COMMUNIST REVOLUTION, But Its 190 AD China // Total War: Three Kingdoms

alright alright good morning good afternoon good evening welcome and hello hello gonna be diving into a first look at Total War three kingdoms today should be a grand old time as you can see from the thumbnail we are playing the yellow turbans and we're going to be and I apologize for mispronouncing everything in this game because unfortunately I had time to brush up on my Chinese pronunciation unfortunately so please forgive me but we got Gong Joo here and yeah we're gonna be playing yellow turbans let's switch on over hello hello welcome good to see you and yeah you can see the campaign starting situation is very hard we do have a nice border here though with the Tibetan Plateau sort of forming a nice natural barrier we won't have any enemies on this side as we're on the edge of the map and yeah yellow turbans you guys may have seen some stuff on them already but essentially they've got from my experience pretty powerful characters the unit's they tend to have a lot of expendable type units a lot of chaff greater numbers more simplified economy we'll see generally all of the Yellow Turban campaigns are extremely difficult because everyone just wants to kill you right away so we'll see we're gonna jump in on this one and see how far we can take the revolution so for the people let's get it started yeah yes don't watch ancient how yeah generosity Luoyang yippee my to me a young one ho ho ye olde wa hoshi gtcm tricia gnj yellow hands all ye tomb hi-yah so you guys come to central by Givenchy too tight alright so you pay full bite will shoot wanting children quite Olli engine god you that she so handy that young German please eat or talk were you to being to Yahoo I'm doing great as you guys can hear you do have the option for Chinese audio with English subtitles which young folk we though she don't draw Sean Young told the DA whore she told th acai dual Aqua Jet oh she don't say Uganda hot shit – holy do her French you fucker what a museum Haji shoot to go how may you want Sigourney GG C and E – wah-wah – your water GG Jim Bowie seokwon few cans yeah yeah yeah what you wear your chainsaw tenant oh you son to her Nambu ha Cebu though she shown angle GD I wore them to abate him down Kingdom Kancha ding yeah rule include ah – dude how shitty doc come to Dagon cacao tree Hwang Jin dodgy burn full shot ha alright so yeah Chinese audio with English subtitles kind of helps me with my immersion so let's pop that back hello everyone so yeah we we have some issues to start with we're gonna get a couple missions here to start so we need to defeat this army here and Rhys reformed so let's go ahead and get to it now normally I would just delegate a battle like this but with the yellow turbans especially because we're gonna get attacked almost right away we do need to try and play this out and take as few casualties as possible so let's get to it all right so yeah we've got a couple heroes here that are both the same type I want to say that our veteran class they're both pretty good in melee certainly better than our opponent we should be able to try and trick him into a bit of a duel here but let's see and you'll notice a lot of my guys have Vanguard to start this guy actually gives his entire retinue here Vanguard so we can move him up here we kind of make him a tempting target for a duel for our opponents there let's see and then we got these guys we can kind of form a little forward screen here these guys go in and yeah we're just gonna get straight into it I'm not gonna do too much by the way of explanation in terms of UI and stuff at the start if you guys have questions certainly let me know but yep we are playing it has the yellow turbans let's see how this goes we're playing on a regular difficulty I forgot to showcase that but yep okay I'm gonna put my bow cap over on this side let's get these guys we want guns you in Group one and melee infantry – it's hard group then you guys can go three okay or actually know what let's get the other commander here get him let's see if I can mispronounce this zhangkai guess I'll have to let me know my pronunciations here I've got a couple of regular mail a cab out here they can kind of support sweep up that way so let's you for there five there and think if that looks pretty good yeah yeah we'll do this okay it's good my chair a little bit here and yep let's take that duel immediately you start moving these guys up we are a little bit in range there and I'm trying to knock it shot as much as possible so we're gonna pull out of range oh we did take three casualties already there which is unfortunate I was hoping we could not take any casualties but we'll see getting some good volleys here into this axe band I don't mind using the skirmish cap to kind of poke away at the flank here if these axe band it doesn't look like the archer militia are responding quite yet so I do want to make sure we stay out of range there and it looks like now they're responding so let's pull back before we take any losses there I am missing my ability up times here but that's fine we'll get this desperate cry buff active we should be able to easily handle him in a duel which will minimize our losses to our army so yep go back again we are taking some damage there let's make sure we're not too close there going to try and wait till I can win this duel so I can use my hero to rush in here we can also probably use this hero to rush in here and kind of disrupt a little bit as well let's see okay it looks like the archers are getting a little bit so let's go ahead and pounce here just kind of force them to move a little bit come on guys let's go all right so looks like we're getting into a good position here these archers are probably gonna open up on my Spears which is not exactly what I wanted but we can get in here with these calves oh it looks like the hero got a nice disruption there get that blinding fury oh man that's not good fire coming in sweep up and around you can go here okay I don't my spear is either let's get these guys in archers surround the infantry here see if we can break them superfast got the duel victorious so we can now charge these melee infantry and we broke both of the archers with minimal losses so have we taken like eight losses so far not too bad ma Teng is gonna attack us right away so we do need to make sure we finish off as many of these as possible let's go ahead and take you guys off fire at will and go melee various units here make sure we chase down everyone all right uh sort of yeah they so the Yellow Turban rebellion is them in the Han are kind of the common enemies for everyone at the start of the game that being said there are factions you can play as for both and they all have pretty interesting start positions they all are very difficult but like with this one for example we can annex the regular Yellow Turban faction settlements we come across them but generally they tend to get wiped out pretty fast so we are gonna be somewhat isolated and vulnerable at the beginning but as long as we can get some decisive victory victories early on we should be okay let's see let's grab that replenishment now got a nice pole mace here and we can equip that and so we've completed that we can now occupy a town and you see how this is a generic Yellow Turban settlement so we can actually come over here and annex that for free and it's now ours so it's given us a bit of extra faction support which is how you level up your faction here so that gives us as we level up these will unlock various features and become more powerful obviously now we need to construct a building so we do have an empty slot here or I could build up this town to get an additional slot I think we're gonna opt for that this Yellow Turban army right here is gonna get killed by ma Teng and then he's gonna come attack us on the next turn and that will be a pretty pretty big pitched battle so we'll see how that goes for now we need to do a reform and being that we have some bonuses to post battle loot with our faction we're gonna confiscate belongings because you know seize the means of production and all that so let's grab that and and the turn so just to kind of give you guys a little bit of a crash course I'm sure you've seen this on many other streams and videos so far but you've got your emissions here got your let's see characters here this rebel officer is not super happy he does have a bit of a lack of purpose we could recruit him into the army here