Community CPR – Life Saving Training

(Cooper) Do ya’ll know how long it takes for a
brain to actually die from hypoxia from not breathing? (Boyd) What we’re here for today
is the start of our community CPR program. (cooper) Six minutes from that point of a
couple minutes to six minutes can be brain death. (Boyd) The Allen fire department will be providing CPR instruction all throughout
the whole year on multiple dates so that anybody who wants to come learn how to
do CPR will be able to do it free of cost. (Cooper) Whenever you’re just doing compressions that’s all you’ll be doing until help gets
there. (Boyd) Tthe reason why we want so many people in Allen to know CPR is because
it makes such a huge difference if somebody’s heart stops beating. (Cooper) Doing the
compressions is actually circulating that blood between your brain and your
vital organs in your chest your heart. The paramedics in the Allen Fire
Department can do a lot but the outcome of someone whose heart stops beating is
vastly different if we have somebody who happens to see it, who witnesses it and
start CPR right away and we need members of our community to do that. All
of our courses are through the American Heart Association and the one we’re
offering to the majority of Allen citizens is the friends and families
course it only takes two hours and you get a certificate that shows you’ve been
through the class. We also are going to offer the heart saver AED certification
that one takes a little longer but that one’s better for babysitter’s or people
that are taking care of maybe elderly family members or you know you just want
to have a little higher level of training. (Cooper) About their breaths that they..
so you’re just going to give a … (Boyd) I’m excited about this because it is a
unique initiative to try to train every capable citizen in the city it is big
and it is bold but I think Allen is the perfect community because there’s so
many people here that care about each other and we all want to be able to do
whatever we can for each other so I think this is the perfect community to
try such a unique initiative.


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