot easier to get to go along with the hive mind they're more naturally collectivist and it's kind of interesting because East Asians are like that of course even more so that's kind of the part of the joke behind China economy strong is is the kind of ant-like mentality I mean that's if you look at Chinese history and you look at any battle or any Emperor it's always involves a staggering amount of death with mild concern be it building the Great Wall be it civil wars be it pointless fights against barbarians you just see massive body counts wherever you turn in China and there doesn't seem to be a great deal of concern for human suffering now there's a concept that dates back from Roman times called oriental despotisms and it's kind of contrasted with more kind of Western ideas of government now oriental despotism is basically the idea where you have a monarch who's a a God king or in a monotheistic religion is the direct apostle of God and he rules with absolute power and despotism is is a form of government where there's just the ruler and the people there's no one in between the ruler and the people I know in ancient Greece that's what they call despotism and that's what they call the tyranny it was a form of government where one man rules with the support of the masses so that's kind of what you have in in countries like China to a certain extent you had the emperor who was all-powerful then you had a bureaucratic class they had some nobility but it didn't really work like the nobility in the West the bureaucrats in China were moved around the country they didn't really have a strong local power base all power kind of flowed from the font of the throat whereas in Europe power kind of flowed from the nobility up to the king as you can see in like the baronial revolts in england or any number of times in France the nobles could and did provide checks and balances on the power of a king and kind of an oriental or kind of Eastern State the Emperor could basic their King could basically do anything they wanted there is also in in the kind of sino sphere kind of like Japan China Vietnam kind of those countries there is the lasting influence of Confucianism and new Confucianism which is all about collectivism social hierarchy and living society into multiple pieces it's especially interesting to keep in mind that in Confucianism the lowest class of society is merchants below even farmers and workers Confucianism views merchants and I guess kind of capitalism in the economy in general as being kind of degenerate in contrast to serving in the army being a bureaucrat etc etc so why do I bring this off why they just do a seven minute long rant on that because I think you have to understand all of that to understand North Korea North Korea is in many ways a supremely reactionary state it's a country that does not want to enter into the modern world so let's just go over this so we enter into kill is Ilsan now knowing exactly what his past is is very difficult because it's been mythologized so much from what we know though he was a communist guerrilla who fought against the Japanese um he was known and he had some fame and the Soviets believed that they could control him so when they invaded and took over North Korea they set him up as a satellite state they provided him of course with a bunch of tanks and weapons and stuff and he invaded the south and then the Korean War happened and it wound up in a stalemate with North Korea being the communist state in the North and South Korea being be Republican and eventually democratic state in the South so you have the division of society in two halves now it should be noted that prior to the Japanese occupying the country for only really I guess it was like 40 years or so you've had 3,000 years or so where Korea was a absolute monarchy it was a Empire modeled on China had a class system the caste system it had kind of a centralized power structure and there was a lot of elements of civic religion so that just couldn't disappear overnight nor could it really adapt communism as we understand it in the West because there just there wasn't a capitalist class there wasn't really there was a bit of a working class it's interesting cuz until I think it's the 1970s North Korea was actually significantly more wealthy than the so you see when Japan had Korea as a colony North Korea is where they built all the processing plants so they built a fair amount of Industry in North Korea the idea being they took the resources from Manchuria and the other parts of China they controlled and then they refined them a bit in North Korea and sent them to Japan so North Korea inherited all of that they also got a lot of subsidies a lot of Engineers a lot of technical know-how from the so for the first couple of decades North Korea was substantially wealthier than the south because they had the industry from Japan and then they had a lot of industrial and financial aid from the Soviet Union and China now what kind of happened is after Stalin died North Russia went through what came to be known as revisionism were a lot of kind of the cult of personality was gotten rid of a lot of the totalitarian elements were kind of stripped up stripped out Russia remained a very authoritarian brutal police state but a lot of kind of the excesses of the Stalin years were not only stopped they were condemned now North Korea didn't like this kid mil son had basically meant taken the trappings of communism and kind of mixed it with traditional Korean government so he ruled the country as an oriental despot he made himself into basically a semi-divine figure and in its the idea that he is the divine figure and there's no one to mediate between him and the peasants so you have basically the god king and then you have the people and there's not really anything in between and the state as it exists exists solely as an extension of the the great leader I think under do Chait ideology the idea is that the the supreme leader is a conduit for for national greatness that the entirety will of the Korean people are channeled into the leader and he is divine because of that if this sounds a bit kind of like Hitler and Nazism that's that's because it is kind of similar much like Hitler was the Fuhrer or kind of the embodiment of the German people um Kim Nielsen and his successors kind of have a similar role there's also kind of inheriting this a rejection of materialism and kind of a spiritual aspect to it whereas National Socialism was about the spirit of the bulk or the German people and the opposition to Marxism because of its internationalist character because of its materialist character Jew che which is we'll get to Jew che in a second but basically it was the ideology Kim L son came up with and it was based on kind of ideas about Korea because Korea didn't really have any of the experiences of capitalism it had an experience of being occupied by China and Japan and it had the experience of a kind of an oriental despotism so he was able to have a one-party totalitarian nationalist stayed but kind of this global communism just didn't really appeal to kimmel son or to the Korean people and indeed they um came to reject it because that was kind of the initial idea but behind communism was it was going to be internationalism everyone was going to be