but we're gonna hold off for now we actually can't recruit on this turn I believe but yeah got our armies here so the characters and armies are separate so you've got your characters in court whoops and your armies separately and commanderies these are basically the new word for provinces as well as the other known factions yeah you can see if we go to diplomacy here you can see we have no diplomatic options for anyone except for peace and nobody wants that right now so what we're gonna need to make our will felt a bit in the early game all right looks like Montague is gonna come try and get some so he's laid siege but he hasn't actually attacked so we can come in here and attack him it's gonna be difficult but this is it one condition here mom alright alright we're in it now so if we can beat Montana here we can push up and take a couple of his settlements pretty quickly we are gonna need to stay very fast and aggressive to try and take out I forget the name of his other ally that's close by but yeah out of all the it you know even though it says very hard on the starting screen in my opinion this is actually the easiest of the Yellow Turban starting positions just because you have that flanked to kind of security secur you the map with the mountains on your flank there but now let's see okay so we do have some reinforcements peasants coming up they're not really gonna be super useful so let's just do this the old-fashioned way similar to how we did it before see if we can get mop tang to duel us the eyes are all hidden let's make sure you're a little bit back there you wanna walk group – all right all right yes the reinforcements get over here did it uh anybody want to do all ah yes pong day will be with us he is I think the most powerful of enemies melee combatants so it's good to try and take him down early we are taking a couple losses here that's not the best but let's try and not get too close here this is gonna be pretty tricky so you're gonna have to have to take our time a little bit on this one that fire does hurt but it's okay see if we can get these shot cap to come chase chase over here let's actually put these guys on skirmish mode for now you're fine to take those shot cavalry these guys are all still hidden so that's good you do not want to tangle with that champion so let's uh let's go here will he do all us no but the other one will so let's do that and we can get these calves to come here if we collapse there and we can kind of shift these Spears this way ah these guys got caught because of their silly skirmish mode which is fine let's make sure we've got these guys here okay now we can kind of push the Spears up and collapse this way guys are still taking some losses not the best but you know it is what it is we have routed those Shot calves so let's let's get these shot cap here dis did miss my infantry charges which is not the best but look it over there have you guys chased those archers away the spearmen want to go support over there and now these duals I'm missing my ability up times here which is not the best but we'll get by spearmen can support the melee cab here you guys are not grouped in group 5 like you should be and yeah these ax band are holding out a surprisingly long time but we definitely definitely need to send support here so let's oh yeah those Spears are not happy that's fine you're just about finished off the duel here actually took a lot more damage in that duel than I was anticipating but that's fine looks like we've got some units routing away there we did lose a lot of melee cap that was not the best engagement in the world but we did kill a lot of their shot calves as well so these guys to come support here to keep chasing those archers kay we've won that so now we can come here the vocab you know what everyone just melee mode there you guys can take those shock cavalry we've got some peasants going into the flank there I think we'll be able to mop this up balance of power is looking pretty good yep got master out there awesome and use these peasants to chase routing units you guys number four off fire at will and let's get there you know what actually let's have the skirmish cap go after those archers those guys came back from routing which is not the best but homeboy does not want to duel micros getting a little sloppy here guys that's okay number four no that's you guys five we need you to stay on the shot cavalry this melee fight is a little bit weird right now so let's try and redeploy if we can do you two stay on him nice one the other dual there quite handily got those archers locked down this guy's gonna drop a nice rear charge here on this group you guys really need it nope not you you guys need to stay on your targets one of you guys can go after that axe band there I think we've got this man you guys keep dropping your orders huh I'm gonna finish off ma Tang here himself and I think we've got this on lock pretty much let's see yeah Jason routing units here you guys can keep your attack orders going yep there it is okay make sure we chase everything so we can capture and you guys dropped your attack order again that's okay yeah we took some heavy losses there but that's quite all right you know we can definitely replenish that relatively quickly this is definitely important that we defeat mounting early on would have liked to inflict a bit heavier losses on his army there but that's okay no hello what's up Yosef good to see him in welcome welcome welcome all right good stuff we captured 47 enemies but we did get a lot from that post battle income and we actually captured ma Teng oh man we can get his family spear if we execute him see you bud let's grab that five percent replenishment and we now can do a couple things so if we look at our missions here we're still building a building we need to recruit a yellow sterben spearmen captain so this is gonna help Pat our numbers a little bit here we go to our army go over here to recruit click on this portrait here we can come over here two captains and we want this yellow turbans spearmen captain you can see he comes pre-loaded with a whole bunch of peasants we'll just give us some more numbers to play with here and yeah that's gonna give us a pretty good amount of income we also probably want to just straight-up recruit some more troops here let's see what do we want to do we have a few options we could grab some more Guardians of the land here these halberd infantry they are pretty expensive but we are gonna be getting some gold income over the next couple turns and again post battle loot is really where we're gonna get our money so we'll grab a couple just for now and in addition let's grab a couple of these men of the forests they also have Vanguard deployments they can deploy with this group here and they are arranged unit so we can get some range here note Rebs not to not be currently I don't know if you can actually get trebuchet 'z with the yellow turbans I have not looked yet so we'll see but with those new troops we're gonna go ahead and immediately follow up on Montague normally I would wait to generate a little bit but we're just gonna delegate this one you can get some more replenishment it sounds a lot like chaos a bit a bit sort of except you do have settlements but yeah we're gonna move up to the border here so we can still regenerate but we should be able to move on this silk trader next turn which will give us some pretty good income there so let's move on yeah Chinese voice acting is pretty decent from what I've heard so far granted I don't speak Chinese so that's you know coming from someone who has zero experience but okay so got a couple things going on here so yeah ma Teng died so one of his officers took over gongju got a bit of extra experience and we got some more gold from completing a mission and we now have a new mission which is to recruit 20 units we actually have 21 so we are already there let's move on Liu to trigger that mission will capture the settlement as well you can delegate this one alright so we got a bit of early tempo going or winning those early battles is really super key in this campaign but we're gonna be able to build up our base pretty quickly here you can see we got another ancillary there so if we go ahead and have a look here I do want to just double check with my characters that everyone is feeling happy and has good items so we've got a two-handed mace here this pole mace is actually just a straight-up upgrade so we're gonna snag that mounts we do have a better mount