Communist Spies try to Shut me Down!

put in a book with no dizzy a little you hear you brother see here the oil or Somali they kept our boom-boom and I see the to the Superdome PI over two is one Oh Tillie aroma yeah nigga mana mean is Nene got away Zuma to the grading so a Samana ethylene is all that I didn't realize okay so you see this guy says I'm a lot of spell meter what is that but before you sell JA come on clearly using salsa nah sugar boy come on ah nakatsu asthma this is holy water this golden hi Daddy farm where the boomer guru boyo motor soda crema sir stay on de Nissa Nissa say oh you're so she need to say we're always hanging oh we are one side you feel girl Liza since it was dizzy up high were dizzy disoriented it will pop I need a loophole pioneer case for central bullfighting scissor this is a funko son thank you thank you so what the heck's going on here why are these guys stopping me filming everywhere now it's not as bad as it looks I know a lot of you guys are probably seeing this in saying what the heck's going on here China's some kind of police state you know they're shutting you down they're watching you it's not true but there's a phenomenon going on at the moment which I have to explain to everybody and I'm going to explain it very clearly in this video basically proceeding every single time of being shut down and I'm going to tell you another story in a minute I get passed by a sort of late middle age uncle I can say well grandpa now there was a time in China's recent history where it was encouraged to basically rat out your friends and your family in fact this is a pretty disgusting part of China's history there's a lot of embarrassment surrounding it but just the way it was but there was a period during the Cultural Revolution in the Great Leap Forward where ratting out a person would give you some kind of bonus or plaques or to elevate your status so in other words if you had a family member who used suspected of being sort of anti-government or anything like that if you went to the local party member and you said hey or the police and said my cousin or my uncle or this friend of mine or my neighbor said this or did this there go and they'd arrest them and put them in a concentration camp or do worse things and all that kind of nonsense read up on your history I'm not here to be a historian but they do some pretty awful stuff and the person who ratted them out would be sort of hailed as a hero kind of despicable and terrible but that's just you know every country has its sort of sorted in terrible parts and that's not my purpose for making these videos I'm not here to expose bad things in China I'm here to show people the China is a fantastic place with full of friendly people however because of this nonsense that happen in the past the people of that age groups the people that were doing that ratting out ratting out their Uncle wrapping out their cousin etc etc those are the people that pass me while I'm filming look at me suspiciously and they do they don't look at me with like a curiosity or with a happy while on that race day actually I can spot it I see when it happened they look at me and they say that you could see in their eyes they're going what's this dodgy foreigner doing what's the spy doing you must be doing something spying on our China or something and then inevitably a minute or two later police or security guards are coming to me to try and shut me down it's incredibly annoying and I'm going to tell you one more situation that happened recently and then I'm going to explain to you why it's happening so frequently at the moment because I've been filming on the streets here in China for 11 years and I haven't had as much trouble as I have recently so basically for our conquering northern China Kickstarter a video which I'm going to talk about later because it's really important it's another big risk we're taking we have to go to wage oh you know that's the most city where he lives and I had to go fly the drones to get some footage of this lovely stone dragon at the West Lake which is a tourist attraction there and this is kind of really nice stone dragon and we actually in the Kickstarter video we wanted to show off some of you know why Joe's natural gonna force the de beauty of way Joe in the Kickstarter so I'm busy setting up the drone as I usually do I saw some local guys flying a drone in West Lake so it's obviously a drone friendly area there's no problem you know as we walked in we passed some guys flying a drone hit up my drone as I'm setting up my drone one of these sort of suspicious uncles walked past he must have been sort of 58 somewhere around there you know the typical walking with his hands behind his back he walks fast turns around looks at me with one of those like really sort of evil suspicious looks and then he walks away I just continue setting up my drone I think nothing's wrong anyway about a minute later he returns with six security guards and they all come up to me and they're like and I could see he's like pointing at me and he's like thinning them my way and they're like what are you doing here like I'm going to fly a drone and they're like well you can't fly a drone here and I'm well really what about those guys over there flying a drone and then they were like yeah but they they got permission I'm like if they give permission well I'm asking your permission now can I fly a drone they're like well what if it falls out of the sky and falls on someone's head I said what about those guys what if their drone falls out of the sky and falls on someone else's head and they're like well okay you can fly a drone but you know just be careful I'm like sure I'll