Conor Doesn't Get Anarchists

and as usual people would add know nothing about what the fuck they're talking about are holding things such as an Urkel capitalism to screw me so felt further ado let's begin so so according to Connor ok well let's read this first I mean well according to Connor libertarianism is silly well anarcho-capitalism but anyways versus ourselves by saying because I'm a person sort of an abolitionist I mean absolutist I'll never be accepted as progressive enough liberal yes because I believe in a state of rubber be rejected by whipped herrings well there's libertarians Immanuel – so what CP understands well definition wise is it is the belief that free people are best left in himself and the go and that the government as a disease should be minimal efficient and extremely limited that's if you're talking about main artist you know libertarian culture is overrun by anarcho-capitalists men and women who believe the state should not exist at all okay well we've got that right – okay men artists think there should be a minimal state and anarchist ring there's me no state I'm an energist so no state though I did when spring Thursby a minimal state but hey you got your little mean going on here for anarchy I can't tell if it's progear or anti energy I mean there are energy means that are pro anything or our energy means that our and I don't like you know they're mocking ok so I'm not so sure about this but anyways it says the philosophy is sound it is but the practical application like old things is a lot Messier to an anarcho-capitalist end up for short every person is his own sovereign any person point over another his violation eyes of that sovereignty and people should choose how to live and die brown free roam well duh I mean what's wrong with that the rule holding us all together it's a non-aggression principle damn this is the stated rule that no one should transgress against another and forces don't just fun pieces of Defense okay yeah and then got legalized recreational nukes going on here okay so the most for the most part he's just passing with flying colors with the definitions okay well he's passed with flying colors with the definitions part he starts to get things wrong about it and it's about to get a whole lot worse cute a jokes about recreational nuclear weapons and aircraft carriers to which mole to which most and caps laugh and say why not and point to abuses of our governments who do possess such weapons well that's legit considering that mutually that I mean that nuclear deterrence is a bunch of bullshit that doesn't really keep the world safer I mean it's just adding instability to instability you know it's like pouring gasoline on a fire you know people say oh nice nukes ugh they should never be made in the most destructive weapons known to man yet they go and build I hope they have the government built a whole ton of them and go oh this is the people say this is I save from the enemy who did the same fucking thing and now we can all kill each other but as long as we really pressure each other not to kill each other we won't have actually assured destruction and we won't kill each other I mean that's bullshit I say instead of fighting instability with instability you get rid of government and you have the free market truly stabilized societies around the world and said just a bunch of fucking bombs I mean that's that's that's so stupid oh and nuclear deterrence is just one reflection of the fact that government can only solve problems of violence I mean the free market you have good serve and services jobs money you know so nobody has to steal and everyone can get what they want so it's a lot less likely that they'll kill each other for what they want and need since well they can get on their own and then bitch-ass government comes and says oh we have a bunch of bombs the bunch of bombs let's use the bunch of bums and so they use the bunch of bombs and it's really stupid have tons in times nukes and not really be safe because you have tons and tons of nukes and if someone's really crazy now if they can attack you despite nuclear deterrence so what the fuck society anyways moving on he says this argument is compelling in a world in which all men and women have the same facilities I mean Faculty's a rational actors capable of a hit and earring to a personal moral code and who only band together in cases of extreme danger it is not the world we live in true I'll grieve at anarcho-capitalism falls apart ii has pulled up the drawing board because men and women are massively massively unequal in their faculties i mean for silk yeah faculties are often irrational and are very often trouble first counter point is that all men and women are unequal well true none cops are usually above average intelligence hard workers and capable personal success through a variety of factors yeah I wouldn't I wouldn't quite say that that's what I'd say isn't anyone give me an ant AB as long as their dissolution from the state and tried to associate with it as little as possible and not associate with it at always Baltimore and if possible right basically they aim to not associate what to say at all they're often a party of salman entrepreneur and if everyone was like that then no problem but our world has gets to Frederick's we have men and women with bipolar disorder we have people with uncontrolled diabetes alcoholism and substance abuse issues we have people with debilitating childhood trauma and a variety of other psychological issues both genetic environmental these people will not survive an anarcho-capitalist society okay he really he really goes south on this one he he really doesn't get that these people are we so concerned about that I'm concerned about two that are so weak and vulnerable are being crapped on in this status society these people are the first to be crapped on and they're the most to be crapped on in a status society just look at how bad the VA system is for veterans now load this okay okay you see see this over two million people with serious mental mental illness are booked in jail they're they're put in jail and I'm putting treatment yeah you know I don't really help but just put in jail as if they're common criminals yeah that's that's definitely the government helping vulnerable they this substance abuse issues overdosing on regulation okay let's click this hey and care facilities won't scribe me so basically too many