Community Collaboration: Teresa Connors and Emera Innovation Exchange

Well, the first time I walked into the
Emera Innovation Exchange I saw the video wall and immediately wanted,
thought it would be great to put an artwork up here. Where it’s in a public
space it means that more people will see the artwork, plus it also involves public
engagement which I find to be very appealing; that’s where I want to go with
my artwork, more public engagement within the artwork. Collaboration for this piece, and for all
of my artwork I would say for the last 20 years, has been very important. I’m
interested in trying to find different stakeholders that come from different
arenas of research to bring into creative practice. So specific for this work “From the Edge” which will be featured during the Hold Fast Festival, Eastern Edge Hold Fast Festival, the collaboration began with Parks Canada and the Marine Institute of Newfoundland. How this work runs specifically is that
I’m live-streaming data off the St. John’s buoy and if you think about the
larger question about collaboration, I don’t have a buoy in my back pocket so this work wouldn’t happen unless I was in collaboration with the
Marine Institute. In that sense having these collaborations informs just a different practice which I’m really excited to explore further.

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