Cornelius Talks: How I Claimed My Home In An Anarchist Squatter Town

yeah I know it's windy as fuck dude it's crazy this just started and sorry about it I wish that but it wasn't so windy because then you could hear me a lot better next time and I didn't I I didn't have time to move all my stuff into my trailer where it's insulated and yeah hey anyway so today I'm here to talk about something that's asked asked to me a lot and it's it's in a form of a lot of different questions because it's a really complicated subject matter which is claiming your home your space territory whatever in an anarchist environment which is something that like that I did so I in case you are unfamiliar with me in my channel I moved into slab city library for now five years ago and built it up and it became my home and a lot of people like ask like oh who gave it to you where did you get it from like why is it yours so I wanted to just address that to you guys and again I'm totally off-grid and even having my own internet here and power is like feat of engineering ingenuity so alright so one thing that a lot of people ask me like why why is the library or it's like how did you get it so like I addressed in my V log yesterday it had been abandoned for a long time and I just kind of moved in but the things that people didn't know about just moving in was that there was a lot of a lot of things that I had to do after that such as there was a couple of people that were staying here at the time and the library was much smaller than it is now it was just a couple rooms and it was falling apart and there were two people who were occupying it and had been for a short amount of time and they were literally picking wood off of the walls and books off of the shelves to start their cooking fires that that was kind of kind of a challenge for me because they felt that they had superiority because they had been here for longer oh one of them kind of kept to himself and stayed out in the yard and whatever and I had to actively keep him from pulling the library apart and burning the wood from it and the books and the other person tried to insist that she was the true librarian and had been a librarian and she was just silly so she would try to show me up all the time and act like she was doing more for the library than I was like she'd she'd complained super loudly about about all the dust on the books like how she's sacrificing her physical health to take care of the library and she'd always always go on and on about that I I knew that she wouldn't last because the summer is incredibly hot and it's it drives people away and she had a lot of health problems so if you have a lot of health problems slab city in the summertime is really not the place for you because people die so I figured it would only be a matter of time before these people fucked off and I just kind of kept my head down and kept the library clean and safe and just didn't try to make waves and eventually they did leave while I was first occupying the space and even before the summer came during the springtime people that felt threatened by my presence for whatever reason would start a lot of rumors about me there was only a few people most people were really cool but there were a few people who took it upon themselves to try and make my life difficult and I also had a couple of the worst neighbors in history and that made things a lot more difficult it took they took a almost two whole years of occupying this space for rumors to start dying out and people to start accepting that that it's my space it there was a lot of times when people would challenge it like my worst neighbor ever ray I think you remember him from one of my videos I actually made a citizen's arrest of him a few years ago and he had pissed off so many people in town he would come into my house and tell me that it's not my house and I don't live here and he would try to challenge me so it took about almost two years of occupying this space for rumors to die down people to start respecting me as an actual slabber and that's what brings me to the next point is that to become a true slabber as it were it this isn't like set in stone there's not like a slab or Bible or anything like that but in general if you spent two consecutive summers in the slabs like you can call yourself a slab or because I mean Oh like doing one summer is one thing but like coming back for a second then you can consider yourself a slab that's I mean what is a slab or is somebody that can fucking hack it out here for two years basically and continues to come out here after that because I mean you can come in and be like I'm a slab or now like that's not how it works because it's it's a it's an endurance thing I chose to live on the outskirts of town because in the middle of town there's a lot of people and where there's a lot of people obviously there's gonna be a higher rate of bullshit so I'm on the edge of town and that suits me good but still there are people that come out through here and most of most thieves in Slab City are just opportunists they scare easy and they're just low-level like Raiders like in in video games like they're just low-level baddies it's not a big deal so you throw a rock at him and they scatter in the night whatever and it's not a big deal yeah there's fucking weirdos that try to steal from me but mostly they'll just look for if you've left your shovel out in the yard you know what I mean like if you if you just I mean if you just leave your stuff laying around like people are gonna be tempted to take it yeah it's just human nature you can't tempt people and get mad at them for it so what I've done is create more clear barriers and I also built a fence so people can only come in through one entrance or the other building my reputation over these past years has really been a big deterrent for opportunists as well I don't play around the population of slab city is different during different seasons like in the wintertime during the on season there's like a couple of thousand people out