Community Schools

A community school is a school that, first
and foremost, is a welcoming, safe environment for children, that wraps services beyond instruction,
that addresses a child’s well-being and the well-being of family, and hopefully is a neighborhood
school that becomes the center of the community. There are different community schools
throughout the country, but more and more and more we’re starting to see schools throughout
the country start developing these kind of wraparound services and align services that
would have traditionally been done through a county or through a city to a school directly,
like health clinics, dental clinics, English immersion programs for parents, community
college programs for parents, social services for parents and for kids, early childhood
education, tutoring programs, after school programs, and the like. Community schools are great for English language learners because
what community schools can do is address the other social-emotional instructional needs
of English language learners. They can help create the supports for English language learners,
whether it’s after school instruction or tutorials or programs for parents or some programs for
recent immigrants or some program for recent refugees, it can do all of these things if
the services are available.

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