restrictions on the shirt people just just go to the black market since I can't get the medicine they need and they get crappy old opioids and they die or get hurt very badly there is sick so yeah there you have it government taking care barbel and like it says left behind is if an endcap society leave people behind them okay let me set the record straight and caps are not about leaving people behind okay end caps are about helping people voluntarily out of your own paycheck rather than out of other people's tax dollars I mean welfare is theft and only is it theft it's theft that doesn't even help mophir just creates dependency and weakness and doesn't really give you any skills to get back into the workforce or help get back into workforce the government likes welfare because as long as he keeps the system running it keeps getting its tax dollars and that keeps getting paid so these people to be on welfare and people to keep supporting welfare not just financially but supportively you know in your minds says there are two there's two hand cup responses to this good let the dead word burn social programs just prolonged suffering depends fish people they do prolong the suffering independence of people I wouldn't call them useless but they do indeed do this and we're not about laying the dead wood burn as I said libertarians want to help people you can do it out of plenty people have done that if running with private charities businesses private individuals you know all sorts of stuff it isn't about oh you know who cares that's not it at all yet this guy acts like that's what we say it was important enough to society than three people in front of voluntarily well people are willing to give to the poor private charity and donations and philanthropy you know kind of like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos you know they are willing to give voluntarily in this society even with the government even regardless of welfare and they could do that even better an endcap society because government wanted to get in the way when create you know it wouldn't take away all these tax dollars that people could otherwise use to give to the poor like here's an example in poor become what's more for more charity okay and I 1085 George McDonald you know in the Senate put the homeless heard about a woman who froze to death under streets because she got kicked out in Grand Central Station you know he initially is given free meals at homeless that's that's pretty nice soon you found out there's still poor they're still hungry you're not going off the streets so then you know they're for robbery where you've bought is a poached and create the rent ready willing and able program officially they don't find them which this group handouts favorite paid work and personal responsibility which is the way it's supposed to be days McDonald program assess some 700 people at any one time well for centers from New York soon and were in Philadelphia program focuses on a homeless a newly released convicts playing for the Joker but only in exchange for work that's the key thing in exchange for work you work furnace you don't just get it welfare you just get it okay it says participants must wait work or at least 30 hours per week the winter programs profit generation vistas ranging from street cleaning the pest control to culinary arts that sounds pretty nice workers are paid slightly more than the minimum wage which shouldn't even exist but you even have a minimum wage because that's where we help you know eliminates jobs qualities and hours and a half that's not a discussion recidivism rate for excellence in program was sixty percent lower than the control group in sync characteristics after one year that was that first sensible car for me it was sitting around forever charities simply accept we're helping the poor into an adventure large without government involvement it's not a new phenomenon for example very first part of 20th century when African Americans were generally exclude from government social welfare programs black lodges such as a fruit Prince Hall Mason's other institutions established a wide-ranging have success with turbo Network hmm that sounds pretty nice and concern your governments of racist-ass piece of shit back then and even to even to some degree today that's really nice black launches providing medical care hiring physicians for services that remember as families known as a large practice wide something which is so excited that happens more likely have some or some flour helps insurance and why starting earlier snoring century fortunately such fibro cheerful networks or sometimes these fears my races I wanted on one side were on welfare sang gather today they have largely faded away see well first causing these charities to you know go away with the regulation you know a napkin say oh we don't have welfare da da Roundy's that Americans are amazingly generous people more lowing stuff like oh those who cannot help themselves since warm poverty began in 1965 private chapel earning is totaled more than ten point two trillion dollars two thousand fourteen dollars for twenty nine percent work great showing I just went to healing services some public society like this disinfectant hundreds of Billings powers of Americans earn spend volunteering to help others us your six point four sixty four point five million Americans name seven point nine billion hours of their time enough from volunteer work because cheerful given them out too far less of course in the nineteen showing the fair hosting local governments spend fighting poverty since 1965 but the evidence suggests Cherbourg everything could have much higher would have been much higher gap still a person Sarris something for as far back as eighteen seventies turned up private yummy increases a government programs decrease in cover see decreases his government programs grow more generously an overall in spent all public private loan from the constant more portly of charities more likely to give the poor people the tools they need to get out of poverty like how much the same recent sightings suggest the world poverty did help reduce the worst deprivation of material properties inspections no years however the welfare spawn long since this week when information returns in recent years we have spent more inward and will more more programs or realizing fuel up any additional gains charitable efforts on the interests the real