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let's do socialism in America what's wrong with socialism there's only one thing wrong with it it's got to be run by people as you'll find out in this particular demonstration it seems to me that scripture describes in the Millenium a socialist government or something close to that theocratic socialism however it can only work if the one running the government is perfect and benevolent that's why socialism has always failed because the people the top became corrupted or were corrupted from the beginning but start out with Bernie Bernie Sanders which once again is prepared to take on and defeat a ruling class whose greed is destroying our nation well can you hear that all right it's a little low okay it's because I forgot to click the button here what he's saying there's probably quite true that's our problem corruption so let me take this opportunity to define for you simply and straightforwardly what democratic socialism means to me it means building on what Franklin Delano Roosevelt said when he fought for guaranteed economic rights for all Americans and it builds on what Martin Luther King jr. said in 1968 when he stated and I quote this country has socialism for the rich and rugged individualism for the poor and the poor my view of democratic socialism builds on the success of many other countries around the world who have done a far better job than we have in protecting the deeds of their working families their elderly citizens their children their sick and their poor democratic socialism means that we must reform a political system which is corrupt that we must create an economy that works for all not just the very wealthy anything wrong with that so it's really good don't you think let's go over to Bernie's new press secretary I'm just having a little trouble getting these videos in order who excuse me Belen sisa who is herself an illegal alien a dreamer she's a student in college and she is the new spokesperson for Bernie Sanders watch her replace individual rights with Tony government dominance Trump is a coward who hides behind lies and fear because everything he does is a failure what democratic socialism means to Bernie is having a government which represents all people not just the very wealthy democratic socialism is making sure that all of our people have health care as a right education as a right housing of the right and child care has the right that's what Bernie believes for Bernie democratic socialism does not mean that government should own the means of production it means that the middle class the working families and the working people who produced America's wealth deserve a fair share of it these lies have happened before in 1965 when President John Medicare and Medicaid conservatives like term attack these programs as a socialist threat to our American Way of life these programs provide health care to over 100 million senior citizens and working families in our far more popular than private insurance this isn't radical or news we can look at the example of countries like Finland and Sweden we're working people came together to make sure everyone benefited from the wealth being generated and all people are guaranteed health care a good education and the ability to take care of their family but this isn't just Europe book Costa Rica and Colombia guarantee healthcare to almost no co-pays or deductibles both countries the health care systems have been ranked higher than the US and even Fox News called health care in Costa Rica modern and state-of-the-art that's why it broke now yes country in the history of the world should not be able to do the same Donald Trump lies because he doesn't want you to remember he broke all his promises he said he would bring good health care I'm going to take care of everybody but he tried to throw 32 million people off their insurance he says he cares about Latin America they love me I love them but he is trying to overthrow governments in the region to orchestrate these regimes hired the man who covered up the assassinations of Archbishop Romero in lie about the N Mosul to Massacre in Istanbul Lord that killed seven hundred civilians this man also lied about the genocide in Guatemala as a for a death squads that committed war crimes in Nicaragua Donald Trump partners with more criminals rips babies from their mothers and puts children in cages while Trump lies Bernie ask the important questions like why do we have grotesque levels of income and wealth inequality why are millions of people leaving school deeply in debt why do we have the highest rate of childhood poverty of almost any major country on earth why do we have more people in jail than any other country why do women continue to make 79 cents on the dollar why are we addressing the crisis of climate change together we can create a society where everyone has the right to live in security and dignity sounds good see what's next Minister for example China and North Korea by definition there has never been a true communist country so what exactly is communism and how does it relate to socialism well it may be easier to explain what the two have in common both ideologies originate from a desire to limit worker exploitation and lower or eliminate the influence of economic classes in society there are dozens of variations on both communism and socialism based on the different ways these ideologies are implemented in different countries there Stalinism Lenin Trotskyism maoism and others which are essentially all versions of Marxism coupled with various styles of revolution Karl Marx was an economist and philosopher who co-wrote the communist manifesto among other foundational books on communism in short his theory centered around the idea that as Europe transitioned from centralized monarchies to quasi democratic capitalist economies workers were being exploited by those who owned the means of production so if you work in a factory or on a farm as many at the time did whoever owns the factory or farm is getting more out of the worker than they're putting in this creates an inherent inequality giving the owners who Marx called the bourgeoisie