Completing The Moon! AdVenture Capitalist 109

hello and welcome back guys you are gaming with me broth car and today I've got some more at venture capitalist action for you now it's been a little while I got mixed up with adventure communists last week and the week before that I got a little bit distracted so it's been a little while since the last video here but I think we are all geared up and ready to go hopefully to finish off the move tonight we'll have to see as far as the events goes I did not do very well in live your profits like I said I got distracted with some other things and forgot to have the event running and then it ended so I totally messed that up but Adventure con me just came out so I gave that a little try I got one video up on it so far as the open beta so you guys can go check that out now if you really want to obviously I'll be covering that more here in the future however the next event here starts very soon on September 1st right there the excellent adventure that one looks like it's going to be pretty fun we'll see if we can actually clear at this time and hopefully I don't get too distracted however planet coaster came out and I got to admit I'm loving that game I'm making all kinds of stuff in it and even though the the planet coaster in its current alpha 3 is a little bit more restricted than it was an alpha 2 I think I'll open it up because everybody's talking about it and stuff like that but anyhow I'm still making sweet rides you know how I do let's see if we can finish off the moon tonight that's what it's all about don't give it a go shall we hopefully I got all the gremlins worked out of the system there's been a lot of stuff changing as far as my actual system goes here moved into a different office as you can tell the background is different I don't have the green screen up because for the life of me I just can't seem to get enough time to do anything that I actually want to do these days um with regards to however much other stuff I'm also doing one of the other things that you'll notice not on this game gtx 1070 baby I got the one I wanted MSI beautiful talk about spending your monies but that's a right actually came with a game combo like 120 some bucks of Paragon even though I don't really like Paragon it's not that I don't like it I just haven't really played it I'm gonna try to sell it and that's my thinking you know maybe good maybe at 60 bucks off $120 value 50% off sell the Paragon cash or whatever boom discount gets me down to MSRP that's my thinking on it so I get the sweet card overclocked extra features MSRP I'm not cool with that not to mention I can let go in one of my previous cards to for madam maybe 70 hundred bucks to see what at seven 950 is going for but that is all news this is what we are doing let's whoa did you see that upgrade I missed it it was very was right there but there was like some money baby it made it rain I got all the cash upgrades all of them and we got all the angel upgrades it's happening tonight ladies and gentlemen we're gonna be clear this moon I know it I just know it look at this we got Nova men vineyards in Chile right now with tried trigger digit alien cranking up and that number is still moving fast don't even know what that cash upgrade but it had to be pretty big considering I hadn't been here for a while alright let's see ya gonna complete anything without getting more angels not quite man look at that auction you bar seven seven seven seven seven it's gonna happen it's gonna happen let's start us off here though with a few comments Sam Rizzo ascending commented on the last two to three videos that never saw my comment sad face a lot of people are commenting on these videos and you know it just happens that way we're finally to the point where there's more comments than what could be in a video so it's kinda the way it happens sorry about that I try to use the top comments feature my as much as I can and the reason because that more or less if you are commenting on a lot of videos eventually build up enough reputation that you end up as some of the top comments or if other people are commenting back to it or my to reply to it I don't know it's it's about as good as the system as we have all right let's reset the moon and let's get this thing cleared claim those Angels ten point seven three try triggered Italian baby matter elbow up to ten point seven five we're gonna click off that first boot and we're gonna buy 4,000 of them or I'm gonna get all the managers all at the same time oh yeah you never go to y'all upgrades quick bite you can't get a mile just in one click but you can't get all the Angels and they just start floating around run the other businesses come on now come on now there we go let's get some more upgrades oh yeah all right let's crank up these businesses by Maxon all of them whoo that's what I like to see let's take a look at some of these cash upgrades I want to see with that maximum one was I know I clicked on it all right let's crank these up there we go all right let's max out a couple more of these businesses oh come on cheese