be careful I'm only going to fly it over the water I'm going to make sure it doesn't go over anyone's head and so then they kind of walked away now I want you to understand that the security guards both in the beginning of this video and the guys at the West Lake were actually very polite to me you know they were just doing their job and I felt obliged because they'd had this sort of concerned uncle come and rat me out to them and it's kind of annoying because as I was flying my drone that sort of eagle uncle as I like to call him stood there and stared at me the whole time well most of the time I kept a smile on my face I kept flying my drone and eventually kind of gave up and he just walked off realizing that he was defeated okay so why is this happening why are all these evil uncles active all of a sudden it's like somebody's activated their evil uncle protocol well it's quite simple there are tensions right now between South Korea and China and it's all got to do with this missile defense system that America's put in place or is putting in place I don't know I'm not following politics I'm not following the news but I have to tell you that that's the reason why all these suspicious evil uncles are active again there is a lot of propaganda in the news there's a lot of nonsense going on about how foreigners are once again sort of trying to put China down and whenever this happens and it happens frequently evil uncles are activated and you know there's all sorts of nonsense going on at the moment and I have to make a very clear distinction this nonsense that's going on it's not happening amongst the sophisticated people here in the first few cities or you know second-tier cities it's in the more rural areas it's where the most of the backwoods people are you go to like a backwards part of Hunan or right now you will see local people waving Chinese flags and smacking Korean products and that kind of thing because it makes them feel better you know and whatever that's the kind of thing they do but they're all these like news articles coming out all over that's all over the place sort of try to take digs at foreigners and show that foreigners aren't good and I've recently been put in one of those articles and it's infuriating remember a couple of weeks ago I did that thing about the subscriber of mine who was put into that foreign mail gum article they put his picture in there he was completely innocent my turn there's an article going around which is talking about this fake video there's a fake viral video about this American guy who slept with 200 Chinese women but if you watch the video you can obviously see it's being set up and it's a marketing ploy the guy's not American you've got a polish accent he says he was a farmer back home and that's the biggest giveaway right there because in China to be a farmer means you're poor but in America to be a farmer means you've bloody rich you have to be rich to be a farmer in America so they disguise like oh I used to be a poor farmer back in America and then I came here and I messed around it's true 200 girls are so easy to screw Chinese girls you know in a strong polish accent the guy's been paid off it's a publicity stunt for some other company or by the government or by who knows who or what the either way people have taken this video literally and they're using it as a sort of a leverage piece to smear foreigners and it's pretty disgusting in the worst part is my pictures in that article and I'm going to link the article so that you guys can see what I'm talking about down there either way that's what it is it's just a bunch of nonsense it's going to boil over eventually but that's it now I'm going to talk about something else but I'm going to change locations so let's just do it and I'll catch you in a minute so did the risk pay off now it's been quite a while since I made that original video risks and failure risk failure which is title I'm going to be addressing a lot of the things I talked about in that video here however you don't need to watch that video if you want to there's a link to it basically that video is just about me explaining some of the risks that I've taken in my life in order to get where I am at the moment and how some of them really paid off of course there tons of risks that I've taken in the part that didn't tail and there lots of things I've done in the past which have ended in disaster but that's just life you know and that's part of being a human being here on earth you're just going to be making mistakes and you're going to be having successes and failures here I thought I'd address some of those things and fill you in on what's been happening ever since I made that video because some of those risks have really paid off so let's just quickly recap a bit I spoke about moving to China moving to China was the biggest risk I've ever taken really although there are a couple other pretty high up ones which you haven't talked about you will get to there someday that obviously paid off I'm still here I've managed to make a fairly successful go of it I mean I have this what you're watching now this YouTube channel which is probably the most successful and maybe successful from from a satisfaction point of view you know it's something that I can do I can be creative I can go out and I've got this entire audience you guys this entire community of people who are actively involved with each other and with the things I do wonderful people tons of haters too but you know the haters actually love me way more than the people that actually love me so I'm I don't mind the haters too much but yeah I get a lot of love I get a lot of hate but for me it's satisfying to be