power over the workers called the proletariat in Marxism to fix this inequality society must shift towards a model where the proletariat hold this power instead by collectively controlling the means of production that's where socialism and communism come into play according to Marx socialism is a precursor to communism and the next logical step after capitalism in socialism a democratic state controls the means of production rather than having private companies hold ownership instead of competing with each other as in a capitalist society socialism has workers contribute as much as they can to the greater good and then they all share equally in that good variations of this idea are already popular within capitalist societies in the form of universal health care or social services like fire departments and schools funded by taxes while the use of these services is unequal everyone is equally responsible for contributing to them based on their ability or level of income so that's socialism but once the state controls all the means of production the next step is total collective ownership not just a production but all aspects of society and economy including private property the intention of abolishing private property is a classless moneyless and stateless society where everyone works towards the same collective goal of being healthy happy and free everybody does what they can to contribute and takes only what they need in return as I said before there are no true communist countries and there never have been every so-called communist country is actually a socialist country with the state controlling employment and economy to some degree even the widely referred to communist Russia was actually called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in short socialism and communism are not altogether different rather most schools of economics consider socialism to be a precursor to communism once the state has enough control over society and economy but this total control is a major reason that socialist countries struggle to reach this ideal corruption is rampant in countries like the former USSR Venezuela Vietnam in North Korea largely due to people in power abusing that power instead of using it to help the society they control and refusing to give up that power to the people nonetheless socialist ideals have seen incredible success when paired with capitalism in countries like Sweden and Canada the human hurdle of overcoming power and greed and government is the biggest reason we've never seen a true communist country so which countries have been labeled communist and how do they actually live up to their reputations find out in this video to the right thanks for watching now this world don't forget to Like and subscribe for more videos like this every week hold your comments one line capitalism is based on human greed socialism is based on human need right no log so wrong it's exactly backwards and I'll prove it to you men on Amazon lately each of the thousands of products amazon offers represents the work of people who believe they have something you want or need if they're right they prosper if they're wrong they don't that's how the free market works it encourages people to improve their lives by satisfying the needs of others no one starts a business making a thing or providing a service for themselves they start a business to make things or provide services for others now I speak from personal experience when I was the CEO of the company that owns Carl's jr. and Hardee's restaurant chains we spent millions of dollars every year trying to determine what customers wanted if our customers didn't like something we changed it and fast because if we didn't our competitors would pun intended eat us for lunch the consumer that's you has the ultimate power in effect you vote with every dollar you spend in a socialist economy the government has the ultimate power it decides what you get from a limited supply it decides should exist instead of millions of people making millions of decisions about what they want a few people government elites decide what people should have and how much they should pay for it not surprisingly they always get it wrong have you ever noticed that late stage socialist failures always run out of essential items like toilet paper of course this isn't a problem for those who have the right connections with the right people those chosen few get whatever they want but everyone else is out of luck Venezuela once the richest country in South America is the most recent example of socialism driving a prosperous country into an economic ditch now maybe you think it's an unfair example I'm not sure why but okay we'll ignore the fact that leftist activists celebrated it as a great socialist success right up until it wasn't but what about Western European countries don't they have socialist economies people seem pretty happy there why can't we have what they have free health care free college stronger unions good question and the answer may surprise you there are no socialist countries in Western Europe most are just as capitalist as the United States the only difference and it's a big one is that they offer more government benefits than the US does we can argue about the cost of these benefits and the point at which they reduce individual initiative thus doing more harm than good scan Naviance have been debating those questions for years but only a free-market capitalist economy can produce the wealth necessary to sustain all of the supposedly free stuff Europeans enjoy to get the free stuff after all you have to create enough wealth to generate enough tax revenue to pay for everything the government gives away without capitalism your Venezuela in a 2015 speech at Harvard Denmark's prime minister took great pains to make this point I know that some people in the u.s. associate the Nordic model with socialism therefore I would like to make one thing clear Denmark is far from a socialist plant economy Denmark is a market economy so when you point to Denmark as a paragon of socialism you're really singing the praises of capitalism the more capitalism the less socialism you need look at