don't let me down she's mine only need a few more the amusement park yeah come on the big red button to get that one ooh there we are the very large upgrade and look at that money roll ha ha look at the Angels baby look at him fly on in here and there we have it you can't believe it profits of the Gees mind sons 8 8 8 8 8 that's what I'm talking about let's take a look at the Angels now look at that the investors everywhere you look there's more investors they know I got something going on here blood moon upgrade finished off the ovals will whatever will suffice yeah so it's for the profit of pay take loans have been maxed living just the amusement park oxygen bar and moon shoes what is going to be the one that finishes up first or last I should say hmm oxygen bar is so close so very close couple more comments let's see what you guys are talking about today does mold is replying to my comment here says I think you were doing well but you could be doing better not saying you're bad I just think you could be doing no better and what why don't get me wrong I could be uploading a lot more often but you know life raise a tea use an auto clicker to eliminate the four hour waiting time and get 16x nearly all the time okay I did use that a little bit in the last event and it was very helpful actually just to keep it running and stuff like that sometimes you have to do that you know we're talking about the last event Linda that live your prophets Z Miley originally beat this event and maxed out all of my investments very good unfortunately I didn't finish that event so I didn't even get anything out of it I didn't even get into the money oh well you can't win everyone the video gamer one three three hello broth car I recently got a mega ticket my third one what should i boost I did the donut shop already donut shops a good one I actually did not remember what I did after the donut shop it's been so long I want to thank like the shrimp and upgrade was next one I did honestly I just don't remember that's been too long I don't I don't know hmm so close with the oxygen bar you kidding me so close Bushwick II hero says where how gold suit in your facecam I hear it doubles your profits you know what if I had a gold suit in real life I would be wearing that amount and what face came but I don't have one I do have a suit but it's not black and I don't know if that boosts anything or not so apparently Lucas right here says the badge that you get for completing it gives you 50 X on the heck portals on Mars so it really has no benefit to me at all however if you haven't completed Mars that'd be a pretty good badge to have so thanks for letting me know man thanks for let me know Lucas Illuminati GameA 101 I changed my profile pics just like you said that a good man very good alright let's get some angels in here let's crank this thing up mmm 400 tried to get Italian angels rank up the money given the managers I've been playing so many clicking games that my mouse is finally starting to like double-click on everything I do it's incredibly annoying you imagine that like every time you try to click sometimes it double clicks don't get me wrong I like the Logitech G what is it geez 602 maybe I'm just clicking on it way too hard or too many times it hasn't always been doing it I don't know if it's a Windows 10 thing or if it's actually just part of the component who knows Oh amusement park no that would've been a little bit too early all right got all them cache upgrades there we go yes yes yes shoes oh what is gonna be first haha they're so close none of them though none of them are completing oh there we go we get the Blood Moon get a little bit more profit going from those guys so curious we've we've doubled our investors already come on now what can we get for the currency exchange we can get at least three of them so far darn it I still gotta do another reset all right we're gonna let that cook up just for a second here John says hi Brock our great vid you do so good I'm just saying keep doing what you're doing thanks John why did you join it what you played swarm sim I can't find it actually I didn't upload it but I did play it I mean there's it I did it's there see when I was down here what am I done yet swarm simulator look at all the meat and the larva you know what I probably did show this in one of these videos whatever dude hey give me give me some more greater Queens and more hives bye I don't remember what I'm doing in this one see dojo and rumah games as far as talking about the crusaders of the lost idols yes he completed it way faster than me I just uh my count didn't have what it took the game player brought god I hope they make this event yeah sorry I hope they make a event that is back-to-school thing it would be interesting and hopefully fast I know what you mean man but no we got some sort of crazy Pharaoh thing right maybe yeah exactly but that's cool I've been like reading books and sad you know what that's a that's right up my alley reading this book what is it some sort of Fargo book about these people who were treasure hunters looking