Community Comes Together for Taste of Annandale 2019

This is the fifth annual Taste
of Annandale. It started a few years ago. This is the most
glorious day we’ve had in those five years. We will have
thousands of people here throughout the day. – What did you get?
– Crab Tots! Empanadas with Chimichurri
Fries. Pretty Killer! Corn Dogs and a Frito Bandito! Hot Honey Chicken Sliders. Soul Food…Haddock and Collard
Greens We got Empanadas. I’m about to get some of
these tacos. Yes Sir! It’s not just food; it’s
community booths; it’s entertainment on the show
mobile stage; and we’ve got across the street, at the child
development center, and at our new pop up park we have
childrens’ activities across the street. Just a wonderful
opportunity for the whole family If you look all around here
you’ll see folks from strollers all of the way up to elderly
grandparents. We’re all having a good time. It’s very
satisfying to see the community coming together, we’ve
got a very diverse community. You see it in the people who are
here and the cultures that are represented. The show mobile
stage entertainment, we’ve had martial arts, we’ve had
mariachi, we’ve had some trapeeze artists, you know, it’s
everything. And then, smell the food trucks, it’s every aroma
from around the world. Kimchi, pancake, onion, garlic,
kimchi, flour… Annandale needs to be a
destination, not a pass through we’ve got these two main roads,
Columbia Pike and Little River Turnpike going right through the
middle of Annandale. We want people to be able to stop. We
are a great place to eat with ethnic restaurants. With the
library back over on Little River Turnpike, and the pop up
park here on Columbia Pike, and all of this commercial in
between, it’s a great place to come and spend the day.

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