America since 2017 a policy of lower taxes and less government regulation that's more capitalism has led to a robust economic expansion something thought impossible just a few years earlier unemployment notably among minority groups typically most at-risk for poverty is at a generational low economic expansion gets people off welfare and into work that's less socialism none of this requires a degree in economics common sense is all you need that's why it's so frustrating to see young people praising socialism and criticizing capitalism it's bad enough that they're working against their own interests better job prospects better wages personal freedom but they're also working against the interest of the less fortunate capitalism leads to economic democracy socialism leads to the economic dictatorship of the elite always and everywhere so beware would you ask for you just might get it I'm Andy poster the author of the Capitol has come back for Prager University hello and welcome back to life's biggest questions I'm Ron McKenzie lafurgey the United States are in a rather turn up in the time lately with the left and the right being increasingly polarized many voices on the right are speaking up against the possibility that communism could rise in the u.s. many see this as an extreme and unrealistic overreaction to the ideas being put forth by the far left but to some this sounds like a fairy tale others believe that this is the direction in which the country is moving led by the radical left and it's true that the left is engaging in certain things that could be considered signs of a communist revolution with many Marxist sentiments on the rise for example some claim that cultural Marxism has become rather prevalent on the Left this refers to bringing about changes in the attitudes in schools government and media to open the gates to other Marxist policies and this argument does have its merits many far-left movements have taken to turning aspects of life into those with power versus those without power similar to the proletariat and bourgeoisie of Marxism however a number of people disagree with this assessment claiming that they are merely trying to achieve equity or social justice to think that those accusing the left of cultural Marxism are doing the same thing that Nazis did when accusing the Jewish people of spreading communism in Germany either way the fear of the rise of communism remains what's so scary about communism well it generally just doesn't work at least economic collapse and often serious violations committed on the people it's often argued that this is because the idea of communism goes against human nature people generally aren't interested in doing things for others without a reward and this often leads to substandard conditions in communist countries eventually it tends to devolve into a few greedy people taking advantage of others sounds familiar however many proponents of communism claim that human nature changes to fit its environment that if it was attempted in a country with an abundance of resources like the u.s. the citizens would realize the abundance and be content these people point to other areas where humans denied their selfish nature such as labor laws and the abolishment of slavery we move past survival of the fittest in some areas moving instead to help those in need however it's one thing to change a policy in the name of helping others it's very different to change an entire country or perhaps an entire world unfortunately many believe that if America became communistic and the rest of the world didn't things would not go well this decision would not only have implications within the US but for other countries as well America is a global economic powerhouse essentially the king of capitalism for sudden conversion from a capitalist economy to a socialist system would have a huge impact on the global economy if the other countries refused to shift there's a good chance that the world economy would suffer greatly or else the US would lose a great deal of influence but this reason many believe that for the u.s. to successfully shift to communism the rest of the world would need to convert as well this could be achieved in a few ways the US could reach out and attempt to convince other countries to transition as well this would be difficult since communism is deemed unrealistic by most countries another option however is one that has been attempted several times over the years conversion by force countries like the Soviet Union and China have attempted to spread communism in the past often using force to bring about change the US could attempt to spread their communism in this way bringing about a third world war depending on which countries went along with the ideological change peacefully this could go either way but as is true of most wars it would be a terrible thing for the world the fact remains however that pretty much every example of communism we've seen has gone rather poorly mass starvation was quite common in these countries in Mao's China as many as 45 million people died of famine between 1958 and 1962 it's even led to some highly immoral acts in communist countries with significant communist nations like the Soviet Union and China slaughtering millions of innocent people under communist regimes communism essentially requires a group of people to have incredible amounts of power which tends to lead to the abuse of set power it is possible that the US would come upon many of these problems as well although on the other hand the vast abundance of resources in the u.s. could help to make communism possible however let's imagine that the u.s. converted to communism and the world followed suit how might life look in the US well there's a good chance that many of those currently advancing arguably Marxist policies would be in for a rude awakening it's unlikely that the Utopia of equality many picture in their ideal world would come to pass many of those who are most involved in the spread of far-left Paul these tend to be rather well-off these people may be disappointed when a station is decreased in the communist society particularly if wealth was distributed