Corporate responsibility? Don’t make me laugh. | Anand Giridharadas

  1. In America, Corporations are making massive profits, yet wage growth for workers has been very slow over the last 10 years. In fact, my father in 1975, had more spending power than I do today. He could afford to buy a house, have 2 cars and have all the good things, and Mum did not have to work. My father was a mechanic, and earned $250 a week take home. And he had 4 kids as well. Me and my siblings had a good education and a good upbringing and never really wanted for anything at all.

    Now, my wife and I have to work full time so we can have a reasonable life. I earn $750 a week take home and the Wife $600. But we dont have the same spending power my father had on one wage. My dads house in 1974 cost $6000 and had 4 beds, 2 baths and was 2900 Sq feet and had 3000 Sq feet of outside yard. Our house we bought in 2005 cost $600,000 and is a 3 bed, 2 Bath and 1800 Sq feet and 500 Sq feet of outside land.

    And we only had 2 kids and it was hard work to put them through school and give them a reasonable life. We had to cut corners. Oh, both my Wife and me work for a large corporation and are technically middle management. There is no such thing as a trickle down effect, the money is just going up to the top. And remember, 69 people have as much money as 50% of the worlds population.

    And the poor people voted for a rich man called Trump. Trumps administration has more billionaires and Millionaires than any other administration in history. And the poor think that Trump and his team care about them. After the GFC, the Govt put in regulations to try to stop that happening again, and Trumps administration is removing those regulations, which will allow Companies to rip people off again. For example, why do we have to go to dealerships to buy cars to put money into the hands of sales people, owners of these dealerships and the other people involved. Why can we not just buy the car direct from the Manufacturer?

  2. The tax code should be re-jiggered so that companies get rewarded with a lower tax rate for paying their workers more across the board. If it were done right, companies would choose to pay more in order to make their bottom line better.

  3. I like everyone throws the big bad banks under the bus for subprime mortgage, while promptly forgetting the community reinvestment act that the government put in place which fined banks for not offering these loans to impoverished people.

  4. Democratic party purpose: make government work for the people and push the concept of equality
    Republican party purpose: make government work for corporations and protect them from the people’s fantasy of equality.

  5. The corporation is a pathological, anti-democratic institution by definition.  Since they basically control the political system, that means the US is as well.  Why the hell do people worship those who have enslaved them?  Its impossible for a corporation to be responsible because it would contradict the profit mandate.

  6. Exactly! Many of us remember how BP swooped in with their pastel colors, soft speak and environmental responsive branding campaign in the wake of Exxon Valdez. This was corporate hearts and minds power grab of the first order.I

  7. In the Netherlands there are banks that are sincerely conscious capitalistic. No investments in arms manufacturers for instance. There are sites like that will give you an overview which bank is the most conscious.
    But the masses are for the majority still banking with the bad ones (by the way, the good ones also didn't need a bailout during the financial crisis).
    I think the real problem is the unconsciousness of the masses. And unfortunately most people only gain consciousness through adversity, so I'm afraid it will take a horrible event for people to wake up and do their part.
    Even the financial crisis didn't wake people up on the financial front…

  8. Would it be correct to say that corporations a collective in the same way UNIONS are a collective, but on the side of management?

  9. War has always been corporate capitalism and corporate capitalism is now modeled after war. Just like after the US bombed Europe to complete rubble, they handed out Coca-Cola and chocolates to the homeless civilians…guess which the civilians remember to this day…

  10. Nevermind, Mr. "I'm very glad the country didn't make I-phone." No, it just bailed out Apple when Apple was competing with MS/IBM in the computer market, so that Microsoft couldn't butt rape Apple to death.

  11. It’s all so phony out there human extinction is almost a given. The collective soul, which long ago was one of our greatest strengths is now a fractured and twisted joke. The money addicted greedheads have broken it bad this time.

  12. I feel like after every statement this guy makes I'm asking "…and?" He really doesn't say anything.

    And at the end he admits that privately ran businesses are better than government ran businesses, but earlier in the video he's kind of arguing for government control of these "evil corporations"

  13. Yes I've been thinking about this myself lately. The only solution I've come up with is to change the system. Ban the standard corporate structure. Only allow B – Corporations as a minimum standard for example. It's high time we moved all companies in the direction of real sustainability including social responsibility.

  14. The iPhone is literally by 99% a government created product. GPS, Internet, Microelectronics, Computer, Touch Screen, etc. Come from the state. A corporation just combines these things and takes the profits thanks to tax payers.

  15. Government forcing banks to lower lending standards played a big role in causing the financial crash. Why is that never said?

  16. A real indigenous BLACK indian Asia ancient intelligence man. Analyzing same medieval ways of the RICH against the the 21st century's.

  17. The problem is that capitalism considers wealth to be an infinite resource so there is not a connection with some people having extreme wealth while many others live in poverty. Perhaps a better model would be to condiser wealth to be finite so those that have extreme wealth have more than their fair share which causes others to live in poverty.

  18. Slavery was Normal…Women did not vote..YES..POLITICS CAN CONTROL CORRP…JUST WE MUST PUSH for CHANGE!!

  19. Great talk… been with corporations for 30years and never seen the. walk the talk…. all window dressing

  20. The founding fathers believed in ‘Enlightened Self Interest’ the idea that in giving your wealth and prosperity to programs for aiding the common man you yourself would benefit by living in a better society.

    Then came Ayn Rand and took the ‘Enlightened’ out and people expect the system to still pay out

  21. Only way to guaranty Total Corporate Responsibility is to outlaw "Limited Liability" once and for all! Now, we have "human" corporations that have no soul or responsibility because no one in their employ and no one that invests in them are Liable for anything the company or their employees do. Once everyone from Board of Directors to janitors including stock holder is personally responsible, where their own houses, cars, yachts, planes are liable for the illegal and immoral actions of the corporations they work for or invest in, then we will have corporate responsibility.

  22. No one becomes rich by behaving like Jesus Christ! But rich people want was to think they are doing good!

  23. All the tech that makes yr smart-phone smart was funded by We the People thru gov't agencies. 1.Internet-DARPA, 2.TouchScreen-Project LoadStar [USAF],3.GPS-Project NAVSTAR[USN], 4. SIRI-reordering of SRI-Int'l [Stanford Research Institute-Int'l]. Private sector is great @ the D part of R&D, but they suck @ inventing new tech. We The People were the Venture Capitalists who funded all this tech, so where the hell is our ROI??

  24. If you think of corporations as organisms, they have more resources under a CEO's guidance than an individual citizen. The corporation organizes to dominate its environment. It's not until enough citizens are hurt in some way that they band together and have the grouped resources to enforce a change on the corporation. We need citizens to get some power back.

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