Community Kitchen

(happy music) – What I love about Community Kitchen is that it’s a place for anyone to come and learn how to cook,
learn about new foods, enjoy food in community, and learn how to apply kitchen skills
that also improve health. – It’s a really great
program and it really, I think has a really positive
impact on the community. Just brings people together, where we can come and
learn skills together, and cook together, and eat together. It’s not just one thing of
coming and like eating a meal, but we’re actually
learning with one another. – Well, I like the idea of being
able to make so many foods. The recipes are really complex and I feel like most people can’t buy all those ingredients on their
own and make them themselves so we get a chance to make
like five different things that you would’ve never made before. – I think it’s like learning
how to cook meals on a budget, ’cause that’s like every college student. You’re tight on money and you get to learn how to cook healthy
meals that are low-cost and you can create in a
very short amount of time. – So my passion for nutrition
started in seventh grade, when I decided to start eating
healthier for the new year and I started to make all my own recipes, and cook dinner for my family every night. My mom told me to start a blog and to start uploading my recipes. So I started doing that,
I took it to Instagram and just developed a really big passion for food photography and food blogging. My nutrition knowledge
and passion has developed ever since then and I decided
to take it as a career. One of the ways I’ve been inspired is actually through Community Kitchen, which I think is really great. – What has been most valuable for me is just all the
skills that I’ve learned. I have never tried to do recipe formatting for someone to take home before. And then essentially every month you’re creating a nutrient
panel for what’s in something and needing to know
how to use the computer and then just all of
the communication skills with working with the team
and going out in the community and telling people about us. – Joining Community Kitchen
is one of the best things that you can do in your
undergraduate education because you have the opportunity to work one-on-one with the faculty. You have the opportunity
one-to-one with your peers, you can develop your leadership skills, you can develop your mentoring skills. You also have the chance to work with people from different backgrounds, and get to know them and teach them skills that they can take home
into their families and teach to other people as well. (happy chime music)

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