globally many of the poorest people in America today are still doing far better than many people in Haiti so this could be good news for Haiti but not so much for the US of A and then we return to our question what if America was communist well it would not be easy in US history the u.s. is one of the least likely countries to adopt communism and even without the history of anti-communist propaganda communism slack of success in other countries makes it rather unappealing but if for some reason the u.s. did become communist its abundance of resources could help it to be the first successful communist country on the other hand it could be the end of the United States as we know it if the lack of drive to succeed caused a weakening and crumbling of the economy and if wealth was distributed globally the people of the United States and many Western countries would be in for a rude reminder of just how well-off they have been thank you for watching life's biggest questions I hope this was interesting and informative and maybe even inspired you to look into it further on your own did you like this video please thumbs up and subscribe to the channel down below while you're down there let me just one more in all of those kinds of things if you know that I'm pretty much a I'm pretty much a capitalist Pig I'm a capitalist I believe in capitalism and people always think that they don't understand why cuz Dave you're for the little guy if you're out there you're a consumer advocate you're the one that protects the people who've gotten beat up and beat down and so why would you be for capitalism because I'm a pragmatist I'm practical I believe in things that work that's what a pragmatist is and if you're too much of a pragmatist you can do things that work even if they're not moral and so we don't wanna go that far obviously and capitalism can take the form of amoral meaning where people in their freedom use it to mistreat people rather than use their freedoms to help people but let me help you with this folks the United States of America is the largest group of wealthy people ever in the history of the world the largest group of wealthy people ever in the history of the world there's some statistics for you if you make a household income of $34,000 you're in the top 1% of income earners in the world if you make eleven thousand dollars a year which puts you substantially below the poverty line you're in the top 14 percent of people in the world income wise this is the largest group and you're one of them if you're listening to me the largest group of wealthy people say we think wealthy people are millionaires but now if you make thirty four thousand dollars of your household income you're in the top 1% of income earners in the world now why is it that the United States of America in spite of all of our warts and our flaws has reached that point was it just luck was it random no it's a combination of two things freedom / capitalism three things if you want to get technical freedom in capitalism but the freedom in capitalism undergirded by oh by our judeo-christian ethic so whether you believe in God or whether you're a person of faith or not really doesn't matter in this discussion right now you are still the benefit a the beneficiary of a group of people who do here's what I mean the very essence of our legal system is biblically based the very essence of our economic system is biblically based and the very essence of capitalism when it's done right is biblically based translation you tell the truth and you serve people of faith have worship service customer companies who win have customer service service serving is at the core of capitalism when it's done properly then it has done properly more times than it has not done properly it doesn't make the news when someone does a great job waiting on the table but if you go out to a nice restaurant and the waiter the server does a great job your leave appreciation in the form of a tip in the form of profit when someone fixes your heating and air you appreciate them for doing that and you pay them for the work which includes profit that they use to feed their family and put braces on their kids and pay for their kids college and buy a car so when someone serves and someone tells the truth those are judeo-christian ethics that doesn't stand true for all forms of faith and it doesn't stand for true for all cultures that judeo-christian ethic underpinning of telling the truth and serving combined with the freedoms that we've had in this country and combined with capitalism listen to this carefully gives the little man the best shot that he's ever had in the history of the world I know this because I'm the little man when Sharon and I got married we were broke we had nothing I became a millionaire by the time I was 26 years old I was so stupid I lost everything I had to do it twice some of you only have to do it once I talked to a guy the other day that had several million dollars in his mutual funds he was 70 years old he never made over $70,000 in his lifetime but he invested and saved in mutual funds every single month you was a plumber capitalism gives the little men the best shot at not only survival but at prosperity in the history of the world no time can you find where communism has done that where the government provides everything and evens everything out everyone gets an economic trophy everyone's the same we all have the same clothes we all have the same cars we all have the same jobs in the government is the owner that's communism and one step in between that and capitalism is called socialism where the government provides you a lot of things too many things that it can't afford to do so capitalism is far superior for you and for me so that's why I prefer capitalism you don't fit believe me visit several of the wonderful countries we call romantic in Europe and look at their economic systems and look at how the people are doing it's not really very romantic honestly pretty much sucks this is the Dave Ramsey show here's my experience when I was at late-teen I was an educated person I mean I kept up with current events and the world system and at that time the