Contraception Contradicts Capitalism?

liberal viewer presents so last week the Obama administration proposed an even bigger exception to the requirement in Obamacare that employee health plans include free birth control along with other kinds of preventive care the exception is for religious institutions who claim they have a First Amendment right to decide if their employees health insurance plans can even cover contraception at all and as I showed in my video last February even the Obama administration's original exception for religious employers was most likely constitutional and this broader exception for even just religiously affiliated institutions like hospitals and colleges is even more likely constitutional so hopefully social conservatives will accept it economic conservatives on the other hand still misunderstand the cost issues as represented by the argument of karl rove last week on fox news's on the record with greta van susteren we're both Karl Rove and his Fox News host seemed unable to wrap their free-market dogma around the idea that providing free preventive care like birth control ends up saving money even misleading their viewers into thinking they will be paying higher costs as you can see here women who work at these religious institutions who want contraception they can get a separate insurance policy to cover the contraception however and they don't have to pay for they don't pay for it and neither do their employers well somebody's got to pay for it and the way it the way at least it looks like is that the Obama administration things sorted the largesse of the insurance industry that they will pick up the freight but somebody's picking up the freight well let's be honest about we all are we're socializing the cost of this insurance by saying insurance companies to have to provide it they're not going to provide it free they're going to charge all the other people in their customer base for it so this is a way to take the cost associated with something that's popular contraception particularly for younger women and and and have somebody else pick up the tab and in our society we audibility emphasize personal responsibility if you want it you can have it you have to pay for it and it's your responsibility only someone is twisted as Karl Rove could somehow find that those trying to prevent unplanned pregnancies are the ones against personal responsibility but Karl Rove's misunderstanding of the savings from free contraception sounded really for me because the day after I made my video last February on this issue my right wing Polly pop colleague Lee Doran uploaded a video to us how the world works channel also making the mistaken argument that free birth control increases the cost of health insurance as you can see in this clip there's no reason to force any insurance company any at all forget about religious reasons to basically mandate that the insurance companies pay for individuals contraception now I know many of you people are saying well what about stuff like you know birth control or the pill look some insurance companies do pay for that but it's about the issue is who's going to the site is the government going to force an employer to maybe buy more expensive health insurance or the health insurance is going to have to cover the cost so they're gonna have to pay more it doesn't make any sense and that doesn't make any sense which I tried to point out to leave with several comments post it to his video at the time but I don't think we ever fully accepted the power of free birth control to save money and he kept bringing up this free-market Dogma about wanting women to be forced to choose the cheapest birth control which in this case gets the incentives all backwards when more expensive more effective contraception actually saves money in the long run and on that last point a great study came out at the end of last year from one of my alma mater 's Washington University in st. Louis as part of the contraceptive choice project fighting the high costs of unplanned pregnancies described in their YouTube video like this unintended pregnancy has national consequences half of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned that's three million unplanned pregnancies a year and US taxpayers currently pay 11 billion dollars annually to cover unplanned births but not all unplanned pregnancies are followed by birth more than 40 percent and an abortion that equals 1.2 million abortions in the United States every year so three million unplanned pregnancies a year costing 11 billion dollars a year and leading to over a million abortions a year means that better access to birth control could potentially lead to huge savings especially when women have free access to long-acting reversible contraceptives or larks like IUDs and implantable hormones which have much lower failure rates because they remove the human error from having to take a pill everyday or put on a condom every time the data showed that providing free access to all forms of birth controls including larks led to impressive savings as you can see in this clip the contraceptive choice project in st. Louis provided nine thousand two hundred fifty six female participants with education and access to all birth control methods at no cost without knowledge or cost barriers 75% of choice participants chose LARC methods and because the majority of women in choice use the most effective methods their unplanned pregnancy rate was only thirty five for one thousand women compare that to the national rate of fifty two per 1000 women and remember those 1.2 million abortions that's the same as the national rate of 20 per 1,000 women choice participants had an abortion rate of only six per 1000 women if women nationwide had access to LARC methods we could potentially prevent up to 1 million 60,000 370 unplanned pregnancies and 870 3,250 abortions every year wow that's a huge savings both in terms of billions of dollars and the ability of women to control their futures but it requires that women not have incentives to buy the cheapest kinds of birth control instead for the most effective kinds because these LARC methods require a visit with the doctor and several hundred dollars of upfront costs who achieved the huge long-term savings and lower health insurance premiums but even armed with all this recent evidence I was still unable to persuade Lee Doran that his free-market Dogma doesn't apply to money saving preventive care like birth control with Lee referring me to a Wall Street Journal article by conservative economist John Cochran based on the same false premises like quote every increase in coverage means an increase in premiums unquote somehow these free marketeers are blinded to the limits of capitalism like the way short-term market forces can act on individuals to cause huge long-term societal costs and that's just what former Vice President Al Gore was talking about in a recent interview on The Daily Show explaining both the strengths and the weaknesses of capitalism in this clip the alternatives to capitalism also have been found wanting capitalism of course we all know it allocates resources efficiently balances supply and demand more conducive with our levels of freedom and it unlocks a higher fraction of the human potential but in spite of that it is now associated with market disruptions that are bigger and more frequent with short-term decisions that really hurt the economy with the mission Mis measurement of value misalignment of incentive and that's all true despite the strengths of capitalism short-term incentives don't always match up with the lowest long-term costs whether it's choosing cheap fossil fuels without including the higher cost of global warming or choosing cheap birth control without including the billion spent on unintended pregnancies but conservatives like Lee Doran and Karl Rove seem unable to see this truth through their free market dogma even though it's as simple and as common-sense as that old quote from Benjamin Franklin that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure I think but I want to know what you think does the evidence show that providing free access to birth control ends up raising health care costs or lowering them and on the bigger question does the free-market faith of economic conservatives prevent them from accepting all the evidence showing capitalism has limits as well as strengths I YouTube you decide

