Concept of Personal Responsibility w/ Author Phillip Howard

almost every American believes in the mantra personal responsibility but do they act that way it's easy to say that you're in favor personal responsibility but hard to say that if you get laid off well that's your problem and the government should do anything to help you but is that what personal responsibility really means if everyone agrees that you have to rely yourself and not the government then why'd only twenty one percent of americans say in a recent gallup poll that they're satisfied with with the way the things are going on in the united states right now obviously a lot of them are dissatisfied are they blaming the government is that not taking personal responsibility why not take charge of your own life well that's what the tea party people are asking for I think it's always a little hard to tell with them but which political party is the really the party of responsibility Phillip K Howard author of the death of common sense joins me now from Chicago to help answer some are all maybe even all of those questions all right Phillip let me ask you okay all right good good then we're in for a good time first let me start by asking you what do you think taking personal responsibility means to you well I think most Americans want to do it they just want to do the right thing and that if they take caring take taking care of yourself when you can making sensible judgments to make things happen that ought to happen fulfilling a duty that's yours well most Americans want to do that right know everybody wants to do that I don't know I literally don't know anybody who's like I I need to do anything I want to sit on the couch and have a brewski right so at least they wouldn't admit that right but let's talk about the role of government so weird how does that play into personal responsibility are you less responsible if the government puts out your you know puts out the fire in your house if you got a fire in your house or does that not have anyone do with it well I you know I think government has an important role to provide social services and other things but government is a problem because so unwittingly government has removed the conditions of responsibility so increasingly people don't feel free to take responsibility a teacher for example can't maintain order in the classroom because there's so much law and Duroc recei they can't even put an arm around a crying child dr. squander billions of dollars because in tests they don't think are necessary because they don't feel free to be responsible for they don't trust the system of justice the governor comes into office in New York State finds a ninety percent of the budget is pre committed by old laws and mandates that he can't do anything about so as you take responsibility to balance the budget now I hear you on all that and that's all very good points i probably agree with ninety percent of of what you're saying on that but i think there's some really fundamental hard questions to answer for example with social security before we had it uh you know I we had people starving the streets I mean we had senior citizens who you know I don't think we want that at you know II living off a cat food etc another hand do I want people to be responsible for themselves and plan for their future of course I do so how do we balance that I don't think that the argument here is over-regulation deregulation social safety nets or no social safety nets what's missing here in both parties are missing this is Americans no longer feel free to roll up their sleeves roll up their sleeves and make things happen and I think that's a significant problem in our society it's possible because the age of you know life expectancies grown up so much that may be the responsible thing to do with the change the age for Social Security a couple of years so that we can balance the budget but that doesn't have anything to do with whether government should provide it right well and I would disagree with that I you know they always say there's no money there's nobody there's no money if you want to keep taxing the rich an incredibly historically low rate if you tax them a couple points higher than there'd be plenty of money so I mean then that goes towards responsibility to how much do we have a responsibility to our fellow man or is it hey everybody is on their own if they're cut you know there's robbers in your house good luck to you I got my own personal security or do we have some communal responsibility too of course we have communal responsibilities but the most important thing that's missing in America today that no one at any level of responsibility not the president who can't get important environmental projects going because it takes ten years of review and not the teacher in the classroom can roll up their sleeves and make decisions and that's a significant crisis of responsibility there's no problem in America that couldn't be solved if we don't sit down together and make choices about how to provide social security how best to to be prudent in health care expenditures but no one feels they have the authority to do that and so you know we need to kind of restore our ability to as a as the part of the common good to make choices again not what being responsible is all right Phillip K Howard thank you so much for an interesting conversation appreciate it yeah nice to be with you all right thank you

  1. If Republicans were really for personal responsibility, then why did so many of them vote for the TARP bailouts…

  2. I do what I want every fucking day asshole. And nobody will stop me. I don't trample people's rights. I treat women and children and pets with all the dignity and respect that they deserve, but I don't take any shit from fake republocan dweebs with fake values and ….oh, just eat some shit and fuck you

  3. Your a fucken moron if you dont think that our society is based off of mainstream society's subjective values. Do something mainstream society doesn't agree with and see how far you get.