Soviet Union and East Germany were continually boasting about how their economy was producing and how they were able to take care of the poor through socialism and of course the leaders of the socialist countries at that time Soviet Union East Germany in particular but there are many more always gave the glory for these things not to the system but rather to whoever was leading the system Stalin Hitler and in Asia Pol Pot and Ho Chi Minh you know and Chairman Mao were like icons in their country and the propagandists we're trying to set them up as gods some like in North Korea became gods through stringing together generation of people from the same family I had an opportunity to go to communist country then I got a scholarship to go to Europe in a student Orchestra and we travelled through 15 16 different countries but the treat of the whole thing was supposed to be going through checkpoint charlie which was the it was the gateway between East Berlin which was communist in West Berlin which was democratic so going through that gate taking 17 hours in the middle of that to have every bit of luggage checked everything that we had on our person and interviews with everybody there finally we got through to East Berlin and because I was informed and I listened to the propaganda I was expecting something of a utopia there where the poor people had their chance and what they had was doled out by the government and look I didn't even have enough money to buy a decent guitar hat so I'm thinking well maybe this is the system we need but when I got in there everything was stark and gray the buildings of Berlin some were still in the same condition as they were after the Second World War gray it's as though there was no color in anything and even the sites that had been so prevalent before the war for you to go visit they were rundown and they just weren't working and so I had an opportunity to meet kids there my own age 17 18 years old on the streets they are very afraid he would come out and they're hope reasons for coming out was to try to exchange currency and their willingness to give X number of marks for an American dollar because the American dollar could buy something whereas their marks couldn't the government was supplying everything they supposedly needed but it looked to me with these kids in the middle of a German capital they didn't have anything their clothes were all torn up they were dirty it's like they lived on the streets but they didn't live on the streets this is the way their homes were and so we did then go into Czechoslovakia to Prague one of the most beautiful cities in the world and I saw more of the sand except for one difference on the street corners were still guard towers guard towers that held machine gunners to keep the people dissatisfaction from turning into riotous action and the young kids are still doing the same thing trying to change their money for ours and we were put up in the communist International Hotel in Prague and I was told that ah there might be bugs in the world so I look and sure enough there was a little hole in the wall and flashing my flashlight in there you could see the electronic device every room was hooked up with an electronic device the rest of the kids that were there they all found the same thing what I did I could have got in big trouble if I poured water in there and stuffed it full of Kleenex not that I thought they were going to hear anything from me but just simply because they didn't like the whole idea we were watched every minute by soldiers and guards and even coming into Czechoslovakia I was asleep in the back of the bus and I was abruptly awakened by the slap of the face and when I opened my eyes here was a Czech Czech soldier standing over me demanding from me in Czech which I didn't understand my passport in my papers and he had gone through the rest of the bus and gotten them from everybody but I was asleep and to wake up to that and thinking why this would never happen in the United States with all these people looking on I was dismayed and when I came back that was the end of my flirtation with socialism because as one of those commentators said socialism to take the next step is communism from where the workers own everything supposedly to where the government owns everything in this country we have a lot of socialism now as was expressed our Social Security system our healthcare under Obamacare was completely socialized and the one spokesman the spokesman for Bernie Belen she said under Trump 45 million people lost their insurance well that was because of Obamacare and you know we've had nothing but complaints about that ever since I myself in finance in great measure by the socialist system of Social Security it's necessary I put into that system my whole life I ought to be able to get something out but then again doing the numbers crunching the numbers you'll find that most people can live to the age of 240 years and never get in what they put out and the Social Security system is bankrupt anyway which it was a system that the funds are supposed to be held in perpetuity but they weren't this is because government leaders in their greed took from the poor to finance their own programs of whatever they happen to be and look at some of our politicians today they're making huge amounts of money from communist countries like China and Ukraine which is a member of the former Soviet Union you see one in particular the Biden and his family they have collected billions of dollars here from these countries and we know about the Clintons and this Russian collusion and so forth the very sins of these certain people they are trying to put on other people who are innocent to deflect from their own corruption and greed of the past now we need to get into these things and these people need to be punished I don't even need to tell you who but the thing that has been not so surprising but upsetting to me is to hear the contenders for the presidency talking about socialism and all the wonderful benefits a person is going to get from that and that could be true except as we said before the characteristic of socialism that is always in question