able to actually provide something useful to people out there I mean this is not an ego trip for me I am often too accused of being narcissistic and of course you do have to be a little narcissistic to sit here in the middle of nowhere with a camera on your face and you know sort of ignore all the weird pacifies and it looks you get from all the strangers yeah so I guess I am in a way a little narcissistic but yeah it can be a good thing in this kind of situation but it's never been about me it's always been about you guys and what I can provide for you guys this is also why I don't do sponsorships and stuff on my channel pretty simply because I basically just always want to be true to all of you guys so this is the most rewarding thing that's come out of me you know moving to China is being able to build this this community in this YouTube channel and you know not only this one but of course have helped my other friends around me you know build like sea milk flour eighty-six have helped him build his channel which I'm really happy to have done because he's such a either decent guy he knows my best made here in China and I'm really happy for its success incredibly happy and the fact that we work together on this ATV China channel that's been usually successful too and this is really rewarding and it's basically that's the biggest payoff I think is the biggest sale from this whole moving to China thing number two they are the big risk that I took was of course getting divorced now if you've seen because a couple of videos two videos ago I did a video about how I met my Chinese wife through the doctor you just need to watch that video and you'll know exactly how that paid off and paid off in space I couldn't be happier happiest man in the world that was a risk well worth taking now the next risk is something I'd like to talk about forgive me a second now the next risk is something that I could talk about for a year and that is that documentary that I did now remember this whole my whole existence here in China's basically being well being a hell of a rollercoaster ride and I've been working really hard is building up the tea Tube channel being consistently putting out videos for years and years and years now with no monetary gain until a couple of years ago when I could start to monetize my videos that's something I'd like to be completely Frank and honest with everyone as well as I know some people have a very strange idea that I make a lot of money out of YouTube I actually don't make a lot of money on this is stuff to do with the fact that my account is a south african account my CPM is trashed like it's very unfortunate it's very annoying because you know adv China my second channel which has less than half my subscribers here makes more money than certain stages it's ridiculous it's just unfortunate but I have too much passion for this channel to let it go so it's never been about the money surfing today has never been about making money it's always been about building this community and basically trying to provide as much information as possible out there to all of you guys and try to help people who want to move to China try to change people's ideas about China because you know China is not the way most people in the West think it is so anyway let's get back to this so surfing today has never been about money but because it's been a long very very long and big part of my life it's taken up about us almost a third of my life you know at least China has and so southern today as an extension event I kind of grew this thing out of all this hard work then I met sea milk and we started doing videos together you know he started doing videos because I started one because he watched my videos then I met that guy from CRI who came down to do that documentary about me and after that we got together and we chatted and we we decided that we're going to make a documentary and this was a huge huge thing because it was like the next big step doing something professional something that would be worthy of being on TV which by the way it is on TV now if you're in the States you can go watch it on what is it TBD calm I'm going to put up some times and dates that you can watch it right here right now on the screen also if you are a member of Amazon Prime yes if you're a member of Amazon Prime got searched conquered in southern China anyway our documentary was a success and by success I mean it's paid for itself it was incredibly how can we say it was incredibly costly for us because it came out of our own pockets it took a huge amount of all of the people involved throwing money towards it we didn't have enough to basically do what we wanted to do but we still managed to pull off a fantastic documentary we travel through all five of the southern provinces we saw some amazing things we did some amazing things and it's been called perhaps the best travel documentary in China ever so we've got some professional reviews it's 9.3 on IMDB it's amazing it's not monetarily made amazing though we haven't actually made profit yet but it's paid for itself which is incredible and that is to me an amazing reward now of course when we went off to do this documentary we had to sacrifice a lot of time I lost a lot of contracts and it still hurts but that's besides the point the risk was taken and it paid off we have a fantastic solid production under our belt and it's something that I'll always be proud of now the next thing is of course where you go next since I made that video I've taken another huge risk and that is becoming a full time youtuber and you know like I've explained a little earlier 7za doesn't make a lot of money but I'm lucky because I've