option as well we're gonna grab this gray thoroughbred for gongju and let's see here plus to expertise and this is for to administer so we're gonna save that for now let's see we've got this Rhett's new upkeep that certainly will be good and cavalry for his own army let's grab the expertise for now expertise gives us extra melee evasions that'll be helpful and then if we go to Jean Chi he's got a halberd already but we can upgrade his halberd to AG of the Imperial Guard so that looks pretty good he's already got unique armor maybe we can give him the Builder and just give him a bit more expertise and he will be an administer given time Wow let's see administrator I should say this is uh huh let's see uh uh should we give this yeah we should probably also effects his army so yeah extra instinct which makes him do more damage as well got a skill point let's grab this ability here nature's ally so this is gonna give us a passive buff which lets us ignore the woods so you say chaos where it's actually more like sort of the wood elves I would say we've got a lot of our beastmen maybe would be a more apt comparison we've got a lot of Vanguard forest deployment you know sort of hit-and-run tactics so yeah let's see we probably gonna want to go straight next turn to take out this horse pasture here then we can move on to some of Han sways territory have an additional skill point here what can we get opportunism that will give us fire arrows for his retinue I don't think he actually has any archers that's not super useful for us right now range damage again not wildly useful another ability certainly is though so let's grab that that'll give us killing ground and no did I not apply there whoops got to accept that same thing here it looks like I forgot do we want nature's allied or do I want adamant resolve thinking given our circumstance let's get nature's ally I'm gonna try and do some ambushes and so on and then this guy has low satisfaction so we could we'd actually don't have enough accessories to give him but could we send him on an assignment no so we might have to recruit this guy into an army pretty soon but we'll see let's end the turn and see what happens huh really really Rock cauliflower I haven't even booted up to Laura hammer cuz I've been super busy with this so interesting are you sure you can't act are you sure you don't need to download him or something first oh I'll look into it does the wizard have any special mounts qualities oh you're talking about in in Warhammer yeah I don't know I haven't looked communist has RI rebels pretty much pretty much speaking of which we are going to probably just lightnings attack here since it is a two turn we're gonna stand at the border and try and replenish at least one more turn hopefully we don't get attacked here we do have enough to probably raise an army yeah this low satisfaction guy is gonna eat bit unhappy so you do want to recruit him so he has a purpose and man I really wish I had an ancillary to give him maybe we'll unequip that from someone else let's remove that and let's give it to him that will help his satisfaction a little bit for the time being still not great but now that he's in an army he should start feeling better about himself uh okay okay interesting yeah well hopefully they have food they should hop fix it probably within like a day or two if that's the case but research a reform okay so we've completed that that's gonna give us a bit of extra gold xp got another character which is okay we are gonna start building up characters pretty quickly which is a little bit rough but the reason being is if we don't have anyone doing anything then they are not super happy but looks like Joo hey is feeling a bit better so we can yeah let's grab some guys here do we want just more warriors probably I can't really afford the upkeep right now so let's just move on to the next one we are playing on romance mode I forgot to specify at the beginning but yes absolutely we are playing romance mode so part of me wants to fight this but I think we're gonna be okay if we just delegate this we could try and starve them out let's do that that is gonna take some time but that's okay we have another reform here what do we want probably more campaign movement range that sounds incredibly useful so let's go ahead and herein we do we do need to run some more building upgrades we're gonna start need needing food here soon but for now it looks like we've got a lot of income from industry and income and silk let's see here this is also income from industry so that would get us some of that should we do labor housing might not be bad guerrilla warfare is extra post-battle ooh let's just do that that is quite cheap to build and only takes one turn mber winner has Griffin but I think he's a relatively unique case okay so it does look like they're gonna be sallying out to meet us here hmm this does give us an option to replenish the prisoners that we take I don't know if I really want to fight this all that much looks like mostly a bunch of tattered archers and some characters this landscape will recapped and could be an issue hmm let's do it yeah that's the nature of things it's definitely annoying but how's the rest of the update I haven't haven't looked to see everything else is working on the same and everybody complaining about the invocation on the HEC change probably not but okay so it looks like they've got a little bit about barracks kind of deal going on here would you look at that huh oh wow there's like a horse laying down in here uh who's a good boy he's just chillin we'll make sure to set him free oh there's horses others as stables not a barracks okay suddenly it all makes sense look at all these horses in this eating animation – wow I have not seen this before I don't know about you guys but I'm impressed it looks in there really nice in this beautiful little camp some here out on the western edges of China beautiful this game is gorgeous still like total war Warhammer a little bit better from us from an aesthetic standpoint but that's mostly a little bit biased to the fantasy elements so you know take that as it is but let's deploy pretty close we don't have cover of woods here so we're gonna start back a little bit but we can definitely offer ourselves up for a duel early on which will be just fine it's getting yeah let's just secure there and then we can use that these guys to defend the flank here I'm gonna try and use this rock formation secure the flank here so yep these guys in a group to hard grip that three for you the peasants revolt here do something like this kind of work their way up as their own independent force get these guys in Group four they can be pretty close well actually let's do the infantry skirmishers in Group four these guys in five these guys get with six no not hot group though just go out out to the far side and you guys can all be in your own group seven here that'll be fine yo sheeple ah man you started way back let's go have a look stable need oh man how would be a lot of fun I'm not gonna lie panda riders now that's the kind of thing we would see if we were to get cafe in total war Warhammer 3 which and no one wants to do all sad oh well we could just go start disrupting but I don't know how good of an idea that actually is what we got here just some axe band single tattered unit of archers yeah let's bring up these horsemen here you can also come forward we don't want to get shot here so let's pull back oh they got fire arrows huh fancy really not too worried about getting my hero caught out here so let's move in especially with reinforcements moving up can try and use these fresh horse manip rescher pretty aggressively here see if we can't catch these archers see if we can't get some damage in here looks like the archers are actually over on the far side so let's move up we are taking some damage on the approach that's fine oh there's like three characters here two of them are strategist though so honestly I'm not too worried let's see if we can take out this this melee character here group in my hat here we go six did you guys to charge in here need you guys to also charge oh man we've got cabin down nevermind what so let's let's back out back out back out back out just come this way do not want to get caught up by those enemy calves that was a big mistake I'm gonna take a lot of arrow fire on the way out hello man you weren't quick enough I can still take him out though oh yeah took a lot of unnecessary losses on my calves there