equal everyone was going to there's just gonna be like one world government borders in the state would disappear but Kim Wilson kind of to a large extent drove his legitimacy from Korean nationalism and not just that but to a certain extent and let's talk about Gucci now there's a belief in North Korea that the Korean people themselves are divine and that is in a spiritual but also a biological sense so there's an immense focus in North Korea on racial purity um it's perhaps the most xenophobic country on earth and I use that term on ironically anything that's not Korean or considered when essentially Korean is despised the remaining minorities in North Korea be update Chinese Japanese or a couple Westerners have been driven out a long time ago or the couple remaining ones are used as showpieces during the early days of the Soviet Union a number of Warsaw Pact members married Korean women and the Korean women were forced to divorce them and they were kicked out and the half-breeds were kicked out as well and in North Korea they frequently will euthanize or killed people who were born with disabilities because they're obsessed with the purity of the race and they believed so long as the race remains pure North Korea will remain a powerful country once again a lot of this sounds very similar to national socialism because duche is basically national socialism so che is very hard to describe because it's it's kind of not really a coherent ideology it's basically just it's sometimes called kim ism duche means self-reliance basically it's the same thing as national socialism as applied to Korea it's the idea that that the Korean race needs to be autonomous it needs to have autarky it needs to be self-sufficient self-reliant it promotes the idea of the purity of the Korean raised in the need for the Kim family to be the the embodiment of the Korean race and for their always to be a Kim in power and once again this this sounds very similar to some thoughts about Nazi Germany kind of independence from the international financial system the one leader who's the embodiment of the people and an emphasis on the purity of the race and a hatred kind of what's external now another aspect and why I call this a regime of the far right is something called some boon I I can't pronounce Korean so I'm not sure what it's like so someone is basically a caste system there's three castes there's the loyal class the wavering class and the hostile class now the loyal class are descendants of Communist Party officials the initial revolutionaries other kind of key figures to the founding of North Korea the wavering class is people who weren't involved with it and the remaining 20% were landlords merchants or Christian misson missionaries and why it's cast is they believe that it is biological to a certain extent you sometimes hear kind of really kind of radical neo-nazis talk about the traitor gene so it's almost impossible to raise your sorry the traitor gene so the traitor genes this idea that people who act against Western countries have this gene within them that makes them act this way it's not that they're bad people it's not that they've been culturally conditioned there's there's a physical gene within them that causes them to act in this this way and North Korea has a similar idea but you're a member of a class they even call it the colada predatory caste system and a bad background is described as tainted blood so it's literally biological so you have people who are maybe the sentences of Christian ministers and they go well the the the blood of looking to things that are innately Correa and transfers down being a merchant transfers down being a landlord transfers down and not only does there's that but there's also the practical aspect of it it's very easy to keep people in line that way because you can't it's very hard to improve your showing Boonton something boon but it's very easy to drop it um if you commit a political crime we don't show enough enthusiasm you steel you commit some sort of crime against the state which is basically everything marrying someone of lower standing whoever's has lower standing if like someone from the core class marries someone from the hostile class then they both become hostile class so if someone commits any in viata the crimes they mentioned it not only lowers their song boon but it lowers everybody in their family everybody in their media family and all of their descendants for the next three generations and three generations past so when someone commits a crime or whatever on the entirety of their family goes into the camps now once again this may sound crazy but in their mind their belief is that this the treachery or the disloyalty is caused by genetics so the idea of imprisoning everybody who might share their genetics makes a lot of sense so a lot of this came about because of revisionism as I was talking about earlier where the Soviet Union Kennedy Stalin eyes they got rid of a lot of the totalitarian aspects in the cult of personality and North Korea didn't want to do that and because they didn't want to do that they started getting scared of the Soviet Union they thought the Soviet Union would force revisionism on them so they kind of after after desalinization they kind of turned towards China and and for a while they were kind of closer to China but then the Cultural Revolution happened there and Korea kind of became scared North Korea became scared that China would under the radicalism of the Cultural Revolution invade North Korea so you had kind of a couple decades where North Korea would would switch back and forth between the two to get more and more money and over time all pretense of communist ideology was dropped and it just basically is now an absolute hereditary monarchy with totalitarian elements and some communist stuff to it I guess kind of some communist decals to it you ever had that when you were a kid you had like the little Hot Wheels car and then you but all these these stickers but I didn't really change anything it's just a lot kind of cool that's basically what communism is like in Korea I mean you have the Korean workers party but it's it's really just kind of it's kind of a mixture I guess you could say it's in credit but basically what's gonna happen over time is throughout the 1980s Soviet aids started to go down and the industry got very old and the country have electrical and food shortages and resource shortages so the economy kind of started to collapse and it got got when it got really bad within the Soviet Union collapsed and it wasn't willing to give them money anymore it wasn't willing to subsidize them and China wasn't particularly interested at that point in time either so North Korea went through a famine all the factories stopped to this day the all the heavy industry is basically either out-of-date or has just collapsed from misuse or can't be used because of electricity the only part of North Korean society that still gets anything resembling adequate resources is the army they call its Angoon I believe our sone Goodin which is military first which is the idea that all the resources of the state have to be directed towards the military and North Korea has one of the largest militaries on earth but once again it's kind of a paper tiger um North Korea's army would be