for the lost tomb of Atilla the Hutt Atilla the Hun not hot I mean he might have had a hut I guarantee you did anyhow good book there I'm also playing the Nathan Drake series I got the fourth one I rented it and I'm like wow this is really good so I acquired that for like 35 bucks and got the whole collection so I got all of four games I also got two narrator I don't know I'm on like a treasure hunting kick right now so that's good it's a good thing JJ I'd keep up the good work subscribed oh thanks so much I hope you enjoy the channel here I never used the profit enhancer yeah I know the feeling I hardly use it myself Faye's you from the faze clan brah can you play tap Titans gosh my mouse is already broken well I guess you can it can only be broken so much and then you just click more oh I think it's actually mobile so never mind tap Titans look at this actually know what that does look kind of quality ah dick all right I'm gonna add that one oh it's already installed what it might have been recommended already I'm broth gone new subscriber channel has grown like crazy keep that man believe in yourself at you will get to 100k soon man that'd be that'd be nice man Omar plays m-z thank you so much we're gonna see continue to play a venture capitalist will bring in a venture communist we'll see how that goes this is populating in pretty good shape right there and who does planet coaster might just work out and I'm thinking as so long as I don't restrict that game too much don't restrict you with rules let you let your imagination be the restriction in that game that game just going to be really good and we not only gonna be really good but I gonna end up pretty popular too I got that feeling though mmm it's pretty good lineup speaking of games that have been pulling recently I also played titanfall 2 and you know what I was not a real big fan of the first titanfall I kind of they gave it to me for free on the Xbox one or whatever and I picked it up and put it down on within like two seconds titanfall 2 though for some odd reason feels pretty good to me I enjoy it it's all about the grappling hook I mean that I like a shooter games with high mobility what can I say you know that seems to be my flavor Logan Pike says hey since I deleted my game and reinstalled it I fixed the mistakes I made now I just beat Mars that's right you you'd messed it up but now you're doing well good job man beating Mars is a big step because it's gonna give you a lot of those mega tickets mega bucks and you know you know the game but I'm just saying once you finish Mars payday baby when does up tour tonic how are you today I like your background that's pretty sweet don't alright scare tuber alright here we go again fan oh I know you're just terrified of me saying your name right I see how it is bro I see how it is Mario Mario this was a week ago so I guess eh yeah I played it bro 1891 come on now give me some of those uh we're gonna have to get some more angels crank it up the 3.3 untreated Italian alright come on what's it gonna be who's it gonna finish first with looks looks like the oxygen bars are going to be pulling off the next complete here potentially I don't know maybe they're all the same price oh cheese Mikey your chair to believe it I can't believe it did I not finish it last time it's hard you know you didn't see that little last bit right there I could probably I might have made more profit I can't remember so close so close but not quite yet Chris and Gaiman at least two new videos of playing ad camp on my series currently 15 videos into it and I have finally hit the dead point all three planets and wouldn't give and wouldn't mind some advice how to get out of the dead zone spy it with gold is probably the only option to get out of a dead zone otherwise you're pretty much just stuck trying to complete it with maybe getting mega tickets there really is no cure for the dead zone besides getting more mega tickets or gold unless you cheat I mean you could always cheat that might work – at least with these events back-to-back you can make some serious profit a few if you can complete them that is a ball King 3:22 Braska I have 100 onion Santilli and angels and adventure capitalists and it's awesome PS I've been subscribed since 500 subs wow that's a long time so that would make you three years subscribed and I just wanted to thank you for making me possibly thousand plus people laugh every day not quite that many people but right about two thirds of that know how much now I averaged about 5,000 views a day but thanks robo King thanks for being here all this time I'm glad you've been enjoying the channel and just stick it with it holy cow I mean I'm gonna stuck with it but I don't know if I followed the channel for three years have I yeah I guess I have haven't I for sure I finally beat Mars and the event it's a Sebastian congratulations bro ain't good job on finishing up that event once you got past the first part of it that was a trick right all right here we go and settle up these angels Murray setting like crazy come on I said we're gonna complete the