CONS of Starting a Social Media Marketing Agency

what's up featuring millionaires Billy Wilson here and in this video I wanted to talk about the cons of social media marketing so if you guys are thinking about starting a social media marketing agency or you've already gotten started what are the things to watch out for like what are the negatives are actually starting a social media marketing agency because I haven't really seen anybody make a video out of this so I figured I would do it for you guys so you can know I guess the downsides of starting a social media marketing agency and give you a realistic expectation of like what are the bad parts of social media marketing so let's jump right into it some of them might be obvious but then some of them might actually be things that you probably didn't expect at all but I think the first one that people don't really expect is that the hardest part about social media marketing is actually not really getting the results for the clients and sometimes it's not even getting the clients but it's actually getting the clients to make themselves successful so yeah there's been so many times where I've when I've gotten clients I've gotten them amazing results and they actually didn't even call many of the leads or they didn't call the leads properly or they didn't have a very good sales process in place and I think that's they got to be the number one negative column for me as far as social media marketing goes is the fact that some of the businesses that you work with might not even be good businesses to work with and a lot of times that sometimes businesses think you're gonna like come in and wave a magic wand for their business and then all of their sudden their business is gonna be fixed they're gonna become multi-millionaire and all this kind of stuff when that's not really how it has to work it has to be a good partnership between you and the business like the business has to do work as well and that can be sometimes a little bit harder sell as well now some of the other cons and this is kind of one of the more obvious ones is you have to talk to people you have to learn how to do sales and for me this was probably the biggest negative column for me when I first got started because I am a huge introvert and I mean even if you watched my beginning YouTube videos I was absolutely terrible on the camera and talking to people so that was the number one hardest thing for me was actually talking to the business owners I was extremely nervous that's probably the biggest con and probably the biggest reason most people don't want to get started with social media marketing is because you have to talk to people you have to learn how to do sales and you have to actually meet with business owners and a lot of people just want to sit inside work on their computer all day and that's the only thing so like this the number one con but for me I feel like for me it was more so a positive because even though it was a con and it sucked as far as my mindset goes and it was a really hard thing to get through it's actually a pro in the long run because it taught me how to scale it's learn sales skills and it taught me the skill of talking to people that I had never really gotten previously and it was a huge fear of mine and to actually overcome that fear has really helped me a lot in my overall happiness in life so second con is definitely that you have to talk to people and you have to learn how to do sales and all of that stuff another con about starting a social media marketing agency if you're doing it by yourself and can be a little bit difficult to scale up like once you give those six figures that's the benefit of the social media marketing agency I think of out of all the business models as the fast as you can scale to six figures because each clients paying you multiple thousand dollars per month but it is more difficult to scale from six figures to seven figures with the social media marketing agency because once you get to six figures you're pretty much kind of maxed out on the on the work you can do yourself and at that point you have to hire people compared to with like a job shipping store if you somehow get the right product you might be able to build a seven figure store without even hiring to anybody at all with a social media marketing agency it's pretty much impossible to build a social media marketing agency to seven figures without hiring anybody but once again you can kind of think of it in a pro way because it taught me how to hire people and you have to really think about like what's the benefit in downside I'm not trying to build like a seven-figure business and or am I trying to build like a six-figure business as fast as possible like drop is shipping is like extremely competitive as well and that actually brings in another con as well it can be quite competitive as far as marketing agencies as a whole maybe not specifically basically ad agencies but as far as marketing agencies contacting businesses all the time it can be sometimes difficult to get a meeting in the first place because so many marketing agencies are contacting businesses every single day and these business owners are getting hit up every single day so most of the time they will ignore your messages or think you're just trying to sell them something and they will just completely ignore it ignore you because of that fact but the way you can get around this is you can actually you need to just be completely different from any other person that's messaging them you need to put yourself in the shoes of a business owner and think about what it's like to get multiple messages for day from marketing people I think about what's the typical person gonna say versus what you're gonna say you have to think of a way you can be unique and then you can stand out from everybody else maybe one way just an example probably the easiest way to stand out is give real proof and results of how you're different if you're writing so think about this too when you're messaging business owners you're calling them on the phone you're supposed to be a copywriter and a marketer right so if you can't sell yourself good on the phone how are you gonna sell their business so you need to think about it that way how can i how can you also get good at writing good copy that will get you clients meetings with clients and that's leads me into my next con which is the hardest I think the hardest part for people that are starting a social media marketing agency is getting that first client that is probably the number one of the number one cons and starting a social media marketing agency is it's really can be some well not always but for me it was pretty easy to get my first client but for some people I've noticed it can be very difficult for them to get that first client for a lot of different reasons one mitt they might just be terrible at talking to people which I was at the beginning they could be a lot of times it's limiting beliefs like thinking you're not worthy enough you're not confident enough and you'll have results so you can't help them for me I didn't have any limiting beliefs so I think that's one of the main reasons that helps me be able to get my first client pretty quickly is because I went into the meeting with confidence even though I was really nervous and I didn't speak very well I still went in with confidence and I think