Comparing Communism and Fascism

before we start I highly recommend you guys watch my two recent videos on communism and fascism now that has been said let's continue communism and fascism are very interesting ideologies both ideologies can be similar in practice and they're more authoritative forms but they two are very different when it comes down to their ideologies communism and fascism are both conformist and collectivist evolutions of socialism they usually reject democracy capitalism liberalism and other systems of socialism even though communism and fascism have similarities their idea comes from how both the ideologies implemented authoritarian systems and history they are very different and how both stand on a number of issues more specifically social issues to better understand I will define both systems starting with communism communism is a socially left-wing evolution of socialism which is focused on the elimination of bourgeois property planned economy and broad social equality in theory communists are globalist and internationalists the call fairy workers revolution that would be able to take over an oppressive class of capitalists that come from industrialization from the 19th to 20th centuries communists reject the idea of a social class and a nation of states for the goal of a classless global society where everyone is equal all this sounds good but there is a problem that arises the extreme central planning and we're all are equal of a habit of leading to a dictatorial military state lacking freedom fascism on the other hand is a socially right-wing evolution of socialism which its main goal is an elite social hierarchy and nationalism which might implement a socialist economy which differs from country to country this means in a way fascism can be thought of is a right-wing socialism in theory fascists are usually anti-globalist and nationalists that want a tallit aryan hierarchy state that can be based on value and race fascism is different from communism as it seeks to destroy the enemy communism in theory wants their enemy to join them but as we know communism in practice tends to be aggressive and militant just like fascism the main problem with fascism is that the forced hierarchy leads to a dictatorial military state lacking any freedom they're aggressive selectiveness leads to fascists making more enemies than allies as I stated before both communism and fascism are collectivist and conformist they usually reject individualism liberalism democracy capitalism and republicanism they specifically reject the political social and economic inequalities of the liberal state that come from the Industrial Revolution as a result both ideologies can require a high level of centralized state control of course the state of control from both has historically led to dictatorships when it is practiced this makes both communism and fascism if you're more similar than they actually are it needs to be said that even the most controlling forms of communism and fascism only lead to dictatorships that means that the ideology still have to be despotic in theory at least to a degree even if the ideologies are despotic in theory both become dictatorships in many different ways for example when and if they intend to purge who and why they purge fairies on the ideology now that I have talked about some of the similarities of communism and fascism I will now talk about how they differ from one another there is a difference between the different types of communism and fascism that's sort of communism in theory Marxism is mostly a non authoritative philosophy Leninism a radical Bolshevik evolution of Marxism Stalinism which is a despotic form of post Leninism and is an example of nationalist communism and Maoism which is a unique nationalist Chinese version of Marxism and Stalinism all these forms of communism are different now for some of the types of fascism lugar ISM a Christian anti-semitic right-wing socialism Mussolini's natural fascism a more Republican form of fascism that wasn't as prejudiced and Hitler's national socialism which was extremely prejudiced they too were all very different extreme authoritarianism all looks very dictatorial and most of the time has the same effect that only shows the Liberty versus Authority left and right wing model one of the main ways communism and fascism differs is the social equality versus social hierarchy the main problem with both communism and fascism isn't their virtues such as equality or nationalism because those same virtues are in a Republican democracy the real problem is aggressive collectivist and Tollett Arian behavior it leads to if liberalism influences individualism and freedom while communism and fascism influences collectivism and central planning this creates problems as communism inclusive ideology begins to exclude everyone that won't conform while fascism's exclusive ideology turns into purging a race communism and fascism both have features that can be found in much older governments for example ancient Sparta which Plato describes as a democracy a militaristic state which is really important to understand because the modern forms of communism and fascism are response to social political economic inequality in which they try to solve the problem start to in the mid 18th hundreds of Karl Marx who was against exploitation of workers I would agree with them because sending children to work in small spaces to mine or is just not humane since there is a problem to arise from general exploitation of the worker Karl Marx socialist ideology eventually becomes the foundation for communism that is to say that when a problem became apparent Karl Marx proposed a solution to the problem there's nothing wrong with proposing a solution to a problem but it matters when the solution itself has a chance to create more problems than good modern fascism on the other hand appears after World War one which came from Mussolini's rejection of liberalism and socialism while still retaining elements of liberal and socialist ideas this can be seen from Hitler's national socialism or fascism and communism share similar socialist organs with similar features their responses to social political and economic inequality in the liberal democratic capitalist state they both are far from being the same feminism can become authoritative in a means of achieving a revolution and planning the state more of the details can be confirmed by the manifesto of the Communist Party anyone can choose to be a communist that they submit to the ideology take Marxism for example Marxism in theory sounds like an excellent idea this would explain why people keep coming to Marxism for a solution and I don't condemn people for looking for a solution but Marxism becomes problematic when looking into the details