Community of Care: Team Lia | Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s

My name is Lia and I’m 10 years old, and when
I was three I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. I don’t remember much about having cancer,
but I do remember that it was, like, really scary. Being at an event like this, at the zoo today, everybody here is fighting, or has been fighting,
or did fight a battle and had to be brave. We’re lucky to have a great family, a great
support system, and great friends. The doctors at the clinic were super calm
and patient. When I go there, I just feel really good,
like I’m at home. It’s kind of like my home away from home. The team that was responsible for Lia always made every member of our family feel like she was the only patient. And they are doing that for everybody. I donated my hair because I want people to feel better about themselves. I know how people feel when they wake up one
day and their hair is just gone. So if you give somebody a wig, then you can
help them have some confidence in themselves. Lia helped all of us get through her experience,
which was also her experience, by her bravery, her positivity. She just exudes positivity in everything that
she does. We are so grateful that she received such
care and that she’s healthy.

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