that was not good let's offer up these peasants here we are doing some good damage with the bow cap though we might actually be able to salvage this here kind of up against the plateau a little bit but stay on target dude jeans what eat real awful yeah I want to try and stay in range those peasant supports if I can let's get that strategist you're just out here sniping characters getting a little bit caught up we are pulling them apart quite nicely again my heroes not really too much to worry about here they can tank they could honestly tank out mostest by themselves I haven't just do that for a minute here let's actually move this group up slightly all you guys and it looks like it's getting all messed up so reorganize the foam in there managed to draw them into the spheres which is exactly what we're looking for and just let them eat all the arrows for now come on finish him yeah get him get him we're doing all right we're taking some boat fire there that's not the best so let's let's go ahead and just rush now now that we've won a bit of a mobility advantage gotten rid of mostly kavik in push forward here this little village thing here is gonna be a little bit of an issue but yeah you can just we can just push the peasants in oh man my guards are getting torn up though by those arrows a little bit slow here we'll be fine you've already got this pretty much in the bag let's go ahead and move isn't sin here a bit of a blob going uh yeah calves probably should have been up and around the side already now to disrupt those archers that's fine we have to catch some of them melee so that's okay it's actually shoot got a pretty good angle there put a rear charge there charge in there start chasing some of these routing units Susheela all right I think we got this guys are all pretty much out of ammo but we did it come on please please hold your attack order shoot those guys for sex Susu wolvox rutila all right hey what's up David interesting are you serious interesting that's that's kind of strange but I mean I thought they had a ban on undead stuff as well but that's in Warhammer and I think that's in China's version of Warhammer unchanged I want to say right I could be wrong about that but fast-forward through this end how difficult is 3k it depends on which campaign you're playing the Yellow Turban ones are generally pretty difficult some of the campaigns are not so much likely obeys pretty not too bad yuan shao shouts ow they're not too bad soon-jong also also isn't too bad but yeah like the yellow turbans and I haven't played any of the governors yet but from what I understand they are pretty difficult as well clean up this last unit here quite a few dudes left there so yeah I think we got this all right yeah like the vampire counts I think or not I don't think they're banned in China I don't know I know like Wow had to change a bunch of stuff but I don't know about old-world Warhammer have no idea okay so we can get some replenishment from that we did take some serious losses but that's fine all right killed another faction leader there got some bonus xp so yeah we can now finish this off awesome we've now officially destroyed Montagnes fashion scene yeah we all right we got another ancillary great probably just want to occupy for now great all right so we've got horse pastures now we can repair that that'll give us additional a pea production on our cavalry which is just great because we do have quite a bit of cab in that stack let's recruit some more warriors here and some peasant archers tempted to get some yellow sky heralds but I don't know you really can't afford the upkeep on these guys right now but just for insurance to sake we should be able to get some good post battle loot then also oh it's super risky that's too much I think let's uh let's actually not look great those I think it's too late should have upgraded first but we can upgrade for that pretty cheap gets more post battle loot and then we're gonna need to see if we can catch on sway out yeah we'll see we'll see how the scales are in a risky position certainly so let's march up to the border here winter is coming which is gonna be rough on supplies but we are currently full on supplies tempted to get the additional upkeep reduction it's 1,500 though that's gonna put us really close to being in the bankruptcy zone so let's just hold on to the cash for now can we upgrade this again fortunately it does not look like must be a small city okay so we do need to upgrade that all right love the art style in the music so far it's been awesome Joe John looks like he sent sent some stuff to do some things so yeah dongju is not long for this world but he's not really gonna be too apt to attack us cuz he's dealing with a lot on his own plate so let's see if we can move up if we have about 25% left they should be able to go into an ambush stance could also raid – 18 public order winded plus 50 military supplies if we get law on supplies we could do that liber8 stands but for now let's see if we keep dropping to an Ambler stance and if we can catch him out that would be awesome but for the time being I think we can just let it be we do have low public order here but it's increasing from a garrison so that's good it's worth it for that garrison to be there at the moment even though we are spending some upkeep on it every turn yep that is great wall yes sir ambush failed as he's still gonna attack us that's a bold move hi out an eye out number this guy pretty significantly and with the cavalry force that we have I'm pretty confident we can shut him down does have a couple units of shot cap one unit of may like have the rest is just militia infantry so yeah this should be a pretty easy battle honestly we can take down Hans way here this will also give us some more income as well of course and holy cow this this map okay they're faded in a little more house like I can't even see Wow okay yes this is much better so we can see where they are how do we want to approach this I want to try and get his cavalry away from the main force again if possible so let's go up front with the guards what's the range looking like on these bows here we don't want to necessarily start in range does look like we out range them pretty significantly so that's okay let's let's draw them back a little bit kind of on the reverse slope here the spears do have shields so we're gonna put them up front also to block half charges so a little bit of a different infantry deployment this time but once again gongju is gonna be front and center a hard group there and let's get typical three here same kind of setup as before you guys can be in for on guard mode once again we can use the peasant forces kind of a trap force over here it's actually cheap the cab out a little bit wider so yeah my goal is to try and draw the shock cavalry kind of into a trap over here and then engage the main force with this line here so we'll see how that goes you know what they say about surviving first contact with the enemy in plans so I am hopeful that this will succeed the AI wants to play ball get a nice little independent group here okay so let's start not necessarily in BO range of them but in our bow range of the cavalry there we go okay why GOP Lee Jung Joo you'll not geez you got anybody want to do all nope they don't want to do all okay let's let's lead him on a bit of a wild goose chase here you guys should be shooting Oh let's uh let's do it I think we can win been doing some good damage so far – those shock cavalry which is exactly what we want looks like we are able to kind of lead them away there looks like the trap is being sprung quite nicely let's get this guy up here yes now we can move up this force to kind of separate the calves and the main force you can kind of move up here as well awesome we can catch those cavalry there throw in some spear support let's go ahead and throw these guys up here nice conned you easily won that let's go ahead and pull back you guysyou archers shoot them move this spear up here nice we got them quite quite handily on that cavalry trap there that worked out perfectly you guys are out of ammo so that's fine don't want to be taking a ton of bow fire so let's move they're some kind of move up and around the flank rather than just bobbing in there I don't think he would do a loss nope doesn't want to do all but we can still fight him just put those guys on skirmish so they don't accidentally get caught get a rear charge here and I think that's pretty much it I think that should