here that are here to party when it's nice and cool and about this time of year is the end of the season but it's been unusually cold right now and during the summer there's only about a hundred and fifty year round residents along with theirs along with a few a handful of people that are trying their first summer which is always really entertaining because every year you get people who are like I'm gonna be a real slabber now and I just moved here and I'm gonna stay here forever and it's like two people that have been here it's like yeah okay all right well we'll believe it when we see it it's kind of fun taking bets on like who will last how long yes the desert is a harsh mistress indeed especially when you're living off-grid I'm just gonna talk on this one like how I created my own address and recognized business place as just like a salvage library in the middle of a desert on an abandoned military base which I'm squatting so it was kind of tricky because I looked into it and I found out that the system kind of verifies based on itself so if you can get your address in the system in any way it they'll they'll use it to reference it like if I'm like if I started paying some kind of bill that proves that I've been living in a space I can bring that to a bank or the post office and open a bank account or a post office and once I do that then I can then like you know open up other accounts and stuff too or when I was going to like government offices I would write down my made-up address five five five Rosalie drive and just insist like when they would ask are you homeless I'd say no my address is 555 Rosalie Drive and I would keep saying like keep putting it in the system until the system recognized it and then eventually it got put on Google Maps and now I can get UPS and FedEx and I can get deliveries and stuff and I can open a bank account and I even got a court summons once which was pretty funny and I totally wanted to go but then they ended up not needing me so oh well mmm I don't know what next but I mean it's it's the first step toward kind of owning a space in the eyes of the law I guess and as far as the system is concerned this is my legitimate home address which is kind of cool Oh some of the challenges starting out I guess I could talk about getting power and stuff like when I first came to the library there was one shitty solar panel and I guess I I started trying to acquire more shitty solar panels through trade and through salvage eventually I had pieced together enough of a system to run basic stuff like computers and charge phones the battery bank was made up of salvaged car batteries it was I didn't even expect it to last a year but it lasted like 2 or 3 then a few years ago I did a fun Drive fundraiser here on YouTube and a bunch of my fans donated to set up with for Trojan deep-cycle batteries and a new inverter and charge controller which just completely revamped the system the solar panels are all still the same but I've added a few more salvaged panels that are in pretty rough condition but all together they do it they pretty good you know it's not pretty but it gets the job done and that's what I'm all about is working with what I got when I first came here I had just a Chevy 20 conversion van which broke down at the moment I pulled into into the library parking lot it broke down completely so I couldn't drive it away and I kind of figured like okay well I guess uh this is this is for real then I'm I'm staying here and I I had just what was in that van and no savings or anything if you look back in my old videos like I think it's my second video a day in the life of a rubber Tramp stuck in slabs I'm literally standing on a street corner flying a sign so I can get groceries for the week I ended up doing when I moved into the library was just I started basically my angle was I was doing kind of a trade shop with out of the library as well and bartering for things that I needed and also starting my YouTube channel to help put out the word that I was doing it and because of my publicity a lot of people in the area became interested and they would bring out tons of nice books and food and supplies and people from my youtube would send me stuff off my wish list was which was actually a huge part of my survival in that time I also did some odd jobs here and there to support myself and I did a work trade at the solar plant for a lot of my building materials which are really nice industrial building materials that you can see all over the library I've taken a lot of a lot of inspiration from East Jesus as it were like because in in that it's a art community at this point it started out as a camp built by Charles Russell and you know he was trying to just you know make his weird art and get away from fuckos and you know do his own thing and now it's like this whole huge establishment with tons of art installations and rooms and appliances and they have a huge power system so that's kind of where I see this going eventually is just to keep building on to the space and getting more people involved and building it out making it better more livable so more people will want to stay here and take care of it so that I can continue traveling when I can because I am a nomad at heart and that's that's what I like to do if you guys saw my Alaska series you know that I like to travel hard and that kind of my thing but I also really wanted to stay in one place and just see what I could build if I could you know stay it stay here and just put all of my life energy into a thing and see where it grew and it's still growing and I would like it to continue growing well that's uh all I have on that topic for this week thank you so much for joining me I'm gonna be doing more live streams and podcasts in the future sorry about the garbage quality of this one but thanks for sticking with me I really appreciate you guys definitely hit the the like and subscribe button if you haven't before and check out my merch it's linked in my description and yeah I guess I'll see you later guys bye