its excess of equality and a call for revolution is a low-hanging fruit for dictatorships for example Stalinism was a pure dictatorship when it comes to the ideologies in theory more rational people would prefer karl marx over adult hitler but when it comes to implementing the ideologies both communism and fascism yield very similar results fascism symbolizes extreme authoritarian nationalism which is often militaristic and can be seen as an evolution of socialism as they can offer characteristics of socialism to its inner circle fascism is meant to be authoritative and expansive it is an aggressive civil religion on purpose it is an ideology of action and thought which is seen in hitler's writings if you have seen how fascism played out in history it is shown as a nationalistic authoritative aggressive progressively militarized and dictatorial that often leads to racist policies like those of the Nazis and practice one must be a part of a fascist elite group to join a fascist movement fascism is exclusive in all its forms an example is Hitler's National Socialism which had racial requirements even Hitler and Mussolini fascism is very dictatorial in theory if you have seen my recent video on fascism explain why people would even want a fascist government in the first place so I will briefly explain why mulder 1 caused a lot of problems to arise a number of World War 1 veterans who were irritated with how incompetent their government was being they wanted to go back to the days they used to be a world power communism became a natural enemy that would wipe out all their progress which is when fascist parties became popular as they had a solution to communism and how they would make their country glorious again the people thought they were of options so fascist governments came to power as long as they did what they said they were going to do and for the most part they made their country stronger and getting rid of communist threats but it came at the cost of losing the people's freedom to a dictatorship even though communism and fascism historically led to dictatorships they both considered themselves rivals which attracted very different types of followers to each ideology like I said before earlier in this video there are a variety of the types of fascists and communists that exist for example Mussolini's fascist doctrine doesn't mention anything about race while Hitler's fascism was based on anti-semitism and Hitler based a lot of his fascism on Mussolini take the KKK in America there in some cases democratic and capitalist the group expresses extreme nationalist views in their own way the KKK can be considered fascists because they share key points with the fascist doctrine even though the KKK s version of fascism is different than Hitler's and Mussolini's all these groups are fascist in terms of their stance on their group and how they perceive others to add to this if you have seen my other video on fascism explain that fascism is very hard to define and that there really isn't a centralized definition other than using Hitler and Mussolini as the prime example for a definition since we know that there are different versions of fascism some have socialist elements others do not so it is possible that similar groups can be defined as fascist groups but keep in mind that some groups are just mimicking fascist elements that are not actually fascist if we look at different communist groups we can notice they use varying degrees of authority from true Marxist to Leninists getting more radical to stalinís and malice that are militaristic authoritarian and nationalistic in different ways these ideologies are generally opposed to classism establishment liberalism socialism and capitalism but since the ideologies can be quite buried some versions might not be opposed to these systems it starts to get confusing when some fascist and communist ideologies can share more in common with each other than they do with their own and fascist factions for example Stalin and Hitler both favored about the same amount of a planned economy while Mussolini and Chairman Mao ended up relying on capitalism and classism is there a common theme emerging it is that the controlling behavior of fascism and communism both lead up to be ruled by a militaristic dictatorship when implemented fascism means to do that on purpose while communism leads up to a dictatorship and practice with its acceptance of a planned economy as historical examples Hitler Mussolini stalling and mal are very good examples of different ideologies that essentially all become the same thing militaristic authoritarian dictatorships communism and fascism aren't naturally left or right to militant authoritarian or aggressive every time but their extreme forms are far from liberalism in practice aside from the more centered versions of fascism and communism the extreme tolet Aryan versions of fascism and communism almost always lead to horrible outcomes as in a massive death count fascism's death count is at around 28 million people while communism is death count is estimated to be at 94 million which is insane compared to fascism so why is communism death count higher than fascism the reason communism is death count is higher it's the fact that a great deal of the deaths of Communist China and Russia are due to starvation in which the communist system failed to provide for its population not to forget that there were tons of deaths linked to Stalin Mao and many other dictators to create a high death count as well communism promises a lot of great things therefore many attempt to create that perfect utopian society but they forget that many things prevented communism from happening like easy access to dictatorships greed and desire to push through to extreme limits overall when comparing communism and fascism together the two ideologies differ in their theories and are not the same as they believe in opposing views but as soon as they are implemented they become almost the same as they turn into controlling dictatorships even though they may be alike when it comes to end results but how they got to those results are from two different directions fascism knows exactly what it is while communism is a nicely baited hook that will pull you into your demise both of these ideologies have shown throughout the 20th century that they should never be implemented again but as long as people continue to strive for a pure communism we will continue to get a failed communist system one after another as you already know as long as communism still exists fascism is not far behind as it can't come to power without a natural enemy thanks for watching if you like the content like and subscribe if you have any questions for me ask me in the comment section below and I'll see you guys in the next video