should take it home but let's see get a nice ability of time there I did catch some archers there these guys are gonna get shot in the back which is not the best but let's move you guys up you can take both of those abilities off cone good so far stay on it it's toggle guard mode off for everyone mostly enemy troops are gonna be routing at this point kind of break up the cab forces a little bit here you guys can go there you guys nice got a break in the mainline should we keep up the pursuit everywhere we want to make sure again chase down is running because many routing units as possible units probably a little bit far but we can let the peasants take it from here all right how about that huh oh yeah this is like 190 80 I think the campaign starts in so yeah yep it's true very true and you know the Mongols also have the advantage of just going around it because it's in one place and you know the Mongols the northern hordes I should say are extremely mobile of course with their horses so yeah pretty much certainly neat though and yeah handily won that battle hopefully we destroyed you didn't quite destroy the entire force but it did kill one of his captain's there gained an ancillary we can get some replenishment from that all right send any character on an assignment all right so it looks like we leveled up two balanced gives us extra XP and now we can send someone on an assignment this guy looks like he'll do and let's do supervised construction this other one can't quiet deploy an assignment yet we need to take this settlement first we can go ahead and finish these guys off excellent see a truck off flower thanks for joining in it's been a good time Oh uncommon talent yes hire them we will be needing more stacks soon so what can we do what character type do we have a lot of you are a veteran yes okay we'll give you get along with him no okay let's give you a dog book of Earth oh man yeah we need to give that to our leader I can give that to him that'll give him a bit more satisfaction if we go over here to GaN Jiu we can get the book of earth very very good item to have and this will give us extra authority and income from industry authority is good for your faction leader because it gives all of your generals more satisfaction all of your generals and courtiers and everything so it's really good to have a high authority on your faction leader so those between those two that should help us out a little bit on that front let's see what we can do here in terms of upgrades we do probably want to run this copper mine upgrade will give us a pretty good amount of income so let's do that and then yeah still got pretty low public order but it is increasing slowly so that's fine reform extra replenishment is gonna be good so let's get rally to common cause all right going quite well here's the yellow turbans all right looks like we got some more stuff mission success sent on an assignment so that gets us extra gold and salaries we've got a lot of really good ancillaries right now perfect there's no one here to defend so we can build a ram and on the next turn will have Jin Cheng and here can probably afford to run this now because we'll be getting a whole bunch more gold on the next turn rebellions might is undeniable 30 units at the start of the turn okay so we need to get a couple more units let's look at our characters at court over here we do have a lot of rebel officers not doing anything so these two here will either of them get along with you yeah don't have enough fun so we'll have to wait till next turn but looks like Zhi Shan would be a good fit for you so and the regular Yellow Turban was destroyed that's that's what you were referring to earlier they definitely are the early kind of early opponent for a lot of people but at the same time certainly you can get some stuff done here so let's go ahead and delegate this one I think we've broken his power significantly enough did you lose a peasant Spearman which is not the best but it's also not the worst yes we did in fact get enough income are not income rather but gold to hire but not quite enough straight-up income what do we got here fish trader doc market that's good that gives us extra food commerce public order and plus do satisfaction faction wide that's great and then we can move on Jin Cheng this other silk trader here next turn Huell we are doing great guys this is actually going pretty well all things considered I had I had played through this before to shows only a Hokkien yo-yo he may die changes you see J ROC yada promotion people to ASEAN re not the dog they eat n-no the dog is dead you– you do yo your door Sheldon twins will you do ding dong the dong is dead dong zhuo got killed by bubu and now dong min is in charge of the Hans so let's move up it is gonna be 3 turns so we will move up the border and replenish we'd might actually have to fight a small army there but I'm pretty confident that we should be able to carry gongju's got another upgrade so let's look at what we have available fanaticism extra damage for his retinue that would be pretty good you can also get effortless flow focus endurance resolution I might get for the extra authority for now expertise is also nice to have so let's grab that I try maxilla is possible just to make sure we don't have too many issues lack of purpose is gonna start to become a little bit of an issue I think we should be ok we almost have enough to recruit and we are making positive income again so got all these buildings repaired here and yeah if we take kind of an overarching strategic look you can see we are still in a very small corner but we're rolling we're rolling pretty decently so I'm not too worried about this these southern guys jiang luo only has this one province so i'm not too worried about him too sweet we didn't deserve the dong we didn't deserve it poor dong what did he ever do to you not a lot at least in the campaign I mean we hear that he's a tyrant but really he just sits in his throne and you know eats cheeto puffs all day anyway oh of course as soon as I say that he's not gonna come attack us he promptly decides to come and try and attack us so what do we have here a whole bunch of militia what does water have our sorry woo do in terms of garrison we have some people's war band some warriors some archers okay so there is a little bit of a garrison there mmm this is a bit of a dilemma we do need a hero here so let's raise another army and let's see both you're about the same let's see which is the one that we were gonna put with you that was the wrong settlement wasn't it yes yes it was in fact the wrong settlement so that's that's really bad I'm gonna actually reload that that was just a straight-up mistake so normally I wouldn't do something like that look I was supposed to hire him at the other settlement are you aware of that major we make oops my bad y'all idiots you don't show ye me my turret de Boer whoa that was that was not good okay so we could actually forego the upgrade on the copper mine but that does give me foreknowledge right so this is what I actually did I'm not gonna change anything you guys saw I could have changed something but I didn't I'm just gonna go straight through and see how it plays out but all right so now yes town you want to raise an army from the town what why is it going down there okay so select the town though the Coppermine is where they're going to oh shoot I don't know if we can defend that to be honest hmm so we have a copper vein right now got 3 archers two horsemen two peasants piers I don't I don't think I can defend that necessarily but what to do okay here's what we do we can't really defend that so let's go ahead and cancel the upgrade I'm gonna give you a buddy and we're also gonna pick up a captain spearmen captain ah that's gonna put me in the hole man we are in a pickle here guys let's move up mmm because if I hire him on this turn then I could go after him next turn realistically but as it is I really don't think I could take him so first off let's make sure everyone's kitted out properly give him a guard you can take you're not really a melee character per se but we can give you a mail a good melee weapon actually instincts not too bad let's go ahead and get the family spear and ask for followers probably more expertise cool and you know what let's let's go ahead and do it crew to captain this is gonna put me in the hole but yeah yeah we got one turn this this is one turn to be able to make this happen so we'll see not yet not yet okay so now we