moon tonight I can't not complete the goal it's gonna be a major milestone if we can pull it off come on now top here yeah all right come on oxygen bars you're so close neat other things I can buy right now a hat see just sneaking and sneaky cheese baby cheese also this game is awesome but I was on holiday in Turkey oh wow in Syria so I missed all of it apart from the first day and be hard to beat it at that point that's pretty cool Turkey and Syria I've never even been to that side of the world hopefully one day though that was illogical Steve but Louis the golden castle says whoa this event gets fast like Mars I got eight of eight but only the badge that does something that gives you 20x on two heck ports okay so I got two different reports for this 20x and something else X bernal's are consistent I finished Mars already nobody needs that Nathan says I'm new here and I watched all of your ad camps and I'm extremely light and can you say potato waffle person potato waffle person and no problem oh come on oh we've made it to five thousand seven hundred and five fifteen more and they'll have the oxygen bar on locked and that will give me enough profits here hopefully to drive the amusement park here to the next level which is only a few away far away with the shoes not too far behind but it looks like they're gonna be the last ones all right let's just watch this the amusement park is taking the lead here at the end I thought it was going to be the oxygen bar but no the amusement park just keeps cranking quick but click up that ladder come on baby let's hit the climax let's do it come on Oh more profit from amusement parks times eight eight eight and the investors are going wild that's what I like to see oh here it is that's what it took now the oxygen bars are gonna follow suit here no smoking please profits from the X bar time seven seven seven seven seven seven these are numbers are ridiculous huge upgrade now just the moon boots evade us so close we need two hundred and thirty more a couple of comments more G OVA gamer geo Pia high broth gar I discovered loadout like four days ago and I liked it so much it is an awesome game so I decide to see if there's some awesome videos on YouTube that can help me get better and I have found all your really useful content and but then I saw the video about being load up being dead if you uploaded one year ago the point is can you bring back the loadout series please I made a logical decision to not do that series anymore I don't really enjoy making videos on anymore and the game it's dead and dying it's not that it isn't a good game and not that there isn't people playing it but y'all got to move on sometime you know it's nothing not that I don't like making that decision but I have to make it phase mold 540 to her finishes in 30 minutes tanks meet the day game literally little I beat the game in one day by glitch like one physical day or did you just like crank yourself like a hundred years into the future because that might work or maybe if you move your time backwards as you then create some sort of time machine and beat the game that way regardless I can't really test it because I don't want to cheat come on now a lot more angels let's go ahead and get this we're gonna finish off the moon and make it happen alright here we go this is the one Jabar no not quite maybe sure everything else is maxed best I can surprisingly this takes quite a while still those moons boots may not be so easy alright action bar there we go hey what's up shiny Dragonite welcome back you sound like markiplier says juggernaut I don't sound quite like him but I have heard that reference a few times before why do you cut your video so much because they would be incredibly long if I didn't that's why I do I do what I do because this initial video right now is over 40 minutes long and that would just be a really long thing to watch and I also end up like reading comments and putting a lot of time in between my words every once in a while so I have to cut them in order to make everything fit you know broths car I have 20 mega bucks should I save up ninety or get to make a ticket thingies now I would 20 mega bucks after your very first 20 mega bucks then I would go ahead and use them for a Meggitt whatever column mega ticket and actually boost some of your businesses the 90 is great but it takes a long time to get there and with the addition of events and stuff like that I don't really think it's worth waiting for 90 just to get a hundred you maybe later in the game when it's easier to get like once you're completing Mars then I would say it's probably a better time to do that come on come on moon boots uh you're killing me ah that's it that's it guys that's all I can do I got close got really close to clearing the moon but not quite it's a major upgrades but it doesn't look like it's going to happen tonight I've read through about as many comments as I can do here in the time I have you can see it's already very late so I got to go but we'll just have to complete the moon next time here obviously we playing the event here very