Community Garden Launch

So spacing wise, maybe about? So I would do maybe
about eight inches apart. You could even go a little
bit deeper with that one. Sure. So it begins. [CHEERING] Yes, thank you all. We are planting the first
community garden here at UMass Medical School. We’re going to be
planting four raised cedar beds with vegetables and herbs. And we have the plan of
providing those vegetables and herbs to the community. For most of my childhood, I
grew up without fresh produce. We struggled with getting food
on the table a lot of times, and then my dad had this idea to
grow a garden in our backyard. And, for me, that
was a new experience. It was exciting,
and finally, when we were able to harvest
what we grew, and we got to taste real produce,
it was very changing for me. The amount we’re taught about
diet and nutrition every year is increasing, and
they integrate it through our entire curriculum. And I think that this garden
is kind of a symbol for that. Diet and nutrition
are the foundation of people’s well-being. A lot of conditions
arise because of people’s poor
nutrition, poor diet, and I think that this garden
will help promote that image and throughout the curriculum
and in the community here at UMass.

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