Community College Partnerships

Hi, my name is Andrew Sladky. I’m a Communications major from Burlington, Iowa. I’m going to talk to you about the UNI Admissions Partnership Program, or APP for short. The APP is a formal program, with the community colleges in Iowa, through which students can get advising from
both their community college and from UNI – before they even transfer! This helps ensure that you’re taking the right courses, and that things transfer smoothly. Students who are in their first or second semester at an Iowa Community
College should definitely join the APP program! Once you’re in the program, an academic adviser from UNI will check in with you regularly to make sure you’re taking the right coursework. They may make recommendations about courses you can
take to transfer into your major at UNI. Also each semester that you’re in APP
UNI will request your transcript from the community college, and will then send you an updated Student Advisement Report. Join the APP simply go to the UNI Application for Admission and select the option to “take part in the Admissions Partnership Program.”
This application that you fill out to be in the APP will convert to
your application for admission later on. – so you won’t have to submit another application!
APP students who live near the UNI campus have the option of
purchasing a Panther Pass, which allows you to attend all home sporting events.
Additionally you can purchase a pass to the UNI Wellness and Recreation Center.
These perks give you the benefits a Panther – before you’re even a student here!
Finally, APP students are invited to attend the earliest
Transfer Orientation Days in the Spring. This means that you’ll be among the first students to register for Fall classes. If you have questions about the UNI Admissions Partnership Program, contact the UNI Office of Admissions.
Thanks – and GO PANTHERS!

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