Community Creations Episode 2 – Life is Strange 2

Today, we are continuing to celebrate you bunch of talented artists and creators out there. If you like what you see, be sure to show the artists some love. You can find their handles in the description. And if you missed the first Community Creations video, check it out in the card on screen now or in the description link. Warning: this video will contain spoilers and remember to watch ’til the end to see if you’re in this video’s Comment Shout Out. Okay, first up, we are kicking this Community Creations off with a bang. Ayra’s absolutely stunning artwork gets
a bazillion thumbs up from us, and massive kudos for taking part in LIStober. There are too many awesome drawings for us to show today so please do go and check them out but we’ll finish on this group drawing of a bunch of Life is Strange 2 characters for the one-year anniversary. Ink-redible! Musician Campusanis has not only covered songs from the official soundtrack, such as this version of ‘Into the Woods’ from Episode 1, but has even put his talents into creating his own
original music for each of the episodes. ♬ I feel so lost and found ♬ ♬ But I can’t look back ♬ Much like most of the awesome artists we’re showing off today, he has so many songs that we can’t show them all. So head over to his YouTube channel and take a listen via the link in the description below. We can’t get enough of the cuteness from Lovisari who has drawn the Wolf Brothers and Captain Spirit, plus some specific scenes from the game too. Roger Witt is back again with these incredible drawings of Sean, Lyla and Cassidy. The colours… the style… oh we can’t get enough! Please keep it up, Roger! Some jaw-dropping realism here from Popovajr. Sorry if I butchered that pronunciation! Of the best buddies Captain Spirit and Super Wolf. We can’t think of the adjectives to describe how breathtaking these are. So, have this heart-eye emoji instead! A totally different but equally radical style here from Cofflee of Captain Spirit playing with his toys and superhuman imagination, to defeat Mantroid once and for all! We have some permanent dedication for the Wolf Bros here now with Pssychoo_Official’s tattoo of the consequences icon. They say that they got this right after playing episodes 1 & 2 and have a very meaningful reason behind it due to also having a younger brother they’ve had to look after through hard times and that they even played the same
game of pretending to be wolves. Another tattoo here from Spotsuns who replicated Cassidy’s wolf ink on Sean from Episode 3. Heck yes! Spotsuns is also quite the artist themselves, having created this mashup of Finn featuring Sean’s various haircuts throughout the episodes. Why is mohawk Finn everything?! Thanks to both of these guys and to many other people who have immortalised the Life is Strange games in ink. We are truly honoured. Speaking of Finn, Donotannoymeh – I love that username by the way ’cause it sounds very Northern – has drawn these studies of our dreadlocked Drifter, along with showing some love to everybody’s favourite conspiracist too: Penny! We shouted them out last time, and since then they’ve continued to impress with their fan art. We’re talking about flxrscnt who has made this awesome art of not only Sean and Daniel, but Mushroom, Lyla and Jacob too. Onto a couple of cosplays now, featuring Orion_Pax’s Sean Diaz complete with handmade sketchbook. Even better was that he took this to Paris Games Week this year and the DontNod area on the show floor, where there was a real-life replication of Sean’s room. Talk about a cosplay photo shoot! Asarahlime channeled Lyla the love witch, and it almost feels like she’s been plucked from the game and placed right into real life. The resemblance is uncanny! Leopold_0807 is another returning Community Creations veteran that we always love to see work from. From rough sketches to fully-colourised pieces, Leopold’s art is awesome possum. Coryph_art is back to with the most adorable art of our two favourite families: the Diaz trio and the drifter tribe. We love these colour studies from Zaephir of Episode 1. It’s interesting to see the difference in the warm and happier times from the earlier scenes and the bleakness that comes later. Episode 4 saw Sean go through the toughest part of his journey so far, and these pieces from thedorkychocobro and yukiphobia captures his hardships perfectly. You can almost feel his determination radiating through the screen. Whilst art from jokemato, kaazoot and komaetoile – again, sorry if I butchered those pronunciations, show emotional times from the boys from throughout the episodes. Murillosoaress has created this image of the brothers dressed in Day of the Dead costume, along with this cute black and white sketch with super expressive poses. Feels very ‘Pixar’, I love it! ChibiKinesis show some love for Episode 3 and 4’s Jacob Hackerman. All the feels for him giving a piggy back to his sister with flowers in their hair. *squee* And, to close out the video, Mostro truly mustards big with their cross stitch of Life is Strange’s mighty mascot, Hawt Dawg Man. You guys are all insanely talented! We bow to you. What was your favourite piece from those that we showed today? Let us know in the comments and show the artist some appreciation. You can always show off your creations
to any of our social media channels for a chance to be featured in #FanArtFriday, or in our next video. But before we go, let’s take a look at some of our favourite YouTube comments we’ve seen recently. These are from the video, ‘Soundtrack Significance in the Life is Strange games.’ Ivanov says “Every EVERY time I’m in the car I listen to Whitney – No Woman.” “It’s really a road song and makes me feel like I’m with Bro-dy.” Ha ha, nice. “LiS really has the best soundtrack.” S. Sela says, “So, what type of music do you like?”
“Me: Life is Strange” CarlaNatalie says, “This game changed my life in so many ways.” “I even included almost all the themes of LiS 1 at my wedding!” That is so cool! Max and Chloe would be proud. HoJin OFFICIAL says, “I can’t stop listening to ‘Into the Woods’ from Life is Strange 2.” “I really love this track! So mysterious and chill and lovely and interesting.” “Perfectly full of emotions.” And finally, David Anderson says, “I really hope there’s going to be a Collector’s Edition of LIS2 with the soundtrack like the other games.” You are in luck, David, because we have one! Check out the link down below in the description. Thank you so much for being an incredible community. Keep up the tremendous artwork
and we’ll see you in the next one.