destroyed in a matter of days because it's mostly from the 1950s and 60s of their equipment it's not well maintained it's falling apart and against South Korea which also has conscription and has much much better technology they would be slaughtered like even a dozen South Korean tanks if they had enough ammunition could probably destroy all the North Korean tanks because it has shobha ham Armour which is basically impenetrable to weapons made before the modern era was the depleted uranium overlay on it so what's happening now kind of what's gonna happen in the future with North Korea the reason it still exists and the reason it will probably exist into the future is no one has anything to gain by changing the status quo so let's look at the involved parties China has to throw them summate every now and again but throwing them summate is is not a huge deal it doesn't break the bank China has a big economy um and it gives them the advantage of having a buffer state so they're not bordering this strong American Allied first world country with the powerful army in fact China has some fears that if Korea were ever reunited under the South that they would circuiting irredentist ideas about parts of Manchuria now is that plausible probably not but China's pretty okay with the current situation being the kind of older brother of North Korea means that they can exploit North Korea's resources now the South also doesn't have a lot to gain by the situation changing if North Korea were to fall the government was to fall tomorrow the South would be on the hook for this basket case of a country I've seen estimates that South Koreans are on average 40 times as wealthy as North Koreans you'd have to assimilate this this place part of the country that would basically you would have to rebuild everything because everything's just complete garbage all the infrastructure all the electricity all the power plants all the industry everything would have to be rebuilt you'd inherit a population that's largely uneducated on the education they have is not relevant the engineering is on the engineering is trained to use stuff that's like 50 years old same with the doctors most of the intellectuals are skilled at talking about things that never happened but they're hardly modern social scientists the book I was reading said the only group of people who would probably be able to do okay is people who teach math geometry and physics because that hasn't changed that much and they'd probably be able to keep their job but they'd have to deal with paying welfare at all these people they'd have to deal with retraining all of them in basically dealing with a complete basket case it would probably bankrupt them as the book says what East Germany was probably only about a third or as half as poor as West Germany East Germany was like industrialized that had a fairly functional economy it just wasn't as wealthy as the West but it was like a fairly well developed country North Korea is one of the most just kind of it's just a mess in every sense of the word America doesn't have a ton to lose because the current situation isn't really that bad for them South Korea's their ally North Korea doesn't really harm them in any way North Korea's just kind of they're shaking up the status quo might put them into conflict with China might hurt their relations with South Korea there's no real reason for them to try and change the status quo North Korea realizes this they realize that if their regime were to be taken down they would have to invade the country and neither the South the style nor China nor America really wants to do that well North Korea is has a large army it is extremely out of date and they would lose a conventional war but they really have no intention of fighting a conventional war there's no need to fight one they just have to have a large enough army that it makes them pleasant to invade them and that was kind of the basis of the nuclear weapons program was to give them leverage because they let the Soviet Union's gone and there's a contour economies a mess what they have left to bargain with is to basically upset the status quo and that's where Atomics come in they will never be able to hit America but they could lob on its soul they could lob one at Tokyo or some other major population center now they would get obliterated if it happened but do we really want to take that chance at North has absolutely no options left and it starts lobbing nukes or just uses conventional missiles and artillery and flattens some southern cities and hundreds of thousands or millions of people die do we really want that to happen is it giving North Korea like a couple tens of millions of dollars of food aid here and there much preferable to that and that's kind of the status quo and that's why the whole thing's frozen at the moment because getting rid of North Korea and taking down the regime there would be bad for everybody including the leadership of North Korea so they've kind of positioned themselves that way so the book I was reading talked about what are what are the possible conclusions to this how could this end one of them was that it just completely implodes and they appealed to China for aid and North Korea basically just becomes an outright satellite state of China maybe China will move in military advisors they'll partially militarily occupy the country but China will basically North Korea will just become an extension of China it'll become a special economic zone like Hong Kong or something and Chinese companies will just develop the country into a satellite state which is what he said that the regime was North Korea is probably most in favor of because they would probably be allowed to stay in power I'll be it under Chinese guidance there's the issue there's the possibility that North Korea may just institute reforms on its own which there's some signs of happening but ultimately the government's worried if they go to a democracy or if unity happens then they're all going to be hung from trees which is probably correct he said the most likely option is eventually when the country kind of implodes and they go through another famine the six parties which are South Korea North Korea nine states Japan and Russia will collectively occupy North and they'll be kind of our transitional government in which North Korea gets they start to have some capitalism there they maybe they have a confederacy where North and South Korea are kind of joined but they're separate and they have separate budgets and separate economies and North Korea just starts to experiment with capitalism and eventually once its economy develops at least somewhat then they slowly start to integrate it with the south which is their view of the most likely things to happen so they said the two things that they think are most likely are either a collapse of the country and all parties agree to a gradual merger or it just becomes an outright Chinese satellite statement so we don't know what's gonna happen for the moment though as long as they have nukes and as long as they're capable of bullying the surrounding countries into giving them food aid it doesn't look like anything's really gonna happen in the foreseeable future so that's the video I hope you enjoyed it this is Arjun and I'll talk to you guys later