underlying problem some people in poverty they're able to demand accountability and responsibility needs providing a hand up out of hand out and as ringing will enable demonstration mistress the premise of work as route out of poverty now here's the moral operation serve as an object lessons were hosted maker survey if property inequality persists is not because we fell to reassure be good enough well brothers because what forces providing tools are gay how for people to become self-sufficient perhaps all we need is a little less welfare and a little more charity and you know it couldn't say it better myself then going back to Connor over here Connor says that you know we read people behind and well says article proves otherwise Clarke he says answer number number one is I when the others do not want to live in a society where we allow two broken people of our world to suffer and die well I just so I just showed you that that's the case and that we shouldn't have governing as your number response to it's three people in fun and colors people already don't well that's bullshit because once again I just showed that people are willing able to fund their long journey and that coerce people do fund it otherwise it wouldn't be coercion feel like a rebellion or involved against welfare against taxes and done so that for sugar so if your coerce they already pay for it coerce means you've got someone to do it even if they didn't wanna want to do it you can flip don't bring out rush now my heart worse in my brain I whine my feelings first my facts people the free market can combine to a sauna struggle if anything split some it's government so this guy really doesn't know he's talking sensors ten points with some counterpoint from being something rational or at least not being fully rational and satisfies that's what I'm wondering thinking chris isaak world if I ever actually did work for a long time I works in my own intellect believe me I could finance all my fries I'll just work or not isn't it is a vein if your own effort I have a war creature let me get my abilities warned if this in reality infinitely more complex and prehensile in for so I get that census itself he's Raja yet Russians are one drawing tools the surface it fast hmm might upgrade that but we can always justify our actions or ours if I was a jerk in high school because of auto wreckers and friends work this firefighter reasons I think shrimp have joined a military sniper complex kind of got killed I've taught professional people cursed my assistants supposed to do variance in genuine to commit someone you know anything I won't worry about I have my justification for that one sentence when sailor was an adorable cap with society could justify selfishness in the face of the medicine and suffering we're not just to find selfishness okay if you don't want to help someone in need if you don't if you just want a lot of person down the street or be attacked by someone then you know or not help anyone remotely your wife and I still want something directly in return or even indirectly you shouldn't be forced to help you know but that's it right I say you're a shitty person well we're not gonna point guns at people and make them help others okay people have a right to be selfish to a degree they don't harm other as well I mean I guess in the second sentence it's neglect but they're not they shouldn't be obligated by law to help others so it shouldn't be about gun barrels that should be about your heart and if you don't have a heart a nice you know natural consequences will come to you or at least be more likely coming you're like if if you don't help others and then you need help and people aren't likely to help you because they weren't there to help them you know you could have been around help everybody chose not to so you don't really need government support centers that help others are the natural consequence going to do that alone even if they don't know he got authorizations to discourage people from being social you know selfie sticks and stuff like that so you don't need you shouldn't have gun barrels point of people to make them help others that it's not even real all Shores if it's done by Flores recline about real altruism is helping out of their own autonomy I have your own agency I've grown you know mobility you doing out the good of your old hard you'll involuntarily didn't happen to it but you did because hey you thought it was her right for anything so you did it that's real all choices the only if you're only doing it because if you don't you'll get shot that's not selfless they're just trying to not die at the hands of your tyrant that's not really a genuine helping of a person's you know it's basically I did it so I wouldn't die no that's itself is about bad understand well yes but altruistic no okay so those people make different choices they wouldn't be suffering why isn't my problem promised to be Idris Menominee's my workers whose benefit understand society how are you did plenty for the world and when irrational person needed when suffering there's a difference and quite a degree so anyways finally human beings are tribal in cats when a web in a Jeffersonian society where independence medicine love and act are able to access goods and services under we don't want government going away in arcade and a free market people are able to access these services on injury so I would think so when exactly call it Jeffersonian other than that term means when calling up Jeffersonian in terms of my gentleness I mean anyways these free people are able to negotiate their existence I'm even on even footing with their peers this is great ideal but the true face of any woman or not as I minded okay whew but man cap society good people are rewarded and bad people are punished for Carlos non-aggression principle is human nature it's not okay here's the thing about the non-aggression principle it's it's a stipulation it's not exactly you know an element of human nature though I would say most people follow it most of the time to most to the most of the highest degree it's it's more of a demand or you know stipulation it's a bits of principle you know it basically states that you can't harm others you can't be an asshole you can't be aggressive you need to leave others the hell alone the only harm others if they harm you okay you don't need you know you know any folk someone in jail for being a murderer you know rather