Conservative to Anarchist: My Political Journey Pt. 1

okay then hi everyone so I haven't uploaded a video on YouTube in a long time and I'm sorry for my long absence I college just got really busy and I just wasn't able to like meet the demands of uploading a video every day and even every week I just kind of forgot I'm sorry really sorry about that but I hope to get back into it after those you hear new the channel my name is Nick and I just try to upload things when I can of just to talk about things I think are important it's kind of like a vlogging thing that I'd like to do so in any case while you're watching this video I should be in the title is talk about my political journey in different sections this is going to be a series and the first section that I want to talk about is how I went from politically conservative to individualist anarchist sounds like a bit of a jump I know and it is by that I have my reasons an explanation how I got there so yeah first awfully big get of a bit of a background as to who I am and stuff such like that like where I come from to explain why I would stop this conservative I grew up in California and a rural area of California not the you know urban coastal areas that you're probably familiar with but I grew up in rural area of California that was pretty conservative actually in the inland area of California and I was raised by my grandparents who were fundamentalist Christians so I was raised in a very religious environment and all of this contributed to my beliefs and such like that and yeah I was very politically conservative when I started off I'm going to focus on like my freshman and sophomore year of high school I I was also fundamentalist Christian at the time and I still am a Christian by the way just I wouldn't share myself as a fundamentalist per se oh yeah and you know I believed in Reaganomics you know like I advocated for like free market I was Republican through and through I socially conservative economically believing in free markets etc etc if you read you know like Mitt Romney's freaking like you know like policy platforms and when he was running for president I probably agreed with all of them because I thought Republicans were right and you know I was very convinced of it and then you know like things I was like this for a while is also very nationalistic at the time I was very much you know like I will die for this country you know very patriotic very nationalistic but then I started having a change of heart it's probably like my junior year of high school so that was the 2015-2016 school year if those who may recall Republican primaries were happening at this time and like the 2016 election was about to happen I didn't like Donald Trump from the start something about him but always turned me off from him and I I he didn't appeal to me I thought that like he was a joke I felt that he was a demagogue I didn't like him I didn't like him at all I liked a lot of the other Republicans though I was a fan of Ted Cruz Marco Rubio ben Carson even I was fit I was a fan of like multiple people from there towards the end I read it for John Kasich but ultimately you know as you know Trump got the nomination and went on to the general election during this time I was also consuming a lot of media which was influencing my beliefs and attitudes about things as well I had watched a lot of The Hunger Games Movies and you read the books I know the books are better there with me these movies really influenced me in particular Mockingjay part 1 as well as part 2 to an extent and yeah the idea you know of rebelling against an oppressive government the idea of what was it standing against big government I was very much distrustful of the government and in some ways I get that from my dad who is also distrustful to the government and so I guess you could say had a healthy American skepticism of government in that sense but it got to the point in like early 2016 where like I developed this idea of like individualís Anarchy I got it I was looking into like Anonymous and such like that and some of the things that they were doing online I intrigued me I was looking into Edward Snowden like I you know and like I began to learn more about MB NSA and the Patriot Act and you know a lot of things just made me really skeptical of patriotism and nationalism and such like that what and I adopted the phrase love my country but hate my government and you know like I yeah so that's what slowly took me down the path from conservative to I wasn't quite a negation but I was getting there so in light of Mockingjay so if there's you not familiar with the Hunger Games essentially there's this oppressive regime and the main character Katniss Everdeen becomes what's known as the Mockingjay or assemble for rebellion and against an oppressive government and she did the this symbol the Mockingjay hand symbol and that was something that I adopted as well during like my senior year of high school as I was walking to get my diploma I did this to the audience so yeah I was very much influenced by these by this media and I really felt that the government was filled with corruption on both sides especially after Trump won the nomination my faith in the Republican Party was shattered I was like yeah I became fed up with like the government at this point I felt that both parties that the two-party system had failed us and I'm getting ahead of myself myself I'll get into more about how I felt your system failed us in the next video but for now I'll leave off with the idea of the Phoenix so I mentioned how the Mockingjay had inspired me well I wanted to make my own version of the Mockingjay I called it the Phoenix and it was my idea that all individualists s– when the government boo crumb becomes oppressive become anarchists and revolutionaries when the government comes repressive oppressive those who care about individual liberty and freedom rebel against the government and I had this idea in my head I I bought a mask I've made a costume for this idea and crossbow I was like the Revolution was LaVon I was crazy was illusional about it in Karos 16 and dumb but yeah I had a lot of these ideas in my head about anarchy and the state had failed us and this would bleed into my next phase which I will get into next time and that is how I went from an individualist anarchist who you know believed that the state had failed and stayed needed to be abolished in a violent revolution to a libertarian who as I mentioned a little bit earlier the two-party system had failed and a new party needed to be chosen but that's a story

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