is who is leading it who is the government communism one step away from socialism when the government takes complete control after the people fail do you want those people to be taking the reins of the government in a socialist state but that's what they claim everyone on the side of one party are claiming socialism as their ground and even democratic socialism as you heard Bernie say but you remember what the name of the Nazi Party was they called it their National Socialist Party and we who've lived a little bit know about the five and ten-year plans of the Soviet Union and that those plans were other failures I remember that there was a crop failure in the Soviet Union that United States chipped in and gave millions and millions of tons of wheat over there just to stave off the starvation of the 70s and some forty two million people died in that system of starvation over that ten years same with China it's worse there China is cracking down more and more especially on the churches right now there is a state China Christian Church called the three-self movement and now my brother tells me who's been working in China for years that the state is even cracking down on its own in bringing ministers in and people and putting them in prison and causing the homegroups to be people in the home groups to be arrested in their houses burned on account of this so that's my experience and I want to leave it there and hear what your opinion is about especially the rise of communism in America and if you can't come up with anything I've got a few clues to help you out who's first wait 10 seconds 1 2 3 nobody down yeah I know you were well I've lived through 20 years of this as a matter of fact I remember the grain issue in which we had to dispense grain to Russia to keep that massive starvation somewhat at bay and you gave a number move that number again it was a very accurate number because I remember 42 million 42 million that's what they said on that one of those videos I thought the number was higher for whatever reason but the fact of the matter is those of us who are in their late 40s early to mid 50s and 60s we remember this stuff we remember watching the the day Tiananmen Square issues of Tiananmen Square we remember the day that the wall fell down separating East and West Germany we remember lion night vegetative we remember Yuri and dropper Andrei Gromyko and these people were not nice people okay we will we remember Fidel Castro we remember who's that guy helmet was it's Mina Cole was the president of East Germany Haarlem when we were growing up but we remember the issues I've gotten an opportunity I got an opportunity to go to Romania and compete in a wrestling tournament in Romania and the tournament was held inside the place where the communist government during all those times they held their meetings okay and so it was a big deal to go inside of there and you know about everything that happened with Romania and this was just after of the Ceausescu regime you know was overthrown so to be able to go there and not in one night or two and to participate in this type of stuff it was something and just like you said you're right the buildings are dark gray and dreary um the things are broken down and these were once upon a time before pre-world War two that it those countries were very beautiful countries but when communism gets their hands on things they literally choke the life out of them that's no joke folks I've been to South Korea where you can go and you can look over into North Korea and you can see the stark difference between South Korea and North Korea hearing what you hearing today coming out of note North Korea I'm not surprised I'm not surprised at all so you know I've gotten an opportunity to go to Budapest I'm hungry you know what happened in 1956 yeah and and hungry and the when they took over those lands they literally choked burned and crushed the life of these places so when I hear and what upsets me it's when I hear african-americans champion socialism champion communism and you know we've been through a new we go through enough as it is and although things were not equal at times in this country this is still the best country right now to be in the state do you heard the man talk on the video even somebody poor like you are had limited income like myself it still in these other countries would be considered wealthy don't forget that and African Americans and young people but young of both groups who do not know the civil rights struggle who do not know the American struggle and a lot of this is because they have stopped teaching history in the schools these young people do not know history they don't remember the back and forth they remember the Russian and US hockey game in 1980 they don't remember those things they don't know about those things because in some way shape or form we failed our young people and this is why they coming out of college with debt this is why they happened to do a lot of the stuff that they're doing now because we didn't properly educate them when they went into college some of them needed to go to trade school rather than to go to college alright you know so that's my experience with coming coming viewing communism by going and being a part of situations that will allow me to visit different countries so we are blessed and we need to remember that you have been all over the place if you got into Romania at that time that's astounding you remember what they did Ceausescu oh yes they shot in the did they not they custom out and you can oh you can go and find the video and you could hear the cursing and you know what he did him in this only they didn't go out like no what you're going to do with they was cussing and carrying on back but in the middle of the in the middle of the exchange and that's how they killed Nicolae Ceausescu in his wife so yeah I got a chance to go in there was a I got another opportunity to go into a communist country to study their criminal justice system but I didn't go it was a summer program and I was going to be there all that summer and I was not necessarily comfortable at the time even then with going to a communist country