  1. It is a good example of none reactionary counter revaluation instead of fascism. It's not fascism it's more like Bonapartism and karl marx had a definition for that.

  2. "The typical example of bourgeois nationalism is National Socialism, or Nazism, advanced by Hitlerite Germany." – Comrade Kim Jong Il

  3. North Korea apparently did keep some "half-breeds" around, but it was mainly to use them as spies…

  4. "implodes and goes trough another famine" what is this suppose to mean?

    the rest is just a biased american point of view propaganda

  5. A good video it must be said, I didn't know about the 'tainted blood' theory of North Korea.
    However, I would just like to make a point which I think the book you were reading may have missed, namely that food and industrial output has been rising steadily in North Korea this century so far.
    Also, it is rapidly developing its missile program, every 5 years they extend the range of their missiles and within 15 to 20 years they are projected to have missile which will be able to hit America. They are also continuously increasing the yield of their nuclear weapons.
    I don't personally think North Korea is going to collapse, if it was going to collapse it would have in the 1990's when the situation was bleak. I think North Korea will simply amble along and one day just win the Korean War by waiting for the South Korean population to die off which it will with its fertility rate of 1.3.

  6. The ideology of NK is certainly far from Marxism-Leninism, and it could be compared with fascism in that it is a synthesis of reactionary and revolutionary ideas, but when someone says a country is communist I tend to assume they're talking first and foremost about the economy. NS, fascism etc. tend to b economically much less extreme. As for being left-wing or right-wing, that's all relative. The original revolutionaries were pretty reactionary by today's standards. NK ideology might have been reactionary even at the time of creation by rejecting internationalism, but I think that's just a consequence of being created in a homogeneous (and proud) nation by its natives without undue outside interference. Marxism only has a rootless cosmopolitan element to it because it was created by rootless cosmopolitans. If that weren't the case, it would look very different from how it does, and less different from some other 20th-century movements.

  7. Using the Prussian quip over how important her army was, I think N.K. is the only party to have it's own country. China is real close, but Christianity aka western values is still there alive.

  8. I enjoy hearing some of your viewpoints, they can be insightful – but I must ask, what kind of microphone are you using?

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