  4. You are hilarious for actually thinking that finding someone funny somehow proves them wrong. The whole idea of socialist and progressives is to steal from the rich while giving money back to the poor, who didnt earn a dime of what there getting. How can a country prosper when anytime a person gains something in life the government takes it away?

  5. I'm gonna punch the next church goer who starts preaching VALUES at me. I don't even know what they want and neither do they. If you have values, live by them and then go fuck yourself. Values arent for politics. That's your goddamned household. Fuck you and your household, keep them away from mine. Family values. Wen are you fucking people going to grow up and start wiping your own ass. A good republican is one who's in a penal colony somewhere off the coast of get the fuck outa here

  6. @twk373 If you know of ANY statistics which show that conservatives are more charitable, then feel free to send them.

    I think it's funny that you so-called conservatives, constantly expect everyone else to find the evidence for your beliefs. It's pretty weak.

  7. @twk373 That's fair enough, and i didn't mean to dismiss the social aspects of conservatism. But you have to admit, pretending that conservatism and charity are the same thing is borderline retarded. I know of NO statistics which show conservatives as more generous to charities.

    In fact, the biggest donors I've heard of on a large scale are people like Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates, who Fox News is always ragging on.

  8. @twk373

    Charity is NOT part of being a conservative. LOL That may be the most foolish comment ever written on youtube, and that's saying something. There are greedy conservatives, as well as greedy liberals, Economic philosophy has very little to do with morality.

    Stop being a silly propagandist twat.

  9. @romanmir01

    So with no jobs and with no working currency should the young stay and pay for promises that the old got from their politicians? Sounds like slavery, not a contract.

    The young will leave, and the old will find themselves without SS that is meaningful and can buy something.

    Responsible thing is to keep 100% of your income away from gov't (gov't should be paid only out of sales taxes and the poorest should get REFUNDs for their taxes) and invest into your future yourself.

  10. @romanmir01

    The SS money is used to pay for promises (and other things) that gov't does, so if you get gov't to use SS to pay for one thing, how can you expect the same money to pay for your actual retirement?

    You can't use the same money to make 2 payments, once a dollar is spent, it's spent, you can't spend it one more time.

    So you rely on a pyramid scheme of newcomers to pay for the early starters, well how nice for the early starters.

    But gov't destroyed jobs and now is destroying USD

  11. You give up your responsibility when you give up your liberty in return for supposed security.

    You gave up your liberty to keep 100% of your income and the gov't gained ability to tax your income at any rate they wish and you have to disclose all your private details to gov't about making your living.

    So you gave up that liberty in exchange for what? For supposed Social Security? But it wasn't an investment.

    Those who give up liberty for illusion of security get nothing.

  12. @twk373 dude. progressives are not soviet communists. if so then conservatives are facist nazis. epic hyperbole. say something worth saying or go fuck yourself. tyrannical governments come in many forms .. the main one being a totalitarian dictatorship 100% of the time .

  13. People don't feel confident because there is less of a social safety net than there used to be in the U.S. For example, it's harder now than it used to be to start a small business because 1) deregulation allows banks to not operate in the public interest and 2) deregulation in the private business sector has allowed huge monopolistic corporations to take over. And if your small business fails, there is little to no safety net to catch you.

  14. so what he,s saying is becouse america is so disorganisd with no blame and massive litigation,,,., it,s stock up on food and buy a gun,? remember when the U.N was a respected authority but thanks to g bush u never hear of them now, Right,wingers aroud the world are haveing a free run, ,,, and we all know how that end,s,

  15. @twk373 People like you need to get cancer and have their health coverage promptly dropped. After you lose everything you own and have Medicaid come in to save your sorry fucking ass, you can come back and talk about recklessness.

  16. @twk373 There is no Conservative group or even well known figure in the U.S. that has done anything that we all would consider humanitarian, besides the following HIV and Cancer research, and some well known conservative advocates have contributed to PETA . In fact the last Republican President to be a known Humanitarian was Dwight Eisenhower and Herbert Hoover, and your beloved Reagan term was even full of liberal based agendas. though he did not consider himself a lib those high taxes differ

  17. @twk373 You no what that was pretty good what you just said there. You almost had me buying that bullshit that just spilled out of your mouth. First of all Safety nets are supposed to prevent reckless Financial Behavior not encourage, and if any so called liberal does any that goes against that philosophy, trust me he or she is a Conservative in Disguise. Sort of like the majority of the Democratic party. We all know for a fact that the Dem. Politicians are the new Republicans.