and staying for an experience an extended period of time usually I would go in there not being there for two weeks or three weeks or even a month but I would have been in there for a while I was been there for a couple of months and I didn't feel comfortable with that so you know I've gotten an opportunity to go a lot of places I'm even even that somebody talked about Scandinavia I've been to Scandinavia on more than one occasion okay and while they say that it is a market economy I would still venture to say that it's a socialist economy so to a greater extent in here yes exactly exactly so there are my thoughts on it thank you very good thoughts anybody else yeah I'll say something I thought the history of these things how they don't work should say enough about why we should not completely embrace them we already have is the video said there are many socialist things in that are that are part of our system right now it's probably an that is that way we shouldn't go totally one way or totally communist or anything like that because one of the videos pointed out it's not gonna really work it's not gonna work at all you know we don't have the technology for something like that to even possibly work and even if you did you know who would control it it's all about control you get you know small group of people controlling a large group of people and all the resources of course you've got Stalinism Leninism Trotskyism you know whatever those are now put anybody's name on it you want there if they're the leader and it doesn't work how about Warren ISM wouldn't you feel pretty good if we had a socialist or communist country and Elizabeth Warren was running you know she's got a real good heart she's very meek and mild that's what scares me go ahead the thing about the heart that Jeremiah 17:9 however you are you know at least in the messer etiquettes says it's deceitfully wicked who can know it so the intentions of people you know they might be acting a lot of people Act then when they get in power find out that is not at all what they have in mind right let's think about religion and socialism right now for a moment and I'm thinking here in the United States and the election coming up next year and I'm thinking about again the Democrat Party and their social principles and they're about what they claim as personal religion do you know anything about that are these candid it's people of faith or they climb climbing the hill king of the hill go ahead Desmond um I was gonna say that you know it does say to give to the poor needy and you know it seems like this idea of socialism it must of a row somewhere from that because if you didn't have that kind of moral fortitude why would you give to anyone that wasn't your own type deal um and then we see in mark where it says the poor will always be among you and it's coming from I think Deuteronomy like 11 or maybe 15 or something like that where it says they'll never cease to be poor among you and he commands us to open our hands to our brothers and the poor in the needy so it seems like this idea it definitely comes from the AH way and it comes from his instructions but when it says that type of thing and Deuteronomy 15 that's 15 11 I just pulled it up um and it says to the poor and needy to your brother and to the poor needy in your land well what is your land I mean of course when he's talking then it you could assume it's the people of the Land of Israel there 180 there um but if we look at ourselves as is our land right now is it our country is it our state is it our city is it the entire world and I think that's a question we should look at what is our land the only thing that we could hope for in a socialist United States is that the people who were elected and our top on top would have what the one commentator said judeo-christian background and I think that those people at least from their public appearances that whole attitude is very much lacking they promise and promise but they don't seem to have it in their heart especially in these political speeches lately it seems more like hatred idiots total hatred and to answer your question Desmond it starts at home and I've always been taught that charity starts at home it starts in your home it starts in your city it starts in your state and then it goes to your nation that that that's what it says your land it's it's where you are for the people that was being written to at the time it says when you go into the land the Land of Israel but remember we've been kicked out we've been dispersed so where is our land Jeremiah tells you he tells you to do good in the land in so which ensued in which you had been driven so the land is yes your house your city your state and your nation if you're able but if you're not able it starts out your house your city and the people that you run into dad why do you think the poor are so drawn to this idea especially yeah okay can you all hear me okay yes okay raise your voice raise your volume a little bit more okay hold on no yeah you're good saundra you're doing okay so in the book the coming of the New Deal it talks about the protocols of the Elders of Zion which is basically a communist manifesto the world sounds like a pinky and the brain but the the protocols of the Elders of Zion came out of Bolshevik Revolution and they were smuggled into Germany and they believe that that's one of the things that Hitler studied to get his his mad plan but one of the things that they suggested that I found very interesting was that they said that when basically what it did was it created corporate America and the thing that it did to our society was it changed the church and their attitude from how can we help you to what can you do for us and we see a lot of that nowadays everybody wants to know what the other guy can do for them but not necessarily how you can help the other guy for sure it was suggested that the great crash of the 20s was the spiritual ramifications of the protocols of the Elders of Zion and the concept of corporatism in America and and that's why we had the big crash so it's definitely something to pay attention to I know that now that the protocols of the Elders