Community Empowerment Unit | Arts Community and Events| Auckland Council

The empowered communities approach is about supporting communities to take ownership, to get things done, so that they can feel empowered. The Community Empowerment Unit sits within the arts, community, and events department in Council. So we have hundreds of projects actually all over the city, using the empowered communities approach to bring people together, and make their local communities better. We do quite a bit of placemaking work, so we’ll work with our planners around bringing community together to design places and spaces. We do a lot of capacity building with community groups, who get them to a point where they are in a position to run with their project without us. We also do a lot of work with rough sleepers and looking at community safety. We are responsible for making sure that the city is graffiti free and making sure that all the diverse members of communities get to have a say in plans that are being developed for their spaces. I’m really excited about the future of the empowered communities approach for Auckland. There’s a lot of opportunity to really look at some of the big infrastructure projects that Council does and making sure that they’re really fit for purpose, meeting the needs of community members and they feel a real sense of ownership in them.

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