Could a Dyson Sphere Harness the Full Power of the Sun?

The Sun produces more energy than we can can
comprehend. Its core reaches a predicted temperature of
15 million degrees Celsius or roughly the same temperature as an exploding hydrogen
bomb. This is the scorching section of the Sun where
nuclear fusion occurs. The process releases massive amounts of energy
which eventually makes its way into space. But just a fraction of that energy reaches
Earth. If we were to harness the total energy of
the Sun, humanity would jump to Type II on the Kardashev Scale, which is a method of measuring a civilizations level of technological advancement. Right now, humanity isn’t even on the scale. So, we need to harvest far more of the Sun’s
energy if we want any shot at universal dominance or even just long term survival. This idea stems back to the mid 1900s. In a thought experiment, Physicist Freeman
Dyson (no connection to the vacuum) popularized the concept of a structure that could trap
100 percent of a star’s energy. Dyson claimed that advanced civilizations
or extraterrestrials might use massive structures to capture the power of their host star. He said that looking for signs of these structures
would lead us to other lifeforms. This concept inspired what later became known
as a Dyson Sphere – a hypothetical megastructure that would surround the Sun, soaking up its
light and converting it into useful energy. Today, there are a few different Dyson inspired
designs. The classic Dyson Shell, for instance, is
often portrayed in sci-fi works. The solid structure, the size of a planetary
orbit, contains solar habitats, each powered by their host star’s light. But this megastructure would be impossible
for humanity to pull off due to the fact that the materials needed to build it don’t exist. On top of that, environmental and gravitational
stresses of the Sun would destroy the shell. Instead, some astro engineers believe a Dyson Swarm is the most practical design for our solar system. This concept would require the construction
of an army of advanced solar panels which would orbit the Sun, capturing its light from
all directions. The solar panels would collect the Sun’s
radiation and continuously transmit the energy wirelessly back to Earth. Still, futurists say building a Dyson Swarm
would require extreme measures like mining Mercury for materials – eventually destroying
the planet. But if we manage to successfully create a
sun sucking megastructure, it will extend humanity’s survival in the solar system
and provide the power needed to colonize other planets. Considering all the advanced technology needed
to make this happen though, it will be a very long time until any sort of Dyson Sphere takes
the leap from science fiction to reality. But, like Freeman Dyson, some people believe that aliens might already be using Dyson Sphere-like structures. And they point to a mysterious dimming star
– known as Tabby’s star – as potential evidence. Believers say that the dimming is a sign of
a structure surrounding the star. While many astronomers say that the dimming
is likely just caused by dust. But in the far-fetched chance that there is
an advanced civilization out there soaking up all the energy in the universe, let’s just hope that they’ll use their power for good, not evil. Space Crafts takes you through the depths
of the cosmos, explaining bizarre astronomical phenomena and crazy plans for future exploration. In this episode, we explore how sci-fi inspired spacecraft could clean up our space junk. Thanks for watching Seeker! Don’t forget to subscribe.

  1. We also can't build it because of the size of the sun.
    "The sun is about 109 times the diameter of Earth.
    The Sun weighs about 333,000 times as much as Earth.
    It is so large that about 1,300,000 planet Earths can fit inside of it. 
    Earth is about the size of an average sunspot!" –
    Quote I pulled off Google.

    To build it is literally an impossibility for humanity. At least for the next couple thousand years.

    Also it would block the light from the sun, killing everything on earth.

    Also, humanity doesn't need to be colonizing other planets. We can't even take care of our own. If we can't respect our own home planet, then what's stopping us from destroying someone else's.
    Has independent's day and Pandora taught us nothing?
    We don't deserve to reach the space age.

    But I'd like to know another's opinion, tell me your point of view.

  2. Even if you could fabricate the needed materials, in the process of assembly the pressure of solar radiation and the solar wind would decimate it during construction.

  3. You know that crazy time of year when our part of the hemisphere doesn't receive as much sunlight and the temperature drops 60°? Yaaaaaa probably not a good idea to block the sun in any way

  4. While fantastic, seems a bit impractical when compared to replicating fusion like the eu is trying. Finding water/hydrogen seems more worthwhile to fuel our own smaller power plants.

  5. if those civilisations are really that advanced, don't you think they would invest time & resources into maximising the potential energy from available sources and in turn would use less energy as a result. BIGGER ≠ MORE EFFICIENT

  6. Shit title. "Could" doesn't make any sense since the definition of a dyson sphere is literally harnessing the FULL power of the sun by building a type of structure that could do such a thing, so asking if a dyson sphere COULD actually do it, doesn't make any sense since if it didn't, it wouldn't be a dyson sphere

  7. Wait.. transporting the energie wireless to earth? The sun is already doing that.. This thing makes no sense unless youre powering a laserbeam to wipe out aliens.

  8. Is there anything being done now on a smaller scale? What if I wanted my own personal sized swarm that could produce just enough energy to power my home?