can just kind of follow up nice we got a great axe and we are gonna be completely out of money though so is he trying to ambush us I think he's trying to ambush us we might just walk into that ambush to be honest cuz yeah I don't have the funds we do need to just walk into this so here we go nope where'd he go crap that means I'm in big trouble because I could not reach this on this turn which is a problem and he is reira crew ting his army so I may have made a mistake stopping on the border there I probably should have just pushed straight through but it is what it is oh man here the here they come yeah this is gonna be tricky for sure but it's a lot of saber militia a lot of saber militia we can do it oh man we basically need to win this for incomes sake so yeah I may have screwed up a couple things early on we'll see hopefully doesn't cost us the whole campaign but hey this is the thing about the yellow turbans is uh yeah he's very very punchy for sure if you make a mistake so should have built up that other army a little bit more I would have been able to stop that advance but granted the income things problems so I think we can do this though let's make sure we do this right though three and then four someday I'll learn these groupings these guys these guys are four I know I don't even actually use these all that much the end of the day but that's okay if you lose your upkeep will suddenly go down that is true you're not wrong about that so mainly what I want to do here is try and again draw them into a bit of a trap with the peasants see if we can't defeat their cavalry in detail and then not probably not gonna be going as aggressively on the duels because I am pretty low on HP so we're gonna need to keep these two together in fact I might even just group them together and then group these guys in group three you guys group six in a hard group and let's go actually let's keep yeah three over here need to take out there's a lot of archers here a lot of archers so it's gonna be tricky it's gonna be super tricky that's basically the key here is to have the cab take out the archers and then win from there but certainly easier said than done we are significantly outnumbered and our troops are a poorer qualities so yeah this is uh it's gonna be interesting oh don't take losses see they do have some calves nope just the generals huh okay so we can kind of dictate this engagement a little bit here to a degree because they don't have any calves but let's not move up too far actually want to kind of draw them into this space here yeah all this melee infantry hanging around is gonna be a problem I'm gonna need to find a way to get rid of him I don't know if we can do this but let's see and start running some disruption with the generals see if we can't start getting some kills on those archers see if we can't push up here this might this might be the end of it but fortune favors the bold as they say so got some disruption going over here yeah we're taking a lot of fire there that's not good this is a bit a bit of folly right here so let's try and pull back just let these guys do some work for a minute oh come on not that way oh man I just took so many unnecessary losses on my horsemen there that was not good at all all these archers but we are starting to draw the melee infantry away a little bit so that's good let's sort of feed these this group here to those melee infantry I might have just lost that by losing so many of those horsemen right there though because there are just so many archers here make sure we stay together boys she need to start taking out these archers holy cow should have probably moved that force up a while ago but that's fine it even happen to my saver cab I've even know what happened to you guys routing probably see if we can get those archers these archers are not wanting to route like I need them to I don't know I think I'm either loss of campaign I take him too long on that also didn't play this battle as well as I could have got my forces all taken out piecemeal and these guys are now not attacking archers like they should be come on guys I'm telling you you're not come take those will come to you come on oh man this is not not going well this huge death box of archers just can't get into it we're doing okay against their infantry but this is just so rough see if we can get up one of their heroes here nice let's push up you guys keep doing what you're doing see if we can start just pushing some of these archers around nice we got one of their leaders that's great it's just not enough cab to route all those archers they are starting to run out ammo though so that's good I think we just got one of their generals that's great I think we might actually be able to win this it's gonna be close you're getting a little bit of a mass route over there that's fantastic keep up the pressure he's cab been absolute MVPs we do have some skirmish cab that I've totally forgotten about over here you guys can also get into these archers everything into the archers here you guys need to keep up the pressure when they route generals are both very low on HP but looks like we just got there sentinels we should be able to finish off the strategist that's excellent keep up the pressure keep up the pressure keep up the pressure I don't know I don't know this is not not looking great EGC being through that we'd all come on and got to finish their leader off here we can kill all their generals yes there we go route route yes if we can get some routes going I think we might have got this it's going to be close it's going to be very close okay please please follow your orders looking good over there looking good over there wow that was super close holy cow okay we killed that guy so we can come over here nice we got it Wow whoa clean up some routing troops for a minute the holy cow we took some losses we won though definitely won you capture as many as we can here awesome Wow didn't think we're gonna gonna be able to save that one but we got it Lance or should I say comrades yes for the glorious leader you have nothing of value to steal anyway 14% replenishment yes please I need that so bad holy cow whoa Wow we survived guys we even got some income survive another turn we found this we found this guy dongs whoa is now having a big issue and we've got another battle on our hands I think we should be able to take these guys though yep what he said 100% we don't need to listen to them all right oh these guys are in a fort huh that does change things a bit I'm not gonna lie digging the defensive geometry inside the fort but yeah essentially I think what we want to try and do here is to shoot him a bit first and then yeah so you can wear that see where that takes us I think we can just run these guys together oh is this guy not really meant for melee well let's have a look 30 and 25 yeah he's not the best so maybe we should have him in a group 3 and we have the Warriors making up the core eats meat shields up front that means you okay then all you guys can be big nasty group – and that's it ready to go de Fazio won't you move up and those arrow towers I don't think are gonna do too much we'll see if they start doing a ton of damage and we may just rush in but fortunately I do not have access to fire arrows to be able to shoot them out but okay let's continue to move up can probably send him in a little a little ahead anybody wants to do or no see if we can just run in and break the arrow towers with this guy oh man Jose our towers are doing a ton of damage to him wow that's nasty that was not great maybe get a little bit over-ambitious with this guy so let's pull back yes yes yes see if we can draw their leaders out I don't want to fight in front of the arrow towers though so yeah we are just gonna rush in speed him some peasants first you can see archers doing a ton of damage those Jean militia it's great great stuff well throw in some warriors as well oh crap my general totally forgot about my general that was really really bad it's gonna be a big problem yeah man Wow I completely underestimated his melee power there thankfully we are able to fire into this beautiful blob here yeah man those arrow towers on the approach they're just completely rectum thankfully our arrows did just do a number on most of their army but it's not really going particularly well so let's go around the flank here I think our commanders just straight-up done four I might have thrown that away by getting my my leader killed there but thankfully these