  1. I like when people take money and use it to further get themselves independent thus living by the ethos they claim. Building a solar buggy, an aqua setup, making their own diesel from waste oil.

    What i dont like is say taking $40 to buy tacos then being stoner teenager blase about it. Taking money to live in the moment. Maybe pack a lunch if youre gonna be out or buy the ingredients and cook for yourself for a fraction. Or making an appointment then asking for gas money to get there. Maybe get the means before you make the appointment. Doing things backward like this all the time is sketchy. Makes anarchism a joke and makes one become a caricature.

  2. To get delivery service mail there , how did it all get into Google maps, did they use a previous road map or an
    existing map?? Or have you changed the street names or added streets??

  3. Has any one ever offered to be your camera guy ,
    Like for real real .
    Any docudrama thoughts ? Cause that's what you
    got goin here already .
    Look I may seem like just another nut case ,well I am
    but .. what I'm saying is I'd like to talk to you normally
    Phone , Facebook , email , face to face , watever..
    I'm sure someone has said something about this to
    you but , I wouldn't change anything about , and a camera
    guy with some idea of filming and could pay his own way
    I should add , may bring this to another leave ,
    I've made these before , I'm basically just a shadow , I'm not
    there , you would own all rights and footage , idk. Just a thought..
    I can give you more info if you want , plus you and me are quite
    alike in the way we live , nomad ! Like I said , just a thought ,
    Plus I'm making my own auto bio now the other two I'm involved
    with cross over mine , so each of us have chapters that talk about
    each other's , in other words to read the bios of the different travels
    and travelers you can cross reference the different experiences
    and people through different bios , basically we are in each other's
    books for a chapter or two , so the thirty th chp in mine is same
    to the fiftyith in welchies … Hitchhiked from Maine to Miami , to
    Living in tents on dead Tor , one time I found my self working for
    Trents girl friend , ( NIN ) your great on camera , and your fans
    love you . I know what's up when I see that something in someone.
    The film school I went to was H.I.P. , well one of them ,
    Message me back if you've any ideas , …..

  4. Is the address the same for sending books, gift cards etc as on the old videos? I shared but want to keep it current

  5. Wonder if you could contact me. Coming to slab city on foot. Been getting there for a while now. Good videos. Just wanted to ask a few things. I'll be there soon tho. My e mail is [email protected]

  6. I hope to come visit you there soon. I left Florida a month ago and have been visiting family across the country, but I'm so stoked to come out there and meet you. I've always wanted to live like you do but I don't think I'd last. Lol

  7. I've been stuck on watching ur vids for the last 2 days…I'm developing a crush on ya…can't wait for ur next video!!

  8. New 🍎York Gypsy/the.season.of.autumn

    From God; sent to me just now ….

    Anarchy refers to a society, entity, group of people, or a single person that rejects hierarchy.[1] The word originally meant 'leaderlessness', but in 1840 Pierre-Joseph Proudhon adopted the term in his treatise What Is Property? to refer to a new political philosophy: anarchism, which advocates stateless societies based on voluntary associations.

    In practical terms, anarchy can refer to the curtailment or abolition of traditional forms of government and institutions. It can also designate a nation—or anywhere on earth that is inhabited—that has no system of government or central rule. Anarchy is primarily advocated by individual anarchists who propose replacing government with voluntary institutions.

  9. Anyone that can stay there during the summer is a true champ I know I couldn't do it ❤ ur videos corn!

  10. You are very well spoken for a slabber, glad you are living life your wife you only have one. How much rain do you guys get there, if any?

  11. 48 degrees celsius =

    118.4 degrees 

    Inside redditch i found outside was much nicer. I presume yours talking about outside. Hard but interestingly and durable. Its getting around fifty c. It feels like your getting somewhat heated above normal.

  12. Your atleast five times smarter than most Americans. Your a soldier. Keep going your an inspiration
    I love your input. I live in s town in the uk. Your strength is inspiring. Thank you for the effort you give.

  13. I came across your videos last spring between my stints of trying to get sober. Sometimes when things got hard and i couldn't face reality for a few minutes, i would watch your videos and kind of escape to the idea of being a nomad. I looked up to you for being a strong person. You have a fan here.

  14. Very curious about that process with the address eventually working. Has been a major frustration with travels over the years. Physical address for car insurance, dmv, etc. Great to hear that you figured out a way through it! 👍

  15. How would you feel if the gov. Came in and tore all that down? Wondering if you've thought about that?

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