confidence if you're coming into a meeting with confidence even if you can't speak will even if you can't do things very well if you're confident that you're gonna do whatever it takes to bring them results that will help you immensely in getting your first client and you kind of have to just sell them on I hope like I had to be honest with my first client like I didn't have any other clients I pretty much it was honest with them like I just need a chance to prove how much I can help you and I even offered them to do a trial but they still paid me instead but some even if you can't get that first client or you really really nervous just go ahead and do a drug trial for someone learn how to do the Facebook Ads first then go out and do it for a business for free get some businesses results if you're like you don't have to do this at all I didn't do this at the beginning I didn't do a free trial at the beginning but if you like if you ready have confidence that you're gonna do everything you can to get them results go ahead and do that you don't have to do any trials but if you're one of these people that maybe you're like really nervous that you're not going to bring them results and you're not really feeling confidence about your ability and face to gods and all that it might be worth just doing it for free for two weeks for or one week or two weeks for a business and get them some results or do it for like three businesses and get some results and that way then you gain the confidence and then you have the results and when you go into your next meeting you're like you can show the client the exact results that you've gotten when you're sitting in messages to get meetings with businesses you can be like I brought this whatever business eleven new members in eleven days and they made this much from my advertising and then when you say stuff like that it becomes way way easier to actually get the meetings with clients so I think those are covers kind of like all of the main cons of social media marketing to recap it was one one of the most obvious ones is that you have to talk to business owners you have to be social and for me that was one of the hardest ones to overcome because I was not social at all and that was just a skill that a game but it kind of turned into positive for me because of the fact that I got to learn sales which is in social skills which gave me way more confidence and happiness in my life and I can talk to like friends and family way better now that I know how to do that and I can talk and obviously do these YouTube videos way better another con is that the clients can sometimes be difficult to work with if you don't pick the right clients so make sure you qualify your clients a lot just as much as they're qualifying you when they're asking you questions the meeting you should be qualifying your client also making sure that they are a great quality client as well because you don't want to get a client that you bring them a bunch of leads and then they don't close any because they just didn't even care about following up the leads or changing their business so your client also has to be motivated as well just as much as you are and then recap again sometimes so scaling a social media marketing agency to seven figures I think it's the fastest scalable business – six figures because you only need a couple clients and it's really sustainable so that means you can quit your job really quickly if you just get a couple clients paying you $1,000 per month or more so that makes it really easy but scale the seven figures you have to hire quite a bit of people now there are ways you can scale your agency in a more scalable way for example you pick a niche let's say chiropractors and you create a training to teach the chiropractor's how to do the ads themselves and that way you can sell that at that program for like a thousand dollars it could be like an online training program where it's a digital product and you can still an infinite amount and that way you wouldn't have to hire more people to get to seven figures but some if you're just wanting to grow like your marketing agency as a whole it can be a little bit more difficult to scale it up by hiring people but once again it's kind of a positive – because you learn how the skill of hiring people and how to automate your business how to run a run a real business which I guess compared to like strop sipping or something like that those businesses they can die at any time so like to be a product start stop selling well you can die anytime marketing social media marketing will be around pretty much forever and even if social media marketing isn't around forever barking definitely will always be around so you can just change your service up and you can still be helping your same clients for literally like years I've been helping like my latest client for almost like two years now so we've been working together for a while my second longest client has been working with me for like almost a year and they pay like five thousand dollars per month it's pretty awesome with that so those are probably my main cons about social media marketing hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you have any other cons you can listen down below those are the main ones that I could think of to be honest with you guys but Tom just wanted to make this videos to be real with you guys oh yeah another one that I would do want to say another con I would say is at the beginning and this kind of I already talked about this a little bit but at the beginning sometimes it can seem like you're going nowhere like you might be doing putting in work to get your first client for like a month and you still don't get that first client and it can be really frustrating because you might contact like a hundred businesses then you don't get a client well and that that's the case you need to figure out what you're doing wrong do it differently and do it like that but once you get that first client I think it makes the ball get rolling like way way easier getting your first clients like one of the best feelings in the world so if you're in that situation just stick at it and I can promise you if you work on the business every single day you will get your first client and you become better every day of course and you can't just say make the same mistakes over and over and then expect to get your first client but if you're improving every day I can guarantee you you will eventually get your first client and it'll be amazing and that's when you the snowball really starts going it starts out small but it gets easier and easier to go on as you start getting clients and you start getting this knowledge and the skill set and you become really good at faced to guide you get your clients amazing results like as you grow the business it becomes easier and easier to get new clients so that's the nice thing about it so if you're the beginning stay strong you've got this I promise you but like I said if you guys have any other cons I would like you to listen below this video or if there's pros that you think about as well listen below the video – hope you guys enjoyed the video I just wanted to keep it real with you guys and honest with you guys to let you guys know the cons of social media marketing and starting a social media marketing business hope you guys enjoy this video and see you in the next one