  1. Felt like this video repeated it self over and over again constantly. At some points it was the exact same point repeated 3 times in slightly different way. Great video dude but try to make things more precise.

  2. 5:40 “sending children to work in small spaces isn’t humane”

    Child labor wasn’t created by industrialization. It had existed since the beginning of man when humans lived at subsistence levels. Industrialism utilized child labor at its start, transferring labor from the preceding agricultural revolution, and did away with it after mechanization made their presence in mills unnecessary and as time went on, a hinderance. Laws against child labor were only followed in the west after was outmoded.

  3. How can fascism be alt right, if the alt right is anarchism, no government. I thought the left wanted more government and the right wants less

  4. Fascism did not evolve from socialism. Fascism predates socialism be centuries.

    Aside from both being extremist political ideologies, and tend towards dictatorship. They are opposite extremes of the political spectrum.

  5. In my view, the political spectrum is not a straight line, but rather a full circle… Thus the extreme right and the extreme left TOUCH. The main difference (in paper) is that Fascism formally allows private property (to the member of the superior races). For practical purposes they are nearly identical: One PARTY, ONE LEADER, MILITARISM, PROPRAGANDA, INTOLERANCE TO DISSIDENTS, among others. At least the fascist did not try to conceal their ideals of racial superiority (so, the marxist leninist advocates are also hypocrites).

  6. As an experiment I just went onto Amazon UK and entered 'T shirts with Swastikas on', and then 'T shirts with Hammer & Sickle on'. I found only one T shirt which displayed a swastika (however it was really for a punk bank with a swastika as part of the design).
    But I found 15 complete pages of Hammer & Sickle T Shirts.
    Both ideologies are despicable, but the Communists have had a far greater malign effect on the populations of the world. When is a true reading of history going to permeate the Universities and Schools?

  7. The Soviet union's communism, wasn't really communism/socialism. It was more like Fascism in disguise of communism, propaganda was used to hide the reality from the people by the Soviet union and by the Nazis.
    If someone said something against Stalin or Hitler they would be sent to a prison camp or to be killed without trial….

  8. I hate it when people says Communism is a bad ideology just by looking at Stalinist-Russia well its not real communism haha

  9. fascism is better than Communism because fascism is nature law. Communism you have to have feminism everyone is equal not everyone is the same if everyone is equal such as a wheel chair guy to a athlete runner

  10. I still cannot see where facism is a right wing ideology. If it comes from socialism the origin is from left, I disagree completely in this only point, because they are not antagonists. they have a very good marketing campaign because if you think that facism and Communism are from lefties, then everything to the right is better than socialism and the two extreme options. Facism and communism is exactly the same but with a twist of flavor. Thats why KKK also fits in the they are all lefties ideas.

  11. Excellent video thank you for the breakdown. Many will disagree as its not an easy topic. On a lighter note please explain the difference in Mexican cuisine. Burrito vs taco vs chimichanga etc.

  12. This textbook analysis is not complete nor accurate. Sometimes you have to examine the actual events and leaders and corporations that traded with them. It's not textbook in reality.

  13. There isn’t that much difference between them both put the state over the individual and both are totalitarian. They also both oppose Classical Liberalism.

  14. my take on it is that both left and right wing ideologies have elements of freedom/liberal and elements of control/dictatorship i think the best way is to find the best elements of both and fuse them together, focus more on freedom rather than left or right wing as when their is a pushed focus on one or the other it leads to dictatorship

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