Connecting social lending coops in Kenya - #Insiders4Good

as value the mobile based lending marketplace which puts the borrowers in control by letting them compare loan offers from abroad full of vetted lenders who are offering credit at affordable rates in the platform we talk to other financial institutions as well as the borrower's small financial institutions we call them channels in our country so basically it is a group of five or six people who are coming together instead of contributing money and just sharing amongst ourselves we give it to other people or our close financial friends so we have several a– so i belong to one so the biggest problem all these chambers had is number one they have limited amount of cash yeah number two I times a borrower one more than what a charmer offers so we thought well why don't we put all these chambers in one platform because my Chama might want to give between 10,000 and 20,000 your charmer might want to give between 20,000 and 30,000 at a specific rate so a borough can have a variety from all of us combined they have not they are the power to choose the amounts and the rate they want so we want to put the power to the bottom

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