  1. Hey man. There are two big questions I have, if you'd please help me out because I can't find the answers.

    1: When working with a client, how often do you make non ad posts to facebook and what kind of posts are the non ad ones?

    2: How often do you run ads for a client? One per month?

    This would really help me out, thank you!

  2. I think the biggest con for me is getting your first client. Within the first two days of messaging local businesses and having phone calls, I had two meetings. They both ended up being one of the two business owners, so they wanted to run it through their partner. This was pretty much the only thing holding me back from getting them to be a client. They were sold but now they had to second hand sell to their partner. Next time I will let them know that all decision makers should be there, and I will call them back tomorrow to see if they ran it through their partner and maybe organise another meeting with the both of them.

  3. I have just landed my first client. You were the second person I was watching who got me onto the idea of this. I have gone through a lot of prep on myself, to get myself into the mindset of being able to do this. Worked on my confidence, listened to books on being successful, confident, sales. I listen to a lot of positive affirmations on the daily. I had a meeting with a gym when I wasn't ready, I never heard back from them after the meeting, even though they told me to my face that they are interested. This brought me down for awhile, I lost confidants in myself and lost my drive. After that rejection i was down for a bit, then thought Fuck it! I really want to do this and that's when I started with all the personal development. Once ready, I cold called 17 dentists, one got back to me, we have now signed on for 12 months and they want a long relationship with me. I don't think people understand how much study you need to do to start your own agency, business side, legal side, being able to actually understand how it all works. A lot of late nights, not seeing friends, focusing and learning about everything you need to do and having faith it will all work out. I would like to thank you Billy for your videos, they have a lot of value. I'm excited for my new business journey!

  4. My con is its difficult to get on the phone with biz owners. Once I'm on the phone or in a meeting, the close is fairly easy

  5. Just got my first client yesterday ^^ and you're right the best feeling ever. Got paid 1000€ upfront and I'm 100% sure I'm gonna get her the best results possible 😉 thanks!

  6. Hey Billy Great Video! But I have a question, I am good at sales and communication and not afraid to be face to face with the business owner but im just not confident in the actual ads, am I ok with just learning the basics or just outsourcing right off the bat?

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