peasants are catching all the arrows for us which is just so wonderful of them looks like we are out of ammo so we keep those peasants back for now crap I just got my other leader routed too and he's dead oh yeah after that last battle that was an excellent clinch this one is not looking too hot I think I can do a lot of damage there army I just don't think I can kill their leaders what you sipping fuel riches are two more for you okay let's just pile in everyone [Applause] oh yeah house not the best we'll treat sunset by what [Applause] thankfully we are catching a lot of the archers here Oh can't believe I got my leader killed hey are you guys like not engaging them or what's going on here I think we lost this one that was not good I could have beat them totally if they didn't have before it but I didn't even realize that they were in a fort that sucks sucks big time it's okay we want to kill as many as possible well gee Sabine – this'll have some units coming back but it's not gonna be enough yeah hoof was rough just couldn't kill their leadership units if I if I think if I had played a little bit smarter with my leadership I just didn't realize those arrow towers do a ton of damage to heroes ha EGC butan secrete halt yep that's it defeat uh hopefully that doesn't cost us any settlements that was not good definitely cost us that hero probably but I mean he was crap anyways so it's okay at least we did some damage killed a lot of his archers yeah yeah see we only lost the one hero he lost quite a few units place dead general kind of wish they would tell me they'd get along or not but ah let's do this guy of course he has personal problems of course cuz you know I can't show you that beforehand okay they'll be fine for now um meanwhile over here where we had that glorious victory can try and starve them out because for some reason the game thinks that they have a chance even though they absolutely do not at this point I'm not really sure we could just go back for round two try and finish them off they are still fortified there and just those heroes I mean we do have a fresh fresh veteran here so yeah apparently we can't attack of course let's give you better melee attack rate well you already have that okay this one and let's see should we we got that let's grab that plus to public order and yeah we'll see what he does I don't know that they really have enough to attack anything but we'll see we'll see what they try to do up here we're gonna need to do another battle probably gonna be going for another 20 minutes or so we'll see but yeah I'm gonna be covering three kingdoms some more obviously in the in the run-up to the release I don't know how much I'll be covering the regular type multiplayer stuff but yeah we'll see we shall see uh uh okay so Oh all right and we're just getting everybody deployed here making sure that people have their assigned positions correct as everyone hidden in fact no one is hidden okay that's fine we'll just just go out and open I guess let's do you in three or you know what actually let's run you guys together again though calves he's very very tattered sabor calves and our peasants whoops these guys got left out okay all right and we're off to the races again once again they eye deploys in the corner waiting for its reinforcements and once again I'll be happy to pull them out of the corner don't want to waste on their hero we'll see here oh he's got bow attack oh let her be careful of that gonna move on guys man I didn't realize he had a bow attack too gotta make sure I dodged that do some serpentine action here because I do not want my heroes losing any more HP they're all both very low on HP already and this guy's actually pretty tough hunts way here we're gonna have to be careful that we don't get killed by him directly he is almost out of ammo yeah man that single entity character boy super inaccurate but that's fine looks like he did actually hit us once but let's see if we can double-team him taking a little bit of bow fire there that's fine let's just joke around a bit and then see if we can't catch them in melee you guys can in fact fire it will now nice we were able to just wreck him super hard with those two buffed up heroes that's great got those archers awesome finishing come on you guys had him trapped there for a second in range of other archers there let's get out nice we caught him let's not let's not do all this is a two-on-one situation why would we want to do come on silly person okay let's run these calves here to start taking care of some of those archers peasants you guys move up you guys also move up careful that's a lot of fire it's all they eat old quick come true nice looks like we got most the archers lockdown nice there it is not quite almost there it is all right oh man it's been intense this is the Yellow Turban campaign for you though every battle every battle just about super important but we got it got him on the lock start turning things around at this point got a ton of income there let's get some more replenishment now he has laid siege now which is interesting because it does give us another turn to replenish does look like we've got a supply shortage there so we're gonna need to need to go solve that as soon as possible we could force march into range here and potentially get that but let's do this first you should be able to auto resolve this now I'm sorry delegate yep awesome and that's gonna be the end of that faction destroyed awesome so we can repair the silk trader there and now we've got a nice little base of operations multiple provinces here completely held by us and still not in the positive in terms of income but I'm tempted here they are pretty tattered and they are also taking attrition because they're out of supplies so we are taking attrition as well what does a garrison look like here again oh yeah we've got a whole bunch of stuff we can take them so we're going to force march into range and force them away does leave us a little bit vulnerable but we can now move to the edge of the reinforcement range and hopefully won't cost us too bad public orders not doing great but yeah see we can do here ah duh looks like they just left alright that's really all I could ask for to be honest although we are out pretty much out of money now so we just need to buy ourselves a few turns to that effect I might dismiss these peasants here and then kind of want to go sack and dating start sacking some of these settlements here let's go up there go to the border for generate one turn and then we'll go do some sacking try and make some money here need to start upgrading some of our infrastructure to give us more income that way we can support more armies cows our song interesting nice nobody there so we can sack that yep just burn through another turn here it's so nice not playing mortal Empires sometimes with just a few fashions good mortal Empires is great but mm-hmm I think extra public order but yeah let's go sack this guy Nihon aren't really gonna be able to respond to this so we can make off with some money here sack and withdraw I'm not really gonna try and hold these places I just need to build up my infrastructure a little bit at this point so we'll get on on the move on the next turn has given us some good money so we can upgrade that silk trader now yeah yep getting close to the end here so hopefully you guys have enjoyed I know a lot of you guys are gonna be watching this after the fact but yeah certainly certainly has been fun I have personally been enjoying playing this this quite a bit I haven't dived into multiplayer at all so you know take that part of it with a grain of salt but certainly the campaign coming from somebody who's played pretty much every total war since the original Shogun told war it's it's a really really fun game the art styles beautiful the sound design of course as is typical of told war absolutely absolutely amazing what do we want to do really can't afford much scraps and peasant archers I guess can take a couple more so yeah it's so far so good things are going okay I've got a couple a couple of rough rough patches but we were able to get through without losing any territory so far so keep our fingers fingers crossed managed to deal with a lot of the early game threats but looks like yon shoes made peace with Han and we've got another development you need to build a Scholars Lodge that will give us plus 5,000 gold okay so let's move down here I want to be moving through friendly territory so that we can get some time to