than throw them in jail because they smoked a plan okay you need you need to have it you know you need to have it so someone did something bad to someone else to have grounds to punish don't even killing them if necessary or you know you know you have self-defense non-aggression principle you can definitely killing self-defense and no attack even kill in self-defense I campaign as for justice I would think in some handicap societies you could have a definitely I mean I would think in an an capsule you could have to death though I mean Owen kept societies could theoretically have enough I believe only some would have it because only some people would run 20 some people the ones running on when a clue what disagreement so they wouldn't have it that inter-site but that's another subject um it you know it kind of someone it's about it you know it's it's not really an absolute or a guarantee they're not a question principle isn't a guarantee we actually I guess I kind of isn't absolute because you know your absolution be a day aggressive you know he's someone really Pleasant punished for playback call out for about what it's none but anyways it's not an absolute that's because you shouldn't be a dick doesn't mean you won't be a dick there are people that are dicks regardless of the golden rule or the Platinum rule or the silver rule you know I've been bullying in school before high school there was kilometer school it sucked I've always been summer camp the way the fair was nice was right when I stood up for my somebody didn't stand up for me so cuz I was too scared suppose if this ever up for was open I wasn't very effective wha ya there are people that will be dicks no there will be murderers bullies rapists robbers kidnappers you know trespassers burglars you know cetera but the non-aggression principle at least acknowledges these actions are wrong so that people can know who the real bad guys are and who the real good guys are or at least the innocent know so we can decide who we should attack and how to attack them yah-hoo non-aggression principle basically allows you to figure out who to attack and how to it to attack on what you know it's like people that you know that do drugs and you know prostitution of age prostitution and you know involuntary prostitution you know whatever you know voluntary Conner you know gun ownership rainwater collected having an alternative sexual orientation being straight you know those people shouldn't be attacked okay I don't care if the dill weed I don't care if you do coke I don't care if you do math you shouldn't be attacked but what I do care about is to be rape murder bully still you know abuse that that I do care about that I think people should be locked up for at the very least at the most killed in self-defense so far I agree I disagree with the death penalty but if I did agree of the death penalty I definitely say that people but that sort of robbery killer rapist variety would definitely be eligible for it if I followed those crimes they gave were severe enough but anyways that's a bit better tangent power hates avoid I have that met with bandage NRC's what they wished another question first my degree quite accustomed rational responsible kind people but they're irrational selfish and cruel people the world over of course their decks and organize caught Federation of Freeman the grain but equivalent organizational hierarchy and funding would be no match for general organized motorists imperial needles and warriors okay well here's the thing I just explained how yes despite the non-aggression principle being righteous being just people would still be Dixon violent but what but what else but what else there is to acknowledge is that these assholes you know these assholes he mentions he's even met in real life but be dealt with quickly and so you know adequately in an and cap society you know like you wouldn't have to worry about killing and intruder in your home especially a violent one and ancap society and you in places such as the UK however and I'd say in the u.s. to a degree you do have to worry about that UK you don't have the right to self-defense in your home out of your home whatever you know it's not an error right so preservation sigh self-defense isn't regarded as an arrant right in you case give very well get in trouble for doing that for defending yourself with killing someone in develop self-defense or even attacking them back I mean we remember self-defense is about attacking someone that's nothing from attacking you well UK you're pissed out of luck because he can't quite do that without getting in trouble with the law you know I was already bad enough he got in trouble with the you know the fucking ass when I tried to rape you or kill you or whatever and love you know you got to get in trouble with the fucking government no for having a deal with that fucking ass sucks but another something an unorganized Confederation a free land okay well who says they'll be unorganized who says he can't have a private police force or security or military those are organized who says you can't even have a private militia that's all organized and smart have a good head on your shoulders and head appointment who says they're just bigger you know I mean not everyone can do things right but there are people who could do things right so they'll do things right what's up desert me the Barbarian your soul I've met men who fought very special operative returned person spouses reasonably just having a better my client warriors poaching at this organised countryside okay if you're fine for this country with purely self-defense dance I can understand this to a degree but it took more soldiers pipe for a military industrial complex so I can try to breathe this as a whole okay these men fought for your country why would they be just as happy as a bunch of assholes and it adds a bunch of assholes happy being as a bunch of ass I don't get it they're going to put guys but they would eat a bad guy oh and so I'm stuck in a political buy do I vote for republican party at corporate as goal voice of periodic military's commuting of its original idea versus you don't have the boat at all tell you true boating is turning by majority where happen democracy Custer's Republicans mannequins man's like this party goes against these people who vote for this guy go against these people vote against this guy well I mean these people who vote for this guy