  1. I really wish these wankers would just admit they just don't like women enjoying sex.  It would save us all a lot of bullshit.

  2. The right wing is far more faith based than logic based. It doesn't matter how ridiculous the assertion, just so long as melds with their existing view.

  3. The Right is not willing to do what it takes to lower abortion. This proves that they are less concerned with saving the fetus and more concerned with controlling female sexuality.

  4. Love that one derps comment "its wrong, not because of religion, but because its wrong. period."

    Wow that's a lot of proof that its wrong buddy, writing "period" at the end of his statement is so astute O:,  Could not stop laughing at that one, some people are idiotic to the point that its laughable….

  5. How could the fact that my boss gets to decide what kind of medical care I am entitled to, based on his religion (not mine, the employee) constitutional, in any possible way?

  6. It's funny even when abortions can be lowered something the right wing screams about, they seem to not care if it comes from the left.

  7. Sure, better quality education with smaller size classes is always a good thing. I think "indoctrination" is hard to avoid completely; parents will always teach their culture to children. Best thing is to make sure that they have the right things to teach, like verifiable facts, without dogmatic biases.
    Yes, I am a fan of both Chomsky and Watchmen. In what sense do you mean "randomness"?

  8. Education system is based on standards and uniformity (In fact, "education" is inappropriate word, indoctrination would be more adequate). Anyway you can't have a teacher working with whole class equally without witholding more capable/inquiring. Biurocracy has goal of restriction by standard and uniformity and -by it's very definition- is fascist. I suggest Chomsky vids about "education" system.

    You must be fan of watchmen. Do you share belief of clock made by randomness?

  9. Fascist? Not really. Equal opportunity is not the same as equal life; Making sure that people have a similar opportunity to get an education is not the same as forcing them to use it. It wouldn't keep the ambitious people back either. In fact, an educated society provides better competition and subsequently, a better market.
    I agree cooperative society would need more scientific, objective principles instead of opinions, as well as being free of corruption in order to work. Maybe in the future.

  10. Capitalism is simply consequence of submissiveness and ignorance which are fundamental for philosophy of authority and servitude.

    "Equal opportunity" demands fascist regulations and is unfair to the more able and talented. Civilization organised on principle of cooperation instead of competition does not need monetary system or limitating biurocracy. Cooperative society must be highly coherent and rational – it's not something that ignorant, superstitious citizens can accomplish.

  11. The US Military, I bring this up because all branches of the military offer contraception, both condoms, the pills and the long term one to enlisted men and women. also the tricare health care system offers contraception to the family members. also the millitary gives training on how to use them, and annual STD training to man and women on deployments. why?? becuase the cost of unplan births and STD can end a members career and cost the military money to replace them. Contraception slaves money.

  12. There hasn't been any evidence to support any conclusion on the first point. There absolutely are immediate cost increases, and there may be long-term cost savings but the evidence is far from conclusive. On the second: The free market system has worked remarkably well thus far, but social systems have been abysmal failures. Some have faith in free markets, others have a fear of socialism.

  13. The more money you have, the easier it is to earn money. There are also no upper limits to how much a single person can earn, so the tendency is that resources are funnelled away from the many, towards the few. This generates a situation where a few have much more than they need and many have much less. Until a society can guarantee equal opportunity from birth for each individual, capitalism will be, in essence, despite its' benefits, an unfair system.

  14. The Bible says "be fruitful & multiply". It also says & promotes continuous war until final judgement day of extinction in Revelations. Not all Jews are Zionists. Actually certain Wall Street Jews & Zionists financed Hitler profiting off the Holocaust. Look up the Haavara Agreement and watch "Banking with Hitler" on YouTube. "You don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist", Joe Biden. Infinitely greedy dysfunctional sociopath monetary system monopolizing war profiteers = Conservativism = ZioNazi

  15. If insurance companies are paying the costs associated with unplanned pregnancies, and they're looking for ways to save money, they can just stop paying for that. I don't know why they would choose to pay for something else.