soon when it starts here at the September 1st so we expect another video and hopefully then maybe during that I'll have enough to complete the moon here it's just a matter of time that's all it it's just a matter of time just waiting for the angels to come in you know it goes that freedom – deep the theme park isn't even running I knew something was off I knew something was off hold on right there come on now come on now never mind we were nearly defeated till I dad just was wondering why that was going so slow few more minutes just a few more I'm going to complete it all right fine I am stuck on the moon and I don't know how to get past angels what do you suggest should I do I already have them all boosted wait – Mountain your only option the moon hits a very dead spot but eventually once you're going to get through it you'll hit that big oxygen bar upgrade and they don't really start moving faster but there's just a dead spot so patience is a virtue to be honest and once you've boosted everything that's about all you can do Mike demos hey what's up dude play on ps4 or else I'm not starting over that's not happening I do it is on ps4 though best video around thanks so much Brian this event is actually really cool might be my favorite I would say it was my favorite thus far the last one Epson definitely well I would say the music was my favorite I think the Christmas one was the best though because it actually had a real story King roblox a crap war clicker good game who deserved more slobs thanks so much Noah all right there we have it a couple of comments is skipped here just because is it it seemed like the right thing to do sorry about that but we're moving on here so thank you guys for coming so much mmm nearly there just another hundred and some and we'll have it it's claimed some angels one last restart to finish it off that's gonna happen and I'm gonna have to do another restart I'm a hundred off so close come on now clam it up let's make it happen again ah who's just going slow oh right I gotta drag the moon boots out so far I mean I've done it I've completed everything just let me finish the boots uh ah twenty two more to go I've done everything I can do to like buy myself more thing so let's play a little bit of clash round one I got myself a magical chest winning a match so let's see what I get inside the magical chest mmm 586 gold a couple of Valkyrie only two beard goblins I got plenty of those six for the Giant come on legendary come on legendary heroes a goblin hut oh good good good an epic card with one left to go I might actually have a legendary poison poison I got high level poison oh well it was free anyhow really open for princess for something like that what we got left game all right 20 all right I know I've said this a hundred times before but one more reset myself some more profit here crank through it play a game of that and then I might actually be there go fast all the businesses yeah runnin runnin runnin runnin get those managers here as fast as you can go anything not running oh we're all good upgrades all angels yes cash upgrades baby come on now give it to it faster my your that is make that money rain get all them upgrades ox your buff in the shop use Minh Park cheese everything everything oh look at it it's moving fast now now slowing down alright I know what's up they write a clash Royale and maybe it'll be done late at night you go to play this game you know exactly what's gonna happen pay to win people show up oh man you made it has market hey you don't win not against me alright where we add moon boots close I'm close enough this isn't going any faster oh man the pay2win is real no way you're this low level with this high level cards oh this game is a joke anymore it's getting sad still winning though because these people suck work already here we are patience was the name of the game at the end here but we're gonna finish up the moon boom fly to me to the boots baby we have completed the moon everything unlocked it happened it took a little longer than I wanted it to but let's go ahead and finish it off here with the currency exchange to see just how many mega tickets I can get I'm up two three four five six alright five mega bucks for finishing up the moon here probably a little bit more what's a lot some more money build up but there you have it I've now completed two planets both Mars and the moon here with just the earth waiting to happen hopefully at some point here they will expand and give us more planets to play but until then we're gonna have to do with what we can do with the event right here so the elects illan tensor is next up will be given that a try here later this week thanks for watching guys have a great day I'll see you guys next time guys peace broth car out you

  1. I Uninstalled adventure capitalist and reinstalled the game to fix my mistakes and then I got the moon

  2. Opinions… how about now: to access MARS it's 200 MegaBucks… Imo bit pay to play lol… oh well yeah surely you get 200 MB easily but … it used to be gold lol

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