Community Engagement — Meeting the Needs of Schools

As we speak right now,
miss Rose teacher from USC is in my classroom, who the kids honestly just
love, they do music, they do different activities, so right now she’s actually
singing along with them. This is a really great age for them to be exposed to this
curriculum. Their imagination is kind of limitless so it’s exciting to throw all
of this exciting information at the children and see them kind of just light
up and take it, and make it their own. Orchestra 500 ok what is the name for
the person who brings cheer to them It brings cheer to them, they’re able to get out any antsies or
any Wiggles that they may have because there it looks like move around, sing. My favorite part is seeing how excited
they get to perform and how seriously they take the matter.
I want to write songs, seeing them perform without being really shy, because I get shy a lot. When we do a concert I feel nervous but and then when we start
singing I don’t feel nervous anymore. I feel like smiling. The Thornton outreach
program is so critical for not only this community but for LAUSD in general.
Basically the only reason that I play now is because I was exposed at a young
age in a public school setting to music. So it’s really important for us to bring
this world-class education that we’re getting at USC and to spread the love
and to spread the joy.

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