  16. People like Karl Rove have not fully gotten that we went through a sexual revolution. They still want to "punish" people, especially women for sleeping around. I think the capitalism talk is simply a smoke screen since we are no longer at liberty to out and out condemn those who chose to have sex and not procreate.

  17. "It doesn't make sense for an insurance policy to cost less when it covers more things. " as if you had not been listening to the video. Is it so difficult to understand that covering preventive measures can save costs, because it gives incentives to do the prevention?

  18. I'm not saying liberal viewer is wrong, I'm just saying it isn't as simple as unplanned pregnancy costs vs contraception. Plus economically 3 million pregnancies create 3 million people that grow up have value beyond money and participate in the economy… The unborn do not.

  19. so marking birth control as safe easy and effective and moving on proves that contraceptives are safe, please. There are health risks involved in the pill, don't believe me just look at the warning label. To simplify this issue and sight one study that to duplicate nationally would drastically increase participants risk to contract STDs does not look at all the costs that could conceivably come from such a move.

  20. There's definitely a shortsighted attitude among many free market capitalists that it's unfair to make someone pay for what they don't want even if it's demonstrable that paying for it will save them money in the long run. Of course at its extreme there are those who are completely blind to any positive effect government spending might have. "The government does nothing for me!" Other than build roads, arm the military, educate society, fight criminals, and 100s of other things, you mean?

  21. The people who would be covered can already afford contraception. You said they would buy cheap, ineffective contraception if it wasn't covered, yet they can get a more effective version if it is covered. Who will pay for it, if not the insurers or the insured? Surely this service is not being provided for free.

  22. It doesn't make sense for an insurance policy to cost less when it covers more things. Also, you said that the money spent as a result of unintended pregnancies could have been saved if BC was covered. I say it could have been saved if people had better sex education, the sense of responsibility to use contraception, etc.

  23. yeah, but then we have a system that is controlled by market forces, ie. business may choose to pay for BC to attract more workers in a good economy when they need to attract workers and will not do so in a bad economy, which by the video's reasoning will produce more unplanned pregnancies. Is leaving people at the mercy of the whims of business a fair thing to do?

  24. 2:00 You cant make company's buy Birth Control For Workers because WORKERS DONT HAVE THE RIGHT TO THE OWNERS MONEY. Its about Liberty.
    Some company's might want to, and some wont.
    The Business owner that can buy Birth Control for their workers, will likely have more applicants, just for that reason. or the Owner just doesn't want to Buy Birth Control for their own reasons. IF the owner dose that, then just don't work for them

  25. wait a minute? free birth control? for who? does that mean free condoms or even sterilization? or is it just free birth control pills? i am sorry but even in here finland, the feared socialist nation of republicans, we don't give free birth control pills for women. god dammit its not that bloody expensive. also its not the job of the employers to pay for your car if you break it even if by accident. aka, your body, your choice, your responsibility. i think that money could be used on sexedd.

  26. I personally feel that anyone who wishes to promote Capitalism and an Incentive based outlook based on PERCEIVED value needs to study the basic principles of Sixth Sigma: Namely that getting it right on the first try is worth the long term cost of a defective system where the fault is only found at a late stage in the process.

    Oh… and excellent vid!

  27. I have said this before and I will say it again, if he doesn't want money going to contraceptives for females then I don't want my money going to pay for his viagra.

  28. have as much sex as you want., go for it as no ones cares., just don't ask another taxpayer to fund your condoms.

  29. It's funny how the capitalist ruling class claims they don't want unplanned pregnancies when it's poor uneducated youth who are more likely to waste their lives being underpaid wage slaves, they should love unplanned pregnancies.

  30. to have capitalism to work do the market need to grow all the time so of course do contraceptive contradict capitalism:P Uncontrolled free market capitalism do need unlimited resources, unlimited with land property and an ever growing market. In a limited system do it else lead to monopolies and then are the freemarket dead. Capitalism are an economic system that replaced feudalism and merchantalism as the leading system and it will one day be replaced also when we find a better system.

  31. Say a company is run by Jehovah's Witness and they say yes employee you can pay to have our health care but you can never use it for blood transfusions as we consider this sin and we should have a constitutional right to control your personal medical decisions because you happen to be paying for OUR medical insurance.
    Would this be ok? Is it not the same thing? Paying someone for medical insurance does not give them the right to block legitimate medical treatments they dislike.

  32. No, trust me or any other rational-minded person far above the bible. I bet you eat prawns, you sinful, wicked deviant hehe. I bet your sinful, wicked deviant wife has been seen wearing pants as well. Abominations in the eyes of God and as bad as being a homosexual, according to your bible.

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