  9. If we had folowed by nikola teslas work with wireless energy this might have been possible sooner but moo ta cant make money off of free energy they say so we might not even be able to ger energy from rhe sun becauae of the government being greedy

  10. Pshhhh, please. We have the science, technology, and resources available to start building a Dyson swarm YESTERDAY. We just have one teeny tiny little thing holding us back and that is the man-made concept of money and it’s consequential soul sucking affect known as greed.

  11. Dyson swarms are impractical.

    Consider Occam’s razor: using mirrors to direct solar energy to Terran collection facilities is more sensible. Mirrors do not change the energy as a wireless transmitter would, they simply vector it. Also, a mirror lacks the complexity of a transfer mechanism and as such, will be less prone to failure.

  12. this could never work, as there isn't enough matter in the solar system to create such a structure, nor is there any material known to man that's strong enough to build such a structure out of. there's also the fact that it would take thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years to complete. the man who created the concept later regretted having his name attached to such a stupid idea.

  13. Ahh! Human greed again! Nothing else in this solar system is going to get that energy. And doesn't that sphere look just a bit like the Death Star?

  14. The sun might be powerfull, bit it is no match for shaggy and his 10% power. I even heard he got stronger. Don't diss the the shag king like that you degenerate goon.

  15. 0:45 We need to harvest more of the sun's power for universal dominance or long term survival. I'm not buy that premise.

    Universal dominance isn't a thing, the universe is too big and is expanding too fast to dominate.

    We don't need the power of the sun for long term survival. We need better technology and to evolve into something can survive is space because humans can't, at least not for long. And whatever those space surviving things are, they won't be us because we are human and they will not be.

  16. Humanity should rather utilize a leapfrog method of going into deep space by sending out missions to set up a smaller space station slightly further away from each other each time. So eventually you would have a few space stations further from each other towards Mars.

  17. How are you going to do that if the sun is an illusion? It's fact that Australia doesn't exist, and the globe over the flat earth is cracking. Here's proof! wake up family

  18. No more plants that could do photosynthesis without sun, eventually our planet deprived of oxygen and we kill ourselves – if we block the sun.

  19. There is no good and evil in the universe there is only construction, destruction, and survival. Advance species most likely would use social cooperation as a survival strategy, something we’re still learning to master on our planet.

  20. "Dyson sphere" is one of the most brain dead ideas ever. Really advanced civilisation that built a blanket around a whole star and then melted, which is fine because it didn't want to go anywhere anyway. Errr, ever heard of making it portable? Fusion reactor is a mini dyson sphere that you can control and build wherever you want

  21. Sure but it would be the biggest waste of time and energy that ever existed. You can just pull electricity straight out of the vacuum, or "Ether" as tesla called it. Government grants have been given to study this, you can look them up. They're aware that its real. But they just want to study it, for whatever strange reason. So if you're going to go with something radical, its a lot better to do that than to fantasize about something that will never, ever happen. Like building some ridiculous sphere.

  22. Even if the sphere wouldn't be destroyed by the sun's power, it wouldn't be gravitationally stable. Neither would a ring. You missed a significant piece.

  23. A sphere is not logical. Dyson must have smoked weed to think of that.
    A swarm is much more logical, feasible and plausible.

  24. Wait a minute if a Dyson Sphere surrounds the star then how does the planet it orbits get light then they're going to freeze

  25. the sun is feeding other planets too, but if we partially block its energy from reaching other planets then this might disruption other planets natural activity and even mess with their orbit. who knows…

  26. we can already harvest energy 10x most potent than the sun on earth. This is called fusion energy at aprox. 150 Million degrees C. There is no need for a dyson sphere, when we have fusion energy. Eventually fusion energy will power everything from cars, planes, boats, space shuttles, and all of our electric energy on earth.

  27. But we CAN comprehend how much energy the sun produces. . . that's how we know how much it produces. . . That's a strangely unscientific opening statement.

  28. What futurists say that we need to mine Mercury for materials and destroy the planet? What is inherently wrong with destroying the planet even if that was the case? Mercury itself has enough mass to produce 1 square mile of livable space for each person of billions of trillions of people (if not more). The asteroid belt has more mass than that. Why mine Mercury when we can mine a gravity well-less mass instead?Instead of watching this video, just watch Isaac Arthur's channel. It actually goes into the science of how this stuff works and doesn't have these stupid inaccurate and unscientific statements.

  29. It would be much easier to develop and implement technology to get us to another "Earth" than to build a Dyson Sphere.

  30. Make a Dyson sphere with the swarm method and link together with a grid superstructure. Next, encapsulate entire sphere with massive movable panels that can be opened and closed. Enclose the sphere except where you want the Dyson Sphere to go. Essentially you turn the sphere into a literal STARSHIP! When you reach your location you open the panels on the other side and gradually close the first ones(slowdown) and then once you get to the perfect point you open all panels in all directions(stop). You could bring your whole civilization with you and if you found something interesting and wanted to send probes you couldn’t send them in any direction with the help of solar sails and the fact that you can concentrate the beam hitting the sail to near light speed.

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