of Zion I studied them I don't know 30 years ago now they're like oh no that's the that's the Jews and they're out to get everybody but I don't honestly believe that that's where it came from so they're right we can't change other people but but until we create a community asking how we can help others yeah we're just not going to prosper and something else that needs to be pointed out and this was my main contention with the church when I was in the church was you know everybody's supposed to be prosperous but Yahweh says I I give to each according to their lot and don't ask me where that's at in the Bible it's somewhere in the New Testament but you know that has a great bearing and I honestly believe that for our lot to change thank you I want to do um there was something in about Jackson's last question about the leaders and the socialism thing and I think that whereas some may come from a good heart more perspective you know trying to do what God wants or trying to do it with the father ones get away and but some of them I think we're just trying to get votes and they know that they'll get more votes from people if they give them stuff than if they don't give him stuff so that's a I made it he says he puts over the the rulers are the lowest of men he puts over us so I would tend towards the latter argument they're being trying to get votes than it is for some kind of selfless giving type idea yeah have you noticed how it seems like they want to give something and then the next time they're up somebody one up so and then they want to give more and give more and now two illegal aliens they want to give not even citizenship they want to give them ID cards and driver's licenses and two felons and everybody else all these people are trying to appeal to everybody and each one of these candidates wants to give more and more stuff that they can't possibly give and they will never have and you're right I don't think it's out of an attitude of judeo-christian ethics I think it's like you said it's out of the ethics of getting popular enough to get a high office for prestige power and a greater share exactly but for people that that are posed with the communist ideas usually by rabble rousers they flock to this because they don't have anything and they're ignorant and yes these ideas are very attractive to me personally yes I'd like to have these things definitely but when it comes right down to it the promise are never fulfilled and they never can be unless you have rulers that are completely sold out to the principles of the scripture that would work and it probably will work in the Millennium such situation but it's never going to work in this world it never has another thing about the Scandinavian countries that they always put up as socialist utopia these are not socialists they are free market economies but as that commentator said they give more to the people and they take more from the people that can give in order to do that now why is it that these are rich people are touting socialism when they know that it means 7080 percent tax rate etc why because they're again playing on the ignorant of the people anybody else we got time for one more I don't know who was speaking they were saying why why are they promising all this okay so here's the bottom line in the book the idols for destruction he talks about the debt or wealth redistribution the wealth cannot the wealthy cannot get rich if we are wealthy they can only get rich if we're in debt by creating more debt they load their balance sheet to the positive so they're going to offer all this stuff up they're going to get the votes because the newer generations want the free stuff what that's going to do is put us farther into debt and load their balance sheets that's why Dave Ramsey says or tries to help people get out of debt because it was so easy to get in I was in that I got out I have a quick the only way to do it is to do what Dave Ramsey says get out of debt and then you can load your balance sheet instead of theirs Thank You Sandra I have a question about on weighty matters is it more of a weighty matter that if you're in debt to pay back to those you owe or to give to those in need even if you own you say you're wondering if I'm sorry well yeah that I mean yeah that was that was kind of my question is that if you're in debt then you know what comes first paying off the debt that you owe to people that you've borrowed or helping the needy even though you still owe stuff to other people and if the United States is in debt like up to their eyeballs I mean how can it's just the idea of what's what's weightier paying off your debt first and then helping the needy or helping the needy and then paying off your debt it's a matter of balancing this is another thing Ramsey teaches about he he never says to quit giving but you give according to your means and I would say probably if you don't have it you should hold up on your giving until you can part of the reason you can't is because you're in debt or you're cash-poor as most of us are yes I have some of his stuff as well it's good it's good some of us would consider it impossible to get out of debt because of but we're so deep in or our cash flow is so low about how about the idea of taking debt to give to the needy like you don't have any money but you can go get a loan and give it to someone who needs money would it be right to take on debt or Nene no we have to do what Yahweh says which she's right to pass cash-outs probably not the best idea I've been taking on that so many times I could tell you stories and I Desmond you and I have already kind of talked about this before but you've got to listen to the father in that you've also got to be practical and think critically right it's time for us to go now and I thank you for attending and I hope you enjoyed that presentation and you're a little more informed about some of these things especially about history of the past and that we don't want to repeat a future of Soviet or communist or even socialist type economies and so maybe we continue on next week thank you again we all will be with


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