got people out there who are willing to support me on patreon and my patron is what basically gets me through so with that with the patron money and the serpens a day money together I can easily easily survive here in China have enough time to guard and shoot have enough money to buy the equipment I need and to travel around a bit and do the things I need to do in order to make all these videos and it's amazing without your guys support out there I'll be totally honest this would be a huge struggle and I'd have to be still working and juggling things and you know whatever you guys you know I keep I make my patrons know how much I appreciate them so I'm not going to Yap on about that what I am going to Yap on about is conquering northern China now we're undertaking a huge risk now this is not a so much of financial risk it is I mean we've got a Kickstarter so if all goes well the money side of things isn't going to be a risk because if we raise a full amount on Kickstarter which I'm fairly confident we can because we have so many people out there who really enjoyed the first one and people who support myself and Lao 86 and this whole thing that I'm pretty sure that with your guy's help we're going to make that target so I'm I'm right up there in 80 90 percent sure that we're going to make our target but that's not the risk the risk is that we're going to be going up and filming in some of the most dangerous territory to filming at the moment in China and that is along the North Korean border and that is along the Russian border so there's a lot of political tension and a lot of trouble and we're planning to go right into the thick of it and everybody knows that if you want to get put into a labor camp or get thrown into jail all you need to do is go and film in North Korea or anywhere near the North Korean border and you can get into all sorts of trouble so now here's here's an even better thing see here's a security guard coming and telling me I can't film it only needs all that we have had okay so you see this guy says I'm a lot of film either so it's just one of those things here at the moment it's there's a lot of political tension so as you can see foreigners are being treated with increasing amounts of suspicion at the moment and it's really a fairly uncomfortable climate to be in at the moment especially as somebody who makes videos for a living somebody who always has a camera that they're you know taking out and pointing around so we're going to be going up like I said into the thick of it up near North Korea and it's basically a huge huge risk to take so I'm asking for your support I'm asking you for me basically to encourage us to make this happen and the way you can do that is by pledging to the Kickstarter we've got the money we're going to make this happen we're going to take this risk for you because it is a bigger risk it could result in our deportation it could result in us getting into lots of trouble I mean I'm going to keep the team out of trouble as much as possible I'm going to try to avoid any really sensitive zones I mean that's what I did on the last one my job is the team leaders to kind of wrangle everybody and please excuse all the noise in the background but that's me I keep the team together see milk is the sales guy he's the guy going out there and he's going to try and organize sponsorships and stuff our producer is going to be the one who thinks of you know how to carry the story and the other guy mark is a fantastic cameraman and editor that's our team really but I'm the guys going to wrangle everybody I'm the guys going to make sure that we kind of sticks to the to the rules and that you know feel the room and make sure that everything's okay so there's a lot of weight to my shoulders here but if our Kickstarter makes it and we have the money I'm going to feel so much more confident that we can pull this off it's going to be a massive risk guys like no doubt about it even in a normal sort of political climate it would still be a risk but right now it's a much bigger risk anyway so this is my next big risk conquering northern China if all goes well we'll be there in June and the beginning of June to go on shooting film and we're putting so much time and effort into it and of course because we've got this Kickstarter go and we plan to release it sort of at least three months after shooting it if all goes well because our producer and the other cameraman full-time editing machine for three months in their little studio so man it's annoying that wittle guy so that's pretty much the bill in the end all of the guys I'm looking forward to another adventure I don't always wear a bleeding suit in our do I I often am in a leather jacket and jeans and I'm looking forward to going out there and showing you the whole of northern China showing you how to differentiate is how different it is to the self because if you've seen conquering southern China you know what southern China looks like if you watch my videos you watch the most videos you know what southern China looks like but if you want to see what northern China looks like I mean the real stuff I'm not talking about going to big cities I'm talking about Inner Mongolia North Korean border the factory wastelands all this kind of thing so much to see up there so many different kinds of foods and people please pledged to our Kickstarter there's a link below I'd like it is and if you have already you have my eternal thanks guys let's pull this off let's do this thing don't wait to see in the next video and as always you know the drill the heels you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

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