regenerate replenish our troops a little bit here that defensive force should be enough for the time being hopefully they don't try anything too fancy but let's see start doing some scholarly research there this guy's not super satisfied so let's give him a jade Confucian statue and I'm tempted to actually split these once I get a little more funds I think I might actually split those so yeah I may actually stream this again later today or I may stream tomorrow I'm not a hundred percent sure it just kind of depends on what what the schedules looking like but for those of you who like total war Warhammer multiplayer do not worry that will be continuing that's not going anywhere we'll probably be having a king of the hill sometime this weekend but let's see just continue to blow through some turn ends here nice these two are getting along quite well these two unfortunately are not but that's fine they can deal with it for the time being this point we can probably go sack ending just blow through some turn ends here keep the campaign chugging along oh here they come again okay so this time we have a pretty good amount of troops these guys are fully mustered and everything so would you outnumber them slightly so yeah we shouldn't let the very least be able to inflict some heavy damage but we're generating nicely here yeah with the with the garrison reinforcements it would have been quite one-sided but add as it is right here we should be able to take this without them having a fort to cower in comments Iowa Hawkeye kiss Jana and hopefully I cannot get my leaders kills this time at 31 40 35 35 okay so these guys are both not terrible but probably don't want to take any duels still just because it's a bit risky but this is a pretty simple army and pretty straightforward just a bunch of warriors and a bunch of peasant archers so all right here we go did it so let's make sure we focus fire appropriately the woods probably gonna block some of those shots but that's okay it's still just gonna be an absolute rain of arrows might push you guys up a little bit though so you're not quite so obstructed oh yeah oh yes silly noblemen yeah this is this is what happens when your upper class yeah let's focus fire there oh look at the sheets of fire so much numbers watch these guys get picked off a little bit here haven't gotten too much close-up cinematics but one thing I do love is the dudes carrying the banners that are all animated than everything it just really adds to the effect in my opinion but yeah man look at that actually forcing them out of position so managed to route a unit or two not bad at all not bad at all charging Yellow Turban Warriors for the people kill these birds huazi scum I don't know why they're French don't ask me it is not known [Applause] can immobilize our enemy troops [Applause] to edit it front lines getting blended up a little bit but that's fine come on finish they're champions it's actually compared here oh yeah he's a lot stronger than my guys but we getting up on him looks like the peasants are yeah the peasant archers are out of ammo so we're gonna charge them in here big nasty blob we should be able to get a nice surround nice unit routed good stuff is that immobilize up again not quite you don't have any active abilities just inner fire caught up a little bit there and that's fine get some close-ups of these woodland fighting here is the Yellow Turban the Warriors duking it out got some saber militia oh yeah nice champions wavering finish him or should we go get that sense no let's go get the sensible it's Benny Hill situation over here yeah it's a beautiful game it's an absolutely beautiful game the artists have really done a great job with everything from the armor to the weapons to everything just and it reminds me a little bit of Shogun told war obviously a different culture and everything but no doubt still just as awesome if not more so I love the character system too it's kind of like a hybrid between Warhammer and the historical total wars which is pretty cool somewhat grounded in reality but still not not completely you know historical I was gonna use another word but just keep the blob going keep it rolling don't let up this disgusting blob look I think that's it yep that's it yeah very very true and this is the same way like everything from the UI to the even the sound design everything it's just you know creative assembly one thing that they excel at is following a unified art style and direction this game is another really good example of that everything just fits together super well you know all of the art elements are amazing campaign map looks great and we just got a great victory as well so we can probably attempted to go for the income but I think we're gonna recruit the survivors there so we can immediately follow up it looks like yeah just straight-up destroyed so we might be able to march on there their lands next turn we'll see but I would love to be able to capture this large town here cool and I think after we sack and ding here that I'm gonna go ahead and hop off but it certainly has been a pleasure assuming there's not gonna be any defenses there but we'll see the dong is certainly having his own set of issues no doubt could recruit I don't have enough gold to recruit anything else so maybe we just go have a look next turn and see we'll see what's there low satisfaction got another one with low satisfaction here not the best but we'll make do to probably send some on assignments that might help supervise some construction and so on so when we get some gold we can quickly use it to buff up our own economy interesting I did it uh looks like city's empty so we just need to build Ram and then we're in oh no this is a nun unfortified settlement we can just sack this straight-up excellent yeah me too I was I was pretty skeptical about the game when they said that they were gonna delay it that usually is indicative of some serious issues but so far I mean there have been some minor bugs like with the AI and stuff especially but really it hasn't been too bad honestly it's been been pretty reasonable from from a performance standpoint games performed very very well but let's see here we do want to grab that get some upgrades going here see what kind of defenses await there's probably yep he's recruited as a stack granted this is uh not the best but he does have a pretty sizable garrison probably so we'll see might Sally out and try and attack us on the next turn can move down here through the dongs territory CAES Hanzhong and then probably sock Chang on that's giving us pretty good odds here I like to think that we can win this you know what I think I'm just gonna delegate this one protecting a Pyrrhic victory just in interest of time I would normally fight that out but I think we've got that in the bag yeah perfect killed their whole army we can recruit replenish and then take that on the next turn nice Kong wrong looks like he's making peace with some of the others let's get Hanzhong here so yeah we managed to manage to overcome some tough early game obstacles and we've got a bit of a roll going we'll see obviously we're just gonna face enemies at every turn but our backs are very much against the wall here so we have only one direction to go really and that's East so yeah things are looking good let's go ahead and we can't come down through here oh no that's gonna take longer okay so we'll come down this way get a bit of replenishment and yeah I think that is gonna be all for today so thank you all very much for joining it's been an absolute pleasure if you should like stream if you have enjoyed and yeah big thanks to Creative Assembly first giving me an early access key here to bring it to you all hope you all have enjoyed if you like the sort of content and for whatever reason you're watching and you're not subscribed be sure to subscribe yeah we're gonna continue on the glorious revolution on the next one probably tomorrow I don't know we'll see I do want to strain this as much as possible but before release to try and take advantage of that early access time period but again thank you all it's been a pleasure and we'll see you next time bye bye now

  1. I can't believe I watched the whole thing… I almost NEVER watch the campaigns and stick to the MP videos. For whatever reason, this held my interest. Probably because you're so damn entertaining.
    Anyways thanks for video. You're a beast like always. You are appreciated.

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