Kogan's these other people who vote for this other guy that's and you know one of the guys wins and that not only did two people voted for him after Weston but the people didn't vote for him Raven didn't boy they all have to listen them if he makes a lot everyone was follow no it's not true consent and sent is everyone involved agrees you know non consent is at least one person disagrees don't get very tangible voting sucks do I vote for libertarians a beautiful and principal party overrun by a bunch of noxious idealist who have no sense of incrementalism and pragmatism okay I used to vote for the Libertarian Party I used to vote for him but since I became an ad cap I don't vote anymore in fact you know I won't my last election was the last week I voted for was I think the 2016 election but you know I'm over there I'm over that kind of thing I'm never voting again since it's just a scam and nobody can don't trip me into st. and into volume by saying you know you don't vote you can't complain or you know you put them in power as I know I don't put him in power they put him in power okay it's not how it works Assam action as an act of action you can't blame me for doing something actively about being passive that makes no sense as for complain hell yeah I can't complain if assholes vote other assholes of power you know and then again everyone oppressed then yeah I'm gonna complain if I had nothing to do putting that asshole in power and I get oppressed by him I'm definitely going to complain and it's my right I didn't put that ass on power after all and I'm being hurt by oh I don't know but Ariana's okay before I go ahead a bit more so I'm not voting for even the rubber tearing party consents to voting even if the libertarian parties are for minimal violence and coercion there still are for violence and coercion you know it's still a government still for us there wasn't a great plan of everyone it wouldn't be fair to people who didn't vote libertarian or didn't vote at all despite being a quote unquote right party just as it would be fair to non Republicans for Republicans winning or non Democrats for Democrats or independent of or voted for them what would be 39 because they both if they still have to be rolled over by that guy I don't know but I do know that enter anarcho-capitalist our from a rational perspective a silly boy yeah no you see integral capitalists are not up there none of the Libertarian Party in terms of libertarianism American artists don't belong to a party they belong to libertarians in terms of no government no unjust violence but they are not the Libertarian Party because that is emeritus and has a party and has government for the road I mean a libertarian philosophy a libertarian party are two different things so 10 pop philosophy is basically no government or minimal government if it falls and are not umbrella – whereas libertarian party is a full-fledged party that supposedly Falls libertarianism but I say in terms of true with Jemison to purist you know and as peers for libertarianism a dozens by its very existence is a party and and caps don't have a party they have a political philosophy and that remember is that political philosophy that's not a party I mean you can't vote for the endcap party because that's government and an taps aren't even for government so yeah ok so this guy essentially means well you know he's not the typical you know you you you and caps or even men caps are a bunch of racist homophobic except sexist moron jerks you know the cry bullies not cry bully status but he's still a status nonetheless he's naive that's part of being a status is a reflection that he's naive he's ignorant he's you know he's a bit stupid with his arguments he does not understand anarcho-capitalism at all except for you know the very basics of you know we want to be left alone we yeah we want to be left alone okay okay not not this part since that's menarchy okay this this is this is true and that's true that that sound isn't okay now we go back all the way back to the end to end cap in actuality I'm bill from king of the hill just you know in art if you feel bail continue to come out twenty pose and from the Antioch flag hahaha it took me that this proves his finger argue against it's kind of funny I do after minute bill brother and I cap flag is kind of funny but it it's a straw man it doesn't disprove the philosophy of capitalism so yeah that's that's that's it that's what I have to say Connor you know Connor down here oh he's he's a comp a missed call bring better in okay pretty much I we get that done okay some of those are nice but he's he's he just doesn't get it he doesn't get that you don't need government to solve problems government doesn't solve problems and that what you do need to solve problems is a voluntary society to help the poor the fight crime to fight criminals even killing them if necessary even care about of Justice you know and to have wealth and prosperity he doesn't get that you need a free society to do that he thinks you need some sort of violence some sort of coercion some sort of force in order to get people to behave to be functional to work and that has been proven time and time again to be wrong now don't get a free prosperous safe society out of government that you get violence poverty killing her way even by the government itself like the rape man came back in World War two by Japanese Chinese you know that kind of thing soldier so there might be some politician operating to UM that perfect search uh people politicians okay let's see politicians have already okay June 2011 oh wow look okay oh look sexual harassment abuse it's been going up step oh my god oh my god oh my god okay but that's not that's not good at all people yeah that that's that's not cool sexual harassment representative Patrick yeah oh okay okay so yeah he's politician something I've done sexual crimes going back to Connor you know thinks that if you if you didn't have any of this government you'd be screwed but on the contrary the evidence shows otherwise so I guess all I could say to dab to him as I hope you will be disillusioned with government and then he won't venerable capitalism it's right now you're under the guise that the state works and that without it everything just falls apart which would not then does not happen so yeah this is and cap CAD and this is all I have to say bye

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