  18. That back and fourth was utterly pointless. That guy was way too vague and didnt get into any details. I love Cenk and TYT and i know they can do better than this.

  19. @twk373 cont- for you to have to come out of your pockets constantly all of the time. and even then I still would not mind helping out. I pretty sure that you probably never donate out to charity with a comment like that.

  20. @twk373 I guess you want to encourage Gluttony and Greed! Guess what I make money in America and I expect to give back money to America that provide social services to all that can help all Americans. I still donate or help out others in need when ever the the opportunity arises. Now, I don't go out and look for those who need help but if I see someone in need guess what! I do! It doesn't matter if its money, food, or clothes but if we have the proper social services then there be no need cont-

  21. @twk373 Progressives are necessary to keep conservatives in line. Your whole argument, of give up your philosophy and use that time to help others is disingenuous to say the least. Are you willing to give up being a "conservative" so that you can help out in charity more???

    That's my polite way of saying you're a filthy liar. There's plenty of time to be both a liberal, and to help charity.

  22. @twk373 I donate about 15% of my income to charity, but that's because I can afford it, and I have a charity which touches close to my heart.

    I'll agree to stop bitching, lobbying, and wasting time once "conservatives" do. For a man who spends his entire day trolling liberal channels, you're kind of being hypocritical about wasting time.

    I have no problems with Christian organizations providing charity. I think a lot of liberals are probably Christians too, despite right-wing propaganda.

  23. @metalfaust19 Continued… The top brass of a company gets the majority of the pie in then separates the left overs with the workers, then once the economy fails or goes in the tank like now, they lay off there workers and then pay themselves as well as other members of the top brass bonuses. Then tell the workers who got laid off that its the governments fault for trying to interfere and socialize what they do with their money.

  24. @metalfaust19 True, True so very True…. I'm definitely for people making money, but there is a point when we all have to say enough is enough. I.E. your company made 960 million your first fiscal semester and then all of a sudden your new company motto is to top that in the next fiscal semester which becomes 2.8 billion then next year you want to go higher like 4.6 billion. Oh then by the way those top earnings go to the top of the food chain 83% of it and thats being generous.

  25. @twk373 Yeah, not like all of those industry jackasses didn't steal and cheat their way to top. And they donate about .00001% of their money to charities, it's nothing to them at this point. It's all done for fucking publicity and marketing, they make MORE MONEY in the end for donating paltry amounts to a charity, because it deludes dipfucks like YOU into thinking they actually care about regular people.

    Must be fun to be as totally brainwashed as you. What an easy life. Suck Beck's balls more.

  26. @Dayonetheone I am not a fan of big OR small government. A BALANCE MUST STRUCK AND MAINTAINED. The US Constitution is a really great set of ideals for running a country…problem is that the USA has almost entirely abandoned those rules and gone in a different direction entirely from what guys like Jefferson, Adams and Franklin had in mind for this country. The Constitution does not say we have to be capitalist or totally free market. The FFs were actually socialist more than anything else…

  27. @metalfaust19 Exactly! People generally get out of control when they are given too much freedom without someone to make sure that they don't get out of control, and that is what government is for. We've had the ENRON scandals, Wall Street and etc.. they have had freedom and then they payoff the people who are supposed to be regulating them . Yeah that right there is a legitimate reason for less Government(Sarcasm)

  28. @twk373 If you think that's true then you should be able to fulfill your humanitarian responsibility DESPITE the government. The fact that those responsibilities are left unattended pretty much proves you're full of shit.

    To rely on the goodness of individuals, to supply the goods of society is just a naive approach.

  29. @twk373 Sure there are good people who will think about the collective whole before themselves, but their actions are far outweighed by the greedy selfish people.
    Think about it like this: For every 1 person giving someone $1, there are 10 people trying to take $10 from that person.

  30. @twk373 Yeah…because it's so much better to leave everything in the hands of solitary money hungry idiots.

    I am skeptical and generally not a fan of large government, but you need SOME FORM government, you dipshit. You need SOME sort of ruling entity to balance out society, otherwise you have complete fuckin anarchy in which the majority of innocent people are left broken and dying for no reason. How selfish of a person are you? Just take take take take take and never care about anyone else?

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