  1. Life is Strange community has an amazing artists! I love all of those artworks! Good job 😊🙏🏻🐺 #WolfBrothers

  2. I really wish the Sean and Daniel were real. I’m going to miss them terribly. Please tell me that there will be something similar to Before the Storm but for Season 2’s characters.

  3. I am finishing my third oil painting of life is strange 2, i am doing 1 for each episode ♡ this game is so important in my life that you guys have no idea thanks for helping me ^-^

  4. Aaa, thanks so much for showing off my fanart! It was the one on the left at 4:23. Super happy to be a part of this community. <3

  5. I love the wolf brothers. The games are amazing and I can't wait for what they have to do next. I have written a script of my version of season 3. Do u think id be able to have don't nod read my script. I would love for them to make this the season three of life is strange …

  6. This game is surreal..In every ways!! I just love Life is Strange! Max and Chloe will always be my favorites and LIS will always be my favorite game! Thank you for doing this season two! I hope we can play a season three someday! 🙂

  7. I really fall in love with soundtrack, but If you looking for similar music, I can recomend playlist Dark Sky in Apple Music, some have similar atmosphere…

  8. It is so unfortunate that the brothers' journey has ended. But one must rejoice that the journey was, right?
    Thank you!!! <3

  9. I can say that this is a dream come true. I tried to be part of the featuring fanarts since 2016 with the first Life is Strange and now I'm part of such a big and awesome community. Thank you so much!!!! 💕💕💕

  10. I really hope the game doesn't end :'( I hope that they can continue lis with the wolf brothers or some other character because this game is 100% my favorite game and I just hate to see it end waaaaaa :'(

  11. There is so much love between the creators, the fans and all those beautiful artists! Its filling me with pride to be part of the lis community 🙂 keep it up, guys. much love. ♡

  12. Really life is strange the best game I played in terms of story and everything, but I never imagined the ending was somewhat sad but l loved it💛
    (thank you all)

  13. Just my opinion but this game wasn't all that. Not enough options to decide how you want to play the character. Sean Diaz just gets beat up and takes it no option to take a stand. Just watch him get smacked around. Very disappointed.

  14. It’s so sad to see the wolf brothers go… this entire journey had me at the edge of my seat as I went through an entire rollercoaster of emotions